In the past two years, there has been a boost in the number of mobile applications. Within a period of just nine months, Apple store reported more than a billion downloads. This number then doubled in half the time. The number of applications for all devices including Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and iPad are on the rise. The success of Mobile Apps Development is reflected in the success of Angry Birds which made $50 m just from a simple game. There are also various businesses that introduce basic free application and experience a number of downloads.

However, some businesses are new to the field of mobile apps development Long Beach. They are perplexed about where to begin. These businesses should realize that hiring the services of mobile apps developer Long Beach is not so expensive. Utilizing an open source platform, you can bring down the cost of your application development project.

There are a number of applications that a business can choose from. There are a number of Apple groups under which application can be created. These groups include food, lifestyle, books, sports, entertainment and many more. Following are the various types of apps architecture that businesses can go for.

Basic Table Functionality:

The best example for this is email in the iPhone. It is easiest to design and a great application for companies who want a simple application with basic information.


Game applications have largest range of complexity. There are various choices for developers from going to something as simple as PONG type functionality to a 3D physics engine with high speed air racing.

Completely Dynamic Applications:

These are akin to the database driven applications. They rely totally on external information - Weather Channel, Flipboard, Twitter etc.

Customized Utilities: These applications help a user to input content in a certain way. For instance Pages, Adobe Ideas and Numbers.