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Roleplays and Adventures
Here are some of the writing pieces that I've done in the past and some continuing as we speak. Enjoy reading it, for these are important to my heart.
[TB] Chapter 1.27 - Korillian History
Ukitake: *He found Ven in the courtyard*

Ven: *He had his face in his hands, remaining quiet.*

Ukitake: ...Ven. Are you crying? *He said softly, not wanting to approach him as to not scare him*

Ven: *He didn't bother to face him, though he tensed up slightly*

Ukitake: ...It's okay to feel like that. It's not... easy to be hated by someone.

Ven: *He wiped tears, looking down at the ground* I'm hated by everyone. It's been like this my whole life.

Ukitake: Being hated on is not always your fault... Do you think we've come this far together because people hate you? Do they turn away and shun you without giving themselves a chance to understand you? *He knelt down, putting a hand on his wrist to look at his face*

Ven: *He looked at him, his face was covered in angry, painful tears.*

Ukitake: When I doubted myself because of my illness... When I wanted to give up protecting those around me you were the one that told me that I wasn't a burden to you. You are the one who takes his time to make me those herb teas that I love so much. Do you think I view you as someone who is hated upon?

Ven: *He stared at him*... You're the one person who I know doesn't hate me.

Ukitake: *He wiped his dry tears off his face, and shook his head smiling* Today I saw a young girl who didn't hate you at all. I saw the look in her eyes when she tried to understand. And when you take that time to care for people. When you make me those herbs I feel thankful. If you took the time to look deeper in your heart you can find that boy that wants to atone for his village. You fear people who hate you because you’re afraid it will follow you as you grow older.

Ven: *He stared at him, not knowing what to say* ...what do I do then.

Ukitake: *He stood up, smiling as he looked in the distance* Make friends. Prove to yourself you’re not hated. Don't run away from the fear deep inside of you. *The wind blew by them gently, Ukitake reaching to his hair to place it behind his ear* It's an empty, hollow fear that holds no more meaning once you make friends...

Ven: *He looked away, feeling the wind blow his own hair.*...thanks.

Ukitake: *He looked at him and winked, smiling* Just wait a bit and maybe one will come up to you instead. The curse that you have... Don't worry about that either. I'll always be there to bring you back to us. *He walked past him, placing a hand on his shoulder as he continued to walk, letting go of it. He slowly walked off, smiling*

Ven: *He stood up, following him* and by that you mean knocking me out?

Ukitake: Pretty much.

Ven: Sounds lovely.

Ukitake: *Ukitake laughed, the wind picking up on the both of them as they headed back inside*


Shunsui: (Shunsui and Zelda (Piano) ) *Shunsui stood beside Zelda, who was on her throne.* How you feeling?

Zelda: I feel better.. thank you. *She moved her hand onto his cheek* What about you?

Shunsui: Could be better. *He chuckled, raising a hand to where his hat used to be. He noticed this, and his hand felt nothingness*

Shunsui: *He sighed* I doubt we can get that kind of hat around these parts.

Zelda: *She shook her head* I wouldn't say that. *She stood up, leaning in and kissing his cheek* You forget that when I'm Sheik, I have a katana on my side.

Shunsui: Old man Yama gave me that hat... I remember a lot about the day he did, too. He got it from a merchant. We'd be lucky to come across a copy.

Zelda: *She smiled warmly to him.* Close your eyes.

Shunsui: Hm? Oh. *He closed his eyes. He also puckered his lips*

Zelda: *She closed her eyes, using her magic. She then formed his hat into her hands. She put it in his head.* There.

Alonsa: *Came out of nowhere with a marker and marked his face up, then quickly manoeuvred away*

Zelda: *She looked up, giggling.* I.. think I found someone who moves faster than your flashstep. *She took his hand, leading him to a window that showed his reflection*

Shunsui: *He was stunned, staring at the hat* What? But how...?

Zelda: *She looked at him, winking before walking back, giggling still* A Princess has her ways.

Shunsui: *He chuckled* ....Thanks a lot, Zelda. Wouldn't feel the same without it. *He placed his hand on his hat, smiling.*

Zelda: Oh.. and one more thing.

Shunsui: Yeah?

Zelda: *She turned around, going up to him. She took his hands, leaning in and kissing him*

Shunsui: *His eyes widened, but he kissed back.* Mmm...

Zelda: *She pulled away after holding their kiss for a moment* that's for saving me... and because I do have feelings for you. *She blushed faintly.*

Shunsui: *He just blinked at her, seeing that part of the marker had rubbed off in her mouth area.* Looks like our feelings are neutral. Paint and all.

Zelda: *She smiled, wiping it off of her.* Go get cleaned up before it stains your skin.

Shunsui: Jeez you sound more like my mom... *He walked off whining*

Zelda: Do you want me to kiss you again? *She said teasingly.*

Shunsui: Anymore and you'll give this guy a heart attack. *He chuckled, walking off to the washroom* I am not coming in here for any other reason than to wash my face. Just saying.

Zelda: *She blushed majorly, giggling to herself* Shunsui..


Melody: *She opened her eyes to see that she was beside Link.*

Link: *He was still unconscious, the Master Sword glowing*

Melody: *She sat up slowly, looking over.*...Fi?

Fi: *Melody had noticed that at the foot of their bed, Fi had been floating above them watching them sleep soundly*

Melody: *She stared at her.*...Fi... are you alright? *She blinked*

Fi: I conclude you have awoken. No concern necessary on my behalf.

Melody: *She looked down at Link, seeing he was still out*

Fi: Though you have been through a lot, I am... thankful. For being with Master Link through his pain in a way I cannot.

Melody: *She looked at Fi.* Fi... what do you mean? *She blinked, confused. She looked down at him, gently moving her hand onto his cheek*

Fi: When I was unable to appear to aid Master Link before I reformed into a physical state I often concerned myself of his progress and safety. I am glad he had you even before my arrival; for you have done a job most cared for.

Melody: *She listened to her speak*... and I'm glad you guided him this far... It was destiny. *She said as she looked at Fi, almost smiling as she did.*

Fi: Master Link will do great deeds. *She nodded* It is in fact a destiny that has been guiding him through his quest. A great evil above Ghirahim and Nightshade is destined to be stopped by a hero of prophecy mentioned by the Goddess.

Melody: *She looked up at her*... he told me about Ghirahim... but... Nightshade... he's part of that prophecy too?

Fi: He is not only a part of that but a greater evil that fore comes the land. The passage of Hylia states "The youth who draws forth the guiding sword shall be known as the goddess's chosen hero, and it is he who possesses an unbreakable spirit. He shall be burdened with the task of abolishing the shadow of apocalypse from the land. Such is his destiny. With the spirit blade at his side, he shall soar over the clouds and plummet below...And united with the spirit maiden, shall bring forth a piercing light that resurrects the land.

Melody: *She nodded to her, looking down at Link. She felt so safe and happy with him. She hesitated, but looked over to Fi*... Fi... do you... know anything about the Korillians..?

Fi: I know of three Korillians. You are one of them.

Melody: *She was stunned to hear that she knew three*.... Who... are the other two?

Fi: Though I do not know of what they call themselves, vocal transitions have been entering me. I have concluded it to be of two different beings that are of the life above.

Melody: *She stared at her oddly*.... two beings... from life above? *She looked up at the ceiling, wondering what she meant.* I... don't quite understand.

Fi: In other words, in terms of human understanding, the "Afterlife".

Melody: *She blinked, wondering how she was able to contact with them. She nodded with her and left it at that.* If... it's no trouble for you... do you think you could look more into... what has happened in the past? I need to know of my past... *She looked away* and I doubt anyone in Hyrule would know, yet alone Grandilia..

Fi: *She nodded in acknowledgement* Melody, to do that, I would need your spirit companion. It is through that companion I am able to speak with the ones who have passed on of Korillia.

Melody: *She looked at her, understanding completely*... that's perfect. *She blushed faintly* I... If it's not too much for you, then yes. I would... appreciate that... but perhaps we should do it with everyone else here.

Fi: I have concluded that there is a chance of discovery in relation to that of which you call the "Inner Power". It would be wise to gather the others in accordance to the process.

Melody: *She nodded faintly* Then let's wait... thank you Fi..

Fi: Master Link, as said in the passage of Hylia, came from a floating island named Skyloft. The passage of time has deluded the quest, and a strange occurrence has been discovered. In the sky above, a different time proves existent. I do not understand the circumstances of the reasoning behind such, but once we have completed your quest I recommend further investigation of the time barriers.

Melody: *She nodded to her* We will.. *She laid back down, resting her hand on his chest as she laid her head beside his.* I just hope he's okay... *She said, waiting for him to wake up*

Link: *He slowly began to wake up, Fi returning to his sword* Uhh...

Melody: *She looked at him.* Link.. *She sat up*

Link: M-Melody? Thank goodness...

Melody: *She looked down at him, her hand still on him*... are you okay?

Link: I am... *He hugged her, kissing her cheek* I'm glad you are most of all... Did everyone else pull through fine?

Melody: *she hugged him tightly, not letting go of him.*... I'm assuming so. I haven't.. exactly left here.

Link: I hope so... Let's go look around.

Melody: *She stopped him from getting up*.... I need to get everyone together... Fi and I... found something important we can do..

Link: *He was confused, but nodded and followed along* I'll help out.

Melody: *She nodded to him shyly*... thank you.


*Link and Melody gathered the party members around the castle, bringing them to the dining room much to their confusion. She gave a brief explanation, all of them sitting to listen along around the table as Fi came out of the sword at the end of the table, next to where Zelda sat*

Melody: *She sighed, closing her eyes. She was unsure if she could handle this.* There's an important reason why you all need to be here...

Alonsa: *Leaning back on her chair, legs pushing against the edge of the table with her arms behind her head. She kept one eye open listening* Hmmm. I'm glad I was invited for this too.

Link: What's this about, Melody?

Melody: Fi is able to talk to my butterfly... It's a Korillian spirit... We can use it to give us information on... the inner power... We need to. I... need to.. *She said painfully.*

Shunsui: *He smiled, tilting his hat over one eye* Hey, that sounds extremely useful.

Ukitake: It does indeed. *He sounded excited also* How did you figure this out?

Melody: When Fi was returned to the Master Sword... she said she could communicate with it...

Alonsa: Well the blue lady is a sword spirit, right? I suppose spirits talk to one another. Makes sense to me.

Shunsui: Let's go along with it.

Zelda: *She held his hand under the table, smiling faintly*

Melody: *She watched as her butterfly flew onto the table in the middle of everyone, facing Fi*

Fi: *Facing down towards her expressionless. The tension in the room made Melody uneasy, as the two spirits exchanged glares to one another*

Alonsa: *Awkward silence* That's...kind of disturbing...

Link: Let's listen carefully to what's about to be said. *He nodded to Fi to let her begin translating*

Melody: (Reviving Korillian Spirits ) *The butterfly fluttered its wings* "The Korillian's have served Grandilia for centuries, protecting the Inner Power. The legend passed down for the Korillians was that the chosen one would obtain it at times of need. It has never been touched before. Nightshade was a fool and destroyed the only sources that could have given him what he was searching for. You were too young to learn about it before. "

Fi: The spirit states of a chosen one who would obtain the inner power in times of need. It is stated as well of Nightshade's grave mistake of destroying valuable resources that would normally have led him to this power.

Melody: *She glanced away.*... tell me about it..

Alonsa: Whoa it's working, she's actually translating. Awesome.

Melody: "It is your destiny to obtain it. The prophecy said that the fallen princess would be the key to open the gates of the temple that lies amongst Korillia. The temple still stands today in perfect condition, for it was protected by the inner power. It is only obtainable by one of pure heart who has done nothing wrong. We believe that it is Melody who is the one they speak of."

Fi: There is a prophecy. This prophecy speaks of a fallen princess of their race in which bears a pure heart. This pure heart will act as the key to the temple that lays dormant, protected by the Inner Power, waiting for the prophecy to come. The spirit companion believes this fallen princess to be Melody.

Melody: *She looked at Fi, confused*.... why me though?

Fi: The prophecy speaks of a fallen princess. If my analysis is correct you have died amongst your people as such. In all the time of your lifespan you have done no wrong.

Melody: *She looked away, hugging herself slightly. This was all too much for her to take in.*
"The prophecy speaks that the keeper of the Inner Power is destined to defeat evil amongst Grandilia, the same evil that threatens the world."

Fi: This prophecy goes further into stating of the keeper of the power who is then destined to defeat an evil that threatens the world.

Link: There sure is a lot of different prophecies, I have a similar one myself. Fi, what do you think of that?

Fi: I have no basis to support my conclusion but I believe that the destinies are intertwined amongst each other.

Melody: "The prophecies are linked. It mentions a boy to help assist the Inner Power holder."

Ven: *He rubbed his head* I'm confused.*

Fi: The spirit companion has confirmed my analysis. Master Link is to help her journey, as she is for his.

Melody: *She looked to Link, stunned that it was truly destiny that put them together*

Link: *He looked back smiling, holding her hand*

Melody: "It would be wise to wait until winter like planned. If Nightshade found out about this, he would kidnap Melody instantly and torment her while getting answers from us. He has the ability to speak to spirits as well."

Fi: The spirit companion suggests a movement to be commenced in the season of winter as previously planned. The crucial information being given would be misused. The ability to be able to speak with spirits rests in Nightshade's grasp as well.

Melody: *She stared at her*.... he can read them too....? *She looked away*... It.... makes sense.

Alonsa: Bro hang on.

*They stared at her*

Alonsa: Fi is a sword spirit. What's Ghirahim? Nightshade might use the guy to get the same information.

Shunsui: Does he even know where he would find dead Korillians? We were fortunate to have the butterfly.

Melody: *She hugged herself*... There's a reason why people... fear the forest. It's said that the spirits are wandering in Korillia... if it's true, then they could just go there... Nightshade found me one hundred years after my death... he could do the same now. He's that powerful.

Link: What if this is the reason he made an alliance with Ghirahim?

Melody: *She closed her eyes tightly*... it.... makes too much sense...

Fi: I have concluded Nightshade to have the ability to identify Ghirahim as a sword spirit the moment of confrontation.

Alonsa: He's able to talk to spirits; no doubt he figured that out.

Melody: for the longest time... Nightshade's been following me... he knows where I am... he's following my soul.

Link: What else does the butterfly have to say?

Melody: "Nightshade's power is feeding on Grandilia. It grows as more fear and pain occurs. He's feeding on Melody's sorrow in her soul, which is why she is unable to feel happiness."

Fi: ...The expression of human emotion, the one I am most familiar with; happiness has been the power of Nightshade's nutrient. It has been feeding upon the pain and fear of others. Melody's soul is a victim and thus, she cannot express said emotion.

Link: *His eyes widened*

Harrier: Oh, so it's actually him and not just Melody being depressed all of the time?

Tiercel: *He leaned over and smacked him from behind his head*

Harrier: Ow!

Melody: *She looked down sorrowfully.*

Alonsa: So that's why I never see the girl smile, even on her dates! I thought she was pretty emo but now I just feel stupid! *She turned to her* Sorry honey, I didn't know.

Ukitake: He's been torturing her in ways we haven't even noticed...

Link: So... Nightshade his Melody's smile locked up somewhere! I'll get that smile back for you, Melody. *He smiled* I bet you'd look really cute smiling.

Melody: *She blushed faintly, looking away shyly. The butterfly turned to Melody* "When times are rough, remember that we are with you. Think of the lullaby."

Fi: *Fi nodded in acknowledgement, facing Melody as she spoke* "When times are rough, remember that we are with you. Think of the lullaby".

Melody: *She looked to her butterfly, stunned.*

Alonsa: Lullaby? Huh. I wonder what the darn thing means. Flutterbug! You should really help me understand better here.

Melody: *She looked away, staring at the ground*... I know what it means...

Alonsa: Care to tell?

Melody: My mother used to sing me to sleep.. It's.. no big deal. *She stared away, avoiding eye contact, clearly embarrassed.*

Alonsa: What, like, "Go to sleep, rest your head, la la la laaaa la la laaaa” *Alonsa's head fell on to the table and she began to snore*

Ukitake: .....Is she ok?

Link: ....*Staring all wide-eyed*

Melody: (Melody's Lullaby ) It wasn't that straight forward.. *She closed her eyes* The first part was "Constant as the stars above, always know that you are loved" ... it sort of kept me from going insane when Nightshade did everything.

Link: I like it, but how did a random Korillian spirit know about a lullaby her mom made? Fi?

Fi: ....

Melody: *She looked over at Fi too*

Fi: I have not yet received an acceptance to reveal the spirit companion's identity.

Melody: *It turned and faced her* "Your mother and I have been with you this whole time. We're proud of you, and this is your duty as the princess of our race."

Fi: "Your mother and I have been with you this whole time. We're proud of you, and this is your duty as the princess of our race."

Melody: *She stared, speechless.*

Link: *His eyes widened, knowing that that meant.*

Alonsa: *She woke up, hearing* Flutterbug is... two genders!

Melody: *She felt small tears form in her eyes.*

Ukitake: So they're her parents that passed away... Two souls in that guardian.

Shunsui: What better people for guardians could you come up with?

Link: That's a good point. Melody... your parents were literally right beside you your whole time after being revived... That's amazing, but how did that come to be?

Melody: "When a Korillian dies, their spirit is transfered into an insect body. It was meant to be that we were put together, being the king and queen of Korillia."

Fi: The moment Korillians pass on to the life above they are spirited into insect vessels. The King and Queen shared one insect companion to become the guardian of Melody, the Princess of Korillians.

Melody: *She lowered her head, the tears streaming down her cheeks.*

Link: Melody...

Alonsa: That's really touching..

Melody: *As she sat there, she soon realized something*.... Nightshade can't learn about this... he can't learn he can talk to the guardians.. *She looked up.* Guardians don't die... They're guarding Korillia.... If he finds out... he will have thousands.... and one live one to torment until he gets answers. *Her butterfly fluttered its wings.* "She's correct."

Shunsui: Spirit guardians live in Korillia alone?

Melody: *She nodded.* There's no one else to go to... and a Korillian can only have one with them.

Alonsa: But... that's so sad... their partners die and they're forced to live without them for eternity, guarding a deserted country...

Melody: Which is why the forest is feared to be haunted... *She held her arm, looking away again.* It's forgotten... hence the name 'Forgotten Woods'

Alonsa: *She looked down, her eyes shaking* I wish I could... help find a place for them, a place beside actual people where they can be admired...

Ukitake: It does seem a little lonely. Shouldn't spirits be able to enter the afterlife?

Melody: "It is unheard of, but I'm sure that if Nightshade is stopped, the Korillian race may rest, and hopefully be resurrected through new blood."

Fi: If Nightshade is stopped the Korillian race may be at peace once again.

Shunsui: Them and many others. *He chuckled*

Melody: *She blushed faintly, looking as her butterfly flew to Link.* "If I find out you treat my daughter wrong, I will turn into the bow on my own and personally hunt you down."

Fi: Master Link, you have been threatened by her dead father.

Link: ...........Kay.

Melody: *She looked at Link*....sorry.... he was a bit... protective.

Link: Eheheh... ehehehh... *He slowly slid down his chair, sweatdropping and afraid of the butterfly for the rest of his life*

Melody: *It flew onto his shoulder* "I believe in you Link.

Fi: Master Link, the dead mother believes in you.

Link: I'm sticking on her side...

Alonsa: Oh! Oh! Oh! Can I talk to Flutterbug next?

Melody: *The butterfly flew over to Melody* "We'd rather not be kidnapped again... It is our job to project her."

Fi: The spirit companion states that you not kidnap them in the future.

Alonsa: Can I kidnap them for Christmas? I want to wrap them up in a bow. Get it? BOW! I crack myself up sometimes...

Ven: *He rubbed his head.*... what now?

Alonsa: *She pointed her fingers to her cheeks, smiling widely* Teehee!~

Link: I don't even remember my parents.

Melody: *She looked over to him, moving her hand onto his.*

Link: *He smiled at her* My family are you guys...

Shunsui: Can I be the uncle?

Harrier: ...Great. More sentimental stuff.

Zelda: *She held his hand tightly* Shunsui.. *She smiled*

Link: *He smiled* Ven's like the brother, I guess Shunsui's the uncle, Ukitake's kind of like the father. Harrier and Tiercel are like cousins, and Alonsa is like-

Alonsa: I wanna be the doggie.

Link: ...Kay you’re the doggie.

Tiercel: *He smirked.* What about the princesses?

Link: *He blushed* W-well that's pretty obvious, Tiercel...

Melody: *She looked at him, not understanding but curious*

Alonsa: *She pointed her finger to her lips, eyes rolling to the side* Mmm, if we're speaking family, I guess that makes her your wife! Can I be the doggy in your family? The Flutterbug gets to be two people in one too!

Link: *He just stared at her all embarrassed* W-wife?!

Melody: *She blushed majorly, looking away from him*

Alonsa: *She pointed at her cheeks, smiling widely* You may kiss the bride after Nightshade is plucking up daises in the afterlife~!

Link: Will you shut up!?

Melody: *She held onto his hand, looking at him, her face flushed, though she didn't seem to mind it*

Link: Look now you have thoughts in her head... *He sweatdropped*

Alonsa: I have a blue feather you can borrow.

Link: *He facepalmed*

Ven: *He stood up*.. Well. I guess this meeting is over.

Alonsa: *She looked up at him, flustered about his attitude about it* Hey! Aren't you having fun? I haven't mentioned which family member you are to me yet!~

Ven: *He looked to her.* You saw how hard our enemy was today. We go to Korillia for winter, and I doubt they'll just sit in their castle while we do this. I need to train.

Alonsa: *She tilted her head, a little disappointed* R-really? Actually... I wanted to get to know you over some cake I made earlier, but if that's what you prefer...

Ven: *He groaned, remembering what Ukitake told him*....later... okay?

Alonsa: *She was surprised, smiling widely as she pointed to her cheeks* O-oh! I understand, go train you stud! We can have it later!~

Ukitake: *He smiled*

Ven: *He looked away before turning and walking out*

Link: Wow. He'd never want to have cake with me. What makes you so special?

Alonsa: That's because I'm Alonsa, silly Linky!~

Melody: *She looked down, clearly unhappy by that name.*

Zelda: *She looked to Shunsui.* We should go too. I want to have our walk before tonight's dinner.

Shunsui: Let me first make old uncle grunts as I get up from this chair.

Zelda: *She stood up, grabbing his arm and attempting to pull him up* Come on..

Shunsui: *He chuckled, following her*

Ukitake: Well. I know what to tease Shunsui about now.

Zelda: *She took him out of the room, giving him a kiss when they were out of sight.*

Harrier: *He stood up.* Training doesn't sound bad... I should do some too.

Alonsa: Hm, hey, what could I do around here? Ummm... Oh! I left the cake in the oven! There goes my insurance~

Link: What?

Alonsa: Oh right medieval times. You didn't read that. Or this explaining that.

Melody: *She looked at Link shyly, still blushing*

Link: *Smiled at her* What do you want to do? Couple stuff?

Melody: *She nodded shyly to him*

Ukitake: Perhaps you should play a board game! *He sounded so excited but Link stared unimpressed*

Link: That's for children Ukitake.

Tiercel: *He chuckled* Ukitake, I'll play with you.

Ukitake: I'll take out snakes and ladders.

*They all left Melody and Link at the table*

Link: ...*Wanted to kiss her but the butterfly landed in front of them. He pouted*

Melody: *She looked up at it.*... I'm sorry.

Link: *He smiled* heheh..

Melody: *She shyly reached up, making it land on her finger. She moved her hand away, keeping it away from them now*

Link: *He smiled, leaning to kiss her*

Melody: *She too shyly moved in, closing her eyes as she kissed him softly.*

Link: *He rested a hand on her cheek, kissing her gently as they held their kiss.*

End of Chapter 1.27
Chapter 1.28

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