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Roleplays and Adventures
Here are some of the writing pieces that I've done in the past and some continuing as we speak. Enjoy reading it, for these are important to my heart.
[TB] Chapter 5.5 - Quarrels
Zelda: *After they saw Ammy and the Universal Lords, she and her friends made their way out of the temple grounds and began to head back to the castle. She was worried for the future, but she believed that everything would work out in the end. For now, they needed to prepare for what was to come, and hopefully Jade could gather more information for them so they could help out in any way that they could. She didn't want to admit it, but she did feel sort of useless with the situation at their hands. At least the three main landmasses were safe, from what she gathered at least from the meeting with the Gods. She looked back to her friends as they headed for the castle.* What do you suggest we do now? There's not much we really can do, but I don't feel right just sitting here waiting..

Link: *He sighed, rubbing the side of his head feeling stressed out.* With things like this, I wonder how far scripted characters can even go. But I don't like the idea of just waiting around for something to happen either. *He looked up to the others, smiling as he moved his fist up determined.* We've helped Ammy once before, and I'm sure it's possible to do so again. If we start to disappear with not having done anything I'd regret not trying.

Ra: But Ammy said to not get involved. The baddies could be S ranked or even... higher! *He moved his arms up dramatically, his eyes widening.*

Aryll: Woah... that's big. *She said, mimicking Ra's movements.* Ra is right, big brother!

Zelda: *She looked over to them, giving a faint smile that soon faded back into an unsure frown.* There must be something we can do though. I feel like there's more to this story than we're gathering. Nightshade's motives were to get Melody originally. What could he possibly want with Ion? It doesn't make sense to me, so I think we should somehow look into it.

Ukitake: Ion could have been abducted for being a famous icon... Within the fraction of the script, he is the Fon Master. If Nightshade is truly working with enemies out of script, Ion could be getting held hostage for his code. Or whomever has him will use that code for something... might even be to lure Amaterasu. *He moved his hand to his chin to ponder as his eyes narrowed.* Of course, Nightshade might turn out to not know the full story either. This is, after all, a situation that scripted villains fear as well.

Jade: If we consider the time Ion himself was kidnapped, it seemed abnormal to say the least. *He slid a hand out of his pocket to move to his glasses as he closed his eyes.* Being taken from a city with eyes all over you and not cause any scene or disruption is entirely out of my reasoning.

Zelda: Well, the only way I see us getting this all sorted out is if we get some sort of research going on. Terresia seems to know much more about the score than I would ever, so perhaps Laura and Preston will be willing to assist us. *She looked to Jade* Of course, if you don't mind. I'll write a letter to them asking them to come to Hyrule for a few days so we can figure something out, and to make sure defenses are ready in case Nightshade does do something drastic. *She looked to the others.* As for the rest of you, if anything else seems off, please tell right away. *She looked back ahead, her eyes narrowing slightly.* I fear this isn't just going to be an issue for the gods.

White: *His eyes narrowed as his dark, emerald bangs flowed to the side of his pale exterior. From the moment Ion was brought up during everything, he had been lost. Melody had explained the basics of the secret world to him, but he still couldn't grasp it. He was even so unmotivated to try to reason with the logic. He ahead in silence, knowing that they were headed to Hyrule Castle.*

Ven: *He couldn't help but stare at Zelda as she led them, wondering why she suddenly got this burst of sternness. She certainly was becoming more and more suited to rule Hyrule. He looked to Alonsa, moving his arm around her waist as they continued on, soon entering the castle grounds.* Well, with that said I'm going to go train.

Alonsa: *Her eyes shifted to his expression, smiling gently as they walked.* I'll train with. It's not a time for laundry, after all.

Ven: ...What's the point? None of us really change anywa-- *He felt himself getting dragged off by her.* Nng!

Ra: *He looked to Aryll, blinking and smiling as a blush went over his face.* I'm glad. I especially don't want YOU to change, Aryll. Be Aryll forever!

Ukitake: The innocence of children... *His eyes started to sparkle, having Shunsui stare at him not impressed.*

Melody: *She stared at Ukitake, giving a faint smile before looking to Link.* What do we do then..?

Link: *He took her hand, beginning to walk ahead.* C'mon, everybody. We'll all stay at the castle today. I think I'll train too, I especially want to be taught by Gareth! Have you seen that guy fight?! If that's okay with him, though... *He looked back to him, smiling.*

Gareth: *He glanced over his shoulder to Link, giving a faint smile.* Well, if you insist. I was going to do a routine first. I hope you don't mind. It shouldn't take long, but then I'm more than happy to train you. Perhaps Ven would like to join as well. *He felt awkward to offer that sort of invitation, considering him on bad terms with Ven still.*

Link: *He giggled, nodding as he led everyone through the castle grounds. He didn't forget to look over to his wife, giving her a reassuring smile.*

Melody: *She smiled gently to him, gripping his hand tightly as she followed after Gareth. It was probably the first training session that all of the warriors of their group were going to have together.*

Gareth: *He looked back at them as he walked off to the courtyard, grinning slightly to himself. He found it a bit odd that Jade was coming along with them, but maybe it was because he had nothing better to do*

Jade: *He walked behind him, his hands in his pockets as usual as he kept the casual smile spread across his face. He enjoyed the feeling of his new clothes given to him by Zelda, though he knew she expected him to fight in them, giving it a sense of mobility and making sure it was comfortable. He decided to test this theory, and didn't think it would be a bad idea to brush up on his spear skills.*

Gareth: *He reached the courtyard with them, drawing his bo staff from his back as he moved to a clear area, feeling the breeze blow against them. He closed his eyes as he began to focus.*

Melody: *As they entered the courtyard, she leaned over to kiss Link on the cheek before smiling to Ukitake, going off to the side with him and White, the children following them.*

Link: *He smiled and watched her as she walked off. He looked back to Ven who walked a few paces forward with Alonsa, Alonsa figuring they wanted guy time and leaving to the sides as well. The two looked over to Gareth who was starting to do the routine spoke of earlier; at least Link figured that was what he was doing. Jade's famous three words echoed in his head after feeling Jade's presence behind him, sweatdropping.*

Gareth: *He stood there with his bo staff drawn, focusing only on the wind that blew his hair around with its gentle touch. He stayed like that for a while before he began to make a sudden movement, his arm beginning to twirl his staff as he moved with such swiftness and grace. He switched hands, and repeated before he stepped forward, his movements becoming more and more quick. He did a kick in the air, twisting his body to his movements as if he were fighting some sort of invisible opponent before him. His movements were all timed perfectly together, his long ponytail flowing behind him as he moved.*

Link: *He watched in awe, feeling excitement rush him as he watched. He always impressed him with his skills, even against an invisible opponent. He moved his hands behind his head as his smile widened, giggling and feeling anxious. Jade just watched with his usual composure, moving his hand to his glasses and letting the lenses absorb the sunlight.* That's amazing... If I can fight like that I wouldn't even need my Soul Reaper powers.

Gareth: *He continued to train for a while, his body moving and turning swiftly and gracefully before he performed a final landing, standing in defense position and standing there. He didn't even look tired. He slowly stood up straight, smiling faintly to them.*

Alonsa: *She was sitting on a tree branch watching the display, leaning on the tree as she smirked. She wondered how Ven would fair against Gareth. She knew they had an awkward relationship and thought this might be just the thing they need.*

Gareth: Right... *He rubbed the back of his head as he felt the slight pressure of his friends watching him. He didn't realize all of them followed him.* W-Who wants to train?

Jade: Link and Ven volunteered. I'm sure that's obvious. *His eyes narrowed as he smirked, moving a hand to his glasses.* I'll join in with the exercise, providing you go easy... My bones ache at this age, you know...

Ra: *Spits out juice in shock, his eyes widening when he heard. The juice went all over Harrier in front of him.* THEY'LL DIE!!!

Harrier: *He gave Ra the death glare, wiping his face all angry before stomping forward.* Stupid kids..

Gareth: Jade, are you sure-? I mean..

Jade: Not to worry; I don't intend to use my magic. I want you all alive, after all. *He shrugged, closing his eyes as his smirk remained on his face.* Not that my skill with the spear needs any improvement. I just think this activity is appropriate if we intend to confront S ranked characters. *He placed his hands back into his pockets and narrowed his eyes.* I don't care much for sparring otherwise.

Link: You sure like to gloat... *He sweatdropped. He knew fighting the Colonel would be annoying.*

Jade: I like to be honest. *He smiled.*

Ven: If you insist, Jade. *He said with a shrug before drawing his sword, gripping it tightly. He looked over to Link.* Can you control your Soul Reaper powers? Maybe training without them will do you good, in case they become disabled or something

Link: Hear that, Fi? Think you can disable them for now? *He put his hand to his dragonfly, waiting for a response. The dragonfly glowed faintly as Link transformed it to the Master Sword, to his surprise not transforming as a Soul Reaper. He smiled, reaching back to his Hylian shield. He missed using it, to be honest with himself.* Soul Reaper powers are cool, but I don't always want to flash step my problems away. I'm more familiar with this style anyway. No offense, Shunsui and Ukitake.

Shunsui: *He raised his drink chuckling to him.* No worries!

Melody: *She smiled faintly when she saw that Link was going to fight as his normal self, always liking the idea of that as well.* Good luck, Link. *She called to him. Though she felt something drop on her lap. She blinked, looking down to find White's head there, sound asleep. A faint blush grew on her face.*

White: ...It's no cave, but... *He felt himself getting drowsy, yawning as he got comfortable. He wasn't familiar with human gestures to begin with, so he was clueless.*

Link: *His eyes squinted towards them, looking back and trying to focus. He mumbled something about neutering dragons under his breath.*

Melody: *She kept blushing as she looked down, nervously putting her hand on his head as she brushed through his hair a few times. She looked up to Link as the guys were preparing to fight, seeing Harrier draw his sword as well.*

Link: So do you want all of us to attack all at once or one at a time? *He blinked, staring at Gareth. He wouldn't be surprised if he wanted all of them to attack.*

Alonsa: No way he'd do that... *Her eyes widened, watching. She almost fell off the tree branch.* sh*t!

Jade: *He sighed, wondering why Alonsa would climb so high up a tree. Once he heard the branch crack, his eyes narrowed as he started to smile, his eyes closed. Perhaps this would teach her a lesson. He looked in her direction, yelling to notify the others who didn't seem to notice, though with a mocking tone.* Alonsa! Oh dear!

Ven: *His eyes glanced over when he heard Jade call out, figuring he was just being sarcastic. Though his heart sank when he saw Alonsa falling.* Alonsa! *He was about to run after her when he felt someone go in front of him.*

Gareth: *Just as he noticed her beginning to fall, he kicked his feet off of the ground to a quick speed as he headed for her. He used his bo staff to launch him a distance ahead, leaving it behind as he sort of moved through the air. His eyes narrowed, moving his arms out as he caught her, shifting the falling weight to where he landed on one knee, still holding onto her. A gentle breeze blew against them once the chaos ended*

Alonsa: *She had her eyes closed as she felt herself being carried, a warm body against her as she felt them land.* ...Oh, Stud... *She giggled before opening her eyes and widening them, sweatdropping as she leaned her head back.* G-Gareth...?! *She looked to where Ven was, surprised it wasn't the usual person who always caught her after falling. She smiled faintly to Gareth.* ...Thank you, Gareth. That was pretty close, huh? *She laughed awkwardly*

Link: This is getting too serious…

Jade: This is getting rather exciting!

Gareth: *His eyes shifted to look down at her, giving her a faint smile as he felt like his good deed was indeed a close call. He gently stood up, setting her down to her feet as he went over to get his bo staff.* Perhaps you should sit with the others who aren't training. It would be safer for you.

Ven: *He was just staring at the two, his eyes glaring at Gareth as his fists clenched together, gripping his sword tight in one of his hands.*

Zelda: *She looked up from her letter-writing, seeing how Gareth was really a true hero. She blushed, finding it rather dreamy to be caught like that and rescued, sort of forgetting Shunsui was there.*

Shunsui: What's with that face? *He stared at her, sake dripping down his chin as he blinked. He looked over to Ukitake.* ...I can do that...

Ukitake: Without flash step? Really? *He looked to him, teasing him.*

Shunsui: Shove it, Ukitake... *He glared, pouting as he looked down.*

Link: *He smiled, admiring Gareth as he watched Alonsa walk to the others sitting in the background. He was always impressed with him. He looked over to Ven, his smile fading when he saw the expression on his face. He wanted to say something but it looked like they were about to begin.*

Jade: *He looked over to Gareth as he approached them. He had a feeling Ven was upset, and didn't expect Gareth to go after her. He shrugged, smiling as he tried to break the ice with a comment.* Gareth, if that was me, would you do the same thing? *He blushed, but it looked like a staged blush. Link facepalmed.*

Gareth: *He looked over to Jade, giving a faint smile as he gripped his bo staff in his hand.* If you were a woman, yes Jade. But a lady shouldn't feel that sort of pain. *He said as he got ready for training.* Anyways.. I think it would be best if you all charged at me at once. It'll help you all think on your feet and work as a team.

Link: R-right... *He took a stance, looking at him as Harrier beside him readied himself. He looked over to Harrier and nodded with him. Jade stepped between the two, sighing as the green light formed his spear that rested on Jade's thigh. Link looked over to Ven, who seemed to be in his own little world. He looked to Ven feeling uncomfortable.* Ven, are you ready...? We'll go on three... or something.

Ven: *He didn't seem very responsive with what Link asked, glaring at Gareth with a very angry expression. When he heard 'ready', he immediately charged forth at Gareth, yelling out at him to release his anger. He swung his sword at him, almost like it was the real deal and not just training.*

Gareth: *His eyes narrowed immediately after Ven began to charge, standing in defense position. He focused on him, his bo staff moving just at the right time to block against Ven who was pushing down hard against the bo staff that blocked him from getting sliced*

Alonsa: *Her eyes widened when she saw the intensity of the moment, wondering if this was really just a sparring match or the real deal. Her eyes shook, feeling nervous. She knew Ven pretty well, and this seemed a little strange. She looked to Zelda with butterflies in her stomach.*

Link: V-Ven we were supposed to act as a team...! *His eyes shook slightly, sighing. He figured he was just impatient. He looked to the other two and nodded with them before charging towards Gareth. He swung his sword downward, though he was holding back. He felt that something was wrong with Ven, and the way he was fighting so furiously made it hard to sync combinations.*

Jade: *Harrier went to attack with Link, however Jade remained where he was. His eyes narrowed as he watched.*

Gareth: *As he continued to block Ven's attack, his eyes glanced over to see the approaching Master Sword that swung at him. He held his bo staff out with one hand to continue blocking Ven's attack, his other hand reaching out, his gauntlet facing the blade as it blocked with the sound of metal clashing soon after it. He saw Harrier's flaming sword charging forth, twisting his body so that the Master Sword slid off the gauntlets and into the ground as well as Ven's sword doing the same off of his bo staff. He back flipped in time to avoid the flaming slash, landing on his feet as his eyes narrowed.* Not bad.

Link: *His eyes widened as he regained his balance, pulling the sword out. He laughed a bit before smiling and taking a stance.* Wow, you're awesome! We're just getting warmed up, though... Right guys?

Jade: Some more than others. *He added, keeping one hand in his pocket as the other held his spear. His eyes glanced over to Ven.*

Ven: ( Ven vs. Gareth ) *He didn't wait for Gareth to recover, moving his free hand to grab hold of his sword to go two-handed for more force. He charged at Gareth, slashing at him with another hard blow.*

Gareth: *He looked to Ven, preparing for it as he blocked with his gauntlet again. He soon twisted his body to get free, his bo staff twirling with him before he used it to hit against Ven, causing him to get hit to the ground.*

Ven: *He felt himself getting shoved down, rolling away before getting back up. He charged again, disregarding the guys and how they existed.*

Gareth: *He was calling his shots very close, barely blocking the sword before it actually hit him. He stood there, holding his bo staff against Ven's sword, though he felt the pressure pushing down on him. He braced his footing, his eyes narrowing.*

Link: *He blinked, watching the two's intense struggle as he wasn't sure what to do. He sighed, gripping the sword as he began to walk towards Gareth. He didn't want to, but he knew that Gareth agreed for all of them to fight. However Jade knew not to interfere himself, causing Link to look back at a hesitant Harrier. He wasn't sure either. Link stopped and looked at the two, his eyes shaking.* Ven...?

Harrier: ...Is it just me or has Ven just snapped? *He asked, staring with worry for once in his eyes as he stood beside Link.*

Ven: *He kept giving Gareth a piercing glare, letting go of his sword with one hand and swinging a punch at Gareth's face. It sent Gareth back, and he took this opportunity to charge.*

Gareth: *He stumbled back, finding Ven's hit dishonorable. He was no longer in training zone, finding Ven to be just as arrogant as always. As Ven swung his sword at him, he dodged it and twisted his body to send his own blow at Ven, causing his swing to miss with how his body flinched. He flipped back as he glared, showing no signs of tiredness as Ven panted.*

Link: That's...! *He was about to do something when he felt Jade walking forward. Though Link didn't feel like it was a good time to continue. Jade seemed like he was going to keep Gareth busy, hinting at Link to try and calm Ven down. Link only looked to Ven with concern, going over to him.* Hey, what's wrong with you...?

Gareth: *He kept focusing on everyone; though keeping a close eye on Ven. He readied himself, despite his face slightly hurting. He did not dare show any signs of pain to his enemies, yet alone his friends.*

Ven: *He recovered slightly from the blow, panting slightly as he felt his anger taking over him. He began to move forward, feeling Link stop him slightly. He refused to be stopped, shoving Link off of him as he continued to move forward to Gareth, the blade of his sword shimmering in the sunlight.*

Harrier: ...Okay, he's definitely snapped.

Link: *His eyes widened and soon glared as he felt himself being pushed, stabbing his sword into the ground to make sure he didn't fall, pulling it out and dashing after Ven.* Did you lose your mind?! *He jumped until he landed in front of Ven's way, glaring and bashing his shield off him to have him fall to the ground. Alonsa's eyes widened, running over as Link pinned him down, glaring down at him.* Stop it!

Alonsa: *She moved a hand to her chest, staring down at the two with shaking eyes.* Link, please! Get off him! Let me talk to him... *Link hesitated, slowly standing up. Before Ven nearly dashed off again, Alonsa jumped and placed her hand on his head, causing him to stop as she flipped over him and landed in front of him.*

Ven: *He felt himself getting shoved, not once but twice. He wanted to rip Gareth apart, his eyes glaring. He tried to calm down when he saw Alonsa before him, but he still hated Gareth with a passion.*

Melody: *She went to Link's side, hugging her arm around his as she made sure he wasn't hurt or anything. She then looked over to Ven, feeling nervous.*

Alonsa: Hey, STUD! What's gotten into you?! *She put her hands on his shoulders, staring at him.* Calm down before you hurt yourself! You're not fighting people like Nightshade. Gareth is supposed to be your friend! *She closed her eyes, shaking her head.* No, more than that. He's your childhood friend.

Ven: *He heard her, but he didn't believe a word that she said. He rolled her off, getting up as he sheathed his sword with a strong force, the sound of the scraping metal echoing through the silence.* That bastard will never be my friend. *He said as he turned, beginning to walk off.* Go to hell, Gareth.

Alonsa: *Her eyes narrowed as she felt brushed off. She clenched her fists.* ...How selfish... You were complaining about not knowing who you were, about not having a past... Or any memories. Yet you were given one, and refuse to open up to it. What does that say about you? Why do you insist on closing yourself in all the time?

Ukitake: Alonsa...! *His eyes shook as he heard her speak, knowing she said enough.*

Ven: *He stopped in his steps, glaring over his shoulder.* You wouldn't understand, Alonsa. And you never understand anything I say. You never give me the benefit of the doubt. Go, get saved by him. *He said as he continued on.*

Alonsa: *Her eyes narrowed, her hands relaxing as she felt a sadness engulf her.* ...You idiot...

Jade: See? This is why I dislike sparring. *Everyone sweatdropped.*

Gareth: *He sighed, shaking his head as he looked down.* He's no idiot, Alonsa. He's right. None of you would understand. *He looked back up as he watched Ven leave.*

Alonsa: *She turned around, shaking her head slightly.* What don't I understand? Someone please hurry up and explain it then! I'm always trying to understand something! It's because I'm not as bright as people like Jade, or refined as people like Zelda... Or as innocent like Melody! I'm the clown, the one that people assume are clueless! Maybe if people actually talked to me instead of turning away!! *Everyone looked to Alonsa in slight shock, her eyes welling up as they shook. She stormed off, annoyed.*

Jade: *He watched her walk off, sighing as he looked to Gareth with a smile.* Would it be sadistic to say I'm enjoying this, or just plain cruel? Either way, the two of you definitely have things to work out. While you do so, let's not forget the corrupting shadow overhead threatening to end the entire story. I'm sure we all have things bottled up inside. Better now than never.

Ukitake: *His eyes narrowed, walking off and heading in the direction Ven left to. His haori blew in the wind as a silence arrived.*

Melody: *She stared at the awkwardness, never expecting their group to partially fall apart. She held onto Link tighter, looking up to him as sorrow entered her eyes. She was unsure what to think.*

Link: Melody, do you think you can talk with Alonsa? I can go with you if you can't handle it... *He frowned, looking over.*

Melody: *She stared up at him, feeling a bit awkward about the idea of talking to Alonsa when she was like this. But she had to be strong. She gave him a faint nod, looking down.* I.. I can try.. *She said as she loosened her grip on him.*

Link: *He smiled, seeing the small amount of courage she was creating for her friend.* She always calls you her little sister. Sisters need to be there for each other, right?

Melody: *She nodded to him as she stared at the grass before looking up to him. She leaned up and kissed him before she turned, walking in the direction that she headed off to.*

Link: The rest of us should go back to what you were doing before. If we look upset it won't help either of them. *He looked to Jade.* I want you to talk with Gareth. You guys are pretty close.

Jade: What? Why do I have to? You're better than I am. *He teased, smiling as Link stared up at him.* This is really quite the day.

Shunsui: The kid's right, Jade. Everyone mind your own behinds until things calm down. We can't start breaking apart at a time like this. *He connected his sleeves together before walking off with Zelda as the others spread apart.*

Jade: I'm going to the library. Come along, now.*He began to walk, signaling Gareth to follow with a hand gesture, putting the hand in his pocket afterwards.*


Melody: *She continued to walk after Alonsa, trying to find where she went. She felt nervous, her butterfly flying around her as she looked ahead.* A-Alonsa..?

Alonsa: *She was at the center of the market, sighing as she was leaning against the wall and watching the girl in yellow chase after a cucco in the market.* Girl like seriously leave it the hell alone! *The girl just stared at Alonsa before throwing a pebble at her face, putting her hand on her face.* Owww...! I HOPE I PECKS YOUR EYES OUT!

Melody: *She heard the familiar shouting as she entered the market, looking around to examine the scenery. She soon found her, nervously going over as she saw her holding her face.* Alonsa.. *She stared.* A-Are you alright?

Alonsa: *She moved her hand away, looking away from her as she stayed silent. She didn't want to talk to any of her friends, especially the one she considered to be the innocent one that everybody loves.*

Melody: *She went up to her, keeping a distance as she saw that she looked really upset. She felt insecure, knowing that Alonsa really needed her space, but Link and the others were depending on her. She waited in silence before nervously moving her hand close to her, gently touching her arm.* Alonsa..?

Alonsa: I bet it's nice, making friends wherever you go. They just pity you, you know. *She said coldly, not even glancing towards her. Her bangs were covering her eyes in a shadow.*

Melody: *Her eyes shook as she heard her words stab right into her, moving her hand back as she stared. Did she hear what Alonsa just said right.* W-What..?

Alonsa: I lost all my friends the moment my childhood was taken from me. No one recognized me at all because I wasn't in my own body. It's all fun and games now, but nothing in this world lasts forever. Not relationships. Not memories. Everything is meaningless. You work so hard to create an image for yourself and then have it torn apart so suddenly. *Her eyes shook as her bangs lowered over her face even more, tears streaming down them.* Just... go away Melody. I don't want to see you right now.

Melody: *She stared at her, not understanding fully what she meant. Naturally, she wasn't seeing it from her point of view after Alonsa had sort of insulted her, feeling sorrow fill her. She wanted to cry, but as usual she held it all in.* I... just came all this way to make sure... you were okay... And you're calling yourself worthless, and claim that I'm just here so people can feel sorry for me..? *She stepped back slightly, feeling a bit angry at Alonsa for these thoughts.* Maybe.. it's how you think because you never take anything seriously... You always jump to conclusions that jump back to you. Did you once consider that maybe Ven was just jealous that another man had his hands on you..? You threw it in his face, Alonsa.. *She turned, feeling tears forming in her eyes.* I don't ask for this attention, Alonsa.. maybe you should stop searching for it... *She said before walking away, trying hard not to sob out loud.*


Link: *He was where Melody left him, waiting for her as he looked up at the sky. He heard footsteps heading towards him, seeing Melody running towards him in tears. His eyes widened, feeling his heart sink to see his wife like that.*

Melody: *She sobbed to herself as she ran towards Link, moving close to him. As she reached him, she hugged him tightly and pressed her face against him, sobbing into him.* I... I tried... but...

Link: *He placed a hand to her back in the shock of her moving against him suddenly, his eyes closing as he hugged her. He knew he should have gone with her. He hugged her tightly.* W-What happened...? I'm sorry, I should have...

Melody: *She continued to sob against him, clinging to him as she tried hard not to sound like a baby, but she felt really hurt by Alonsa's words.* She said... that everyone just pities me.. She told me she didn't want to see me..

Link: I guess she's still pretty angry... I shouldn't have sent you alone... *His eyes narrowed.* People say things they don't mean when they're angry... Don't take it to heart, Melody... C'mon. Let's go to our room. *He picked her up.*

Melody: *She held onto him as he picked her up, looking up at him with her tear-covered face. She wanted to believe what he was telling her, but what Alonsa said sounded meaningful. Even with how she looked away, it was hard to think that what Link said was the truth. She pressed her head on his shoulder, trying to calm down.*

Link: "Man, so much for trying to fix things... This isn't good at all. What are we going to do if we wind up at each other’s throats when Ammy's in danger? Can we really save the story?"


Samantha: ( Samantha's Theme ) *A few days had passed since their jobs had been assigned to them by their Master. Her long dark green hair flowed wickedly past her shoulders, free of her headdress she had been wearing recently, only leaving the large red bow flowing and extending just beyond her own hair, ribbons of the same style loosely moving over her wrists as they twisted in a dark, eerie code-shattering dark magic. Her purple and red dress still stained in the blood around her. She had been causing the havoc in Terresia as ordered by Lord Cosdeer M, a large disturbing grin as shrieks of horror filled her blood-thirsty craving. Around her rained infants and beneath her were corpses of the elderly, making a bridge over rivers and gates as she headed towards the main captial.* You should be so lucky... to witness the birth of a new world. *Her eyes glowed as a swarm of people in front of her reverted into children, but mature enough to run and to feel fear as she pursued them.* LET'S TURN THIS SCRIPTED LAND INTO A LAND WHERE WE CAN CREATE OUR OWN FUTURE! THE SCORE AND THE LIGHT WILL PERISH; AND BRING FORTH A NEW ORDER! YOU ARE BEFORE ONE OF MANY RULERS! UNFORTUNATELY, IT'S ME!


Amaya: ( Amaya's Theme ) *In the fields of Grandilia, she had been standing on top of a hill that seemed to overlook Rayvaladin Castle in her usual silence. No words escaped her lips ever since they had returned to their master. Her eyes narrowed as she stared, the cool breeze blowing her hair and played with her dress. She hated every inch of Grandilia, wanting to see it crash and burn. It caused her suffering, not to mention she was just thrown to the side at last minute. She knew how Grandilia worked, in perfect balance of justice and right, even if the king was a complete moron to her. She wanted to get her revenge. And using her anger that still lingered with Samantha's ignorance with their master, she planned on making each blow a perfect one. This perfect kingdom was going to fall, and it would bow down to her. She clenched her fists as she kept staring down.* Die. *She said as her eyes began to glow with a black aura, and the castle and Velusia began to shake.*


Libitina: ( Libitina's Theme ) *She was standing on top of Kakariko's windmill, a wind blowing her spoilers in the air as a sorrowful atmosphere formed and reflected off her deep red eyes. They shook slightly, feeling empty inside. Only the feeling of moving; floating in the sky meant anything to her, and even though she was often teased about it; it was the only thing telling her she was someone. As she looked down to the people moving around and socializing, she noticed a couple kissing. Something inside her made her shed tears, and she began to hug herself, her bangs covering her eyes in an eerie shadow as she began to shiver. She never enjoyed hurting others, but if she wanted to find her place, a family with the Master, she would do so even if it caused her pain. A web of lights of all colors formed in the atmosphere, her fingertips glowing a bright red as she sniffed and raised them up, beginning to tinker with the web of emotions. Rage was the only thing she felt, causing the web to begin to turn red, her tears streaming down as people below began to kill each other, including the couple.*


Melody: *The few days they had been in the castle had been awkward since the news that Alonsa and Melody had argued, and the situation with Gareth and Ven hadn't been solved. Tensions were high for them all, and awaiting some sort of response from Ammy wasn't helping either. She had been sitting in her room with Link, remaining in his arms as they exchanged mild conversation. He had been helping her a lot through her emotional phase, but she was still hurt by Alonsa. Maybe she was a bit too hard on her though, and she felt like she should apologize. She looked to him, wiping the last of her few tears.* ... I'll apologize to her..

Link: It's good that you want to be the better person, but I want to be there this time if that's okay. *He looked concerned towards her, hoping she'd let him. He still wasn't sure if Alonsa was mad or not.*

Melody: *She gave him a slight nod, looking down as she moved the hair out of her face. She began to stand up with him, heading out of their room as she looked down. As they began to walk out, she suddenly began to feel odd, slowing her pace down. Her eyes narrowed as she tried to focus on what it was, but instead she was greeted with severe pain. She let out a yell of pain, falling onto her knees as she held her head tightly.*

Link: *His eyes widened, instantly going down and holding her up. He knew this familiar scenario; Something being destroyed in Grandilia, or worse.* Melody... Damn, not again. I wish this didn't happen... But now we know something is going on. Someone is making their move... *He picked her up, beginning to try and find someone. He knew that this pain wasn't curable, and it was up to Melody's willpower. He decided to look for the others, finding Shunsui and Ukitake who came running.* Something is happening over at Grandilia, guys.

Zelda: *She was with Shunsui and Ukitake, looking over to Link as her ears lowered.* No... *She could see how much pain she was in and how tight she was clinging to Link. She looked down, holding a letter in her hands before looking up to Shunsui and Ukitake.* Can you two please get the others and fast..? We need to act soon so we can stop this chaos. I'm going to see what Laura and Preston said in their letter. *She looked to Link.* You stay here with me..

Ukitake: *He nodded, flash stepping with Shunsui in toe as they went to gather the others.*

Link: So you got their letter...? *He looked down, hoping it was something good.* Let's read it, Zelda...

Zelda: *She nodded to him gently, looking down to the letter as she began to open it, soon pulling out the paper. She began to read it. It was a long silence, but it followed by a sorrowful look, the others coming in just as she finished.* ...They declined... Terresia is getting attacked..

Alonsa: *Her face turned white as her eyes shook and shrunk, strands of her hair moving away from her face as she stood in shock. She ran up to Zelda, taking the letter and reading it herself.* This isn't happening... Terresia? Terresia is a fortress! How can it... Creators live here! We have to hurry there...!

Link: Wait, but Melody's...! Grandilia also needs our help! *His eyes shook, trying to calm Melody down in fear of her going into another coma.* She might...!

Zelda: *She was trying to figure out what to do, seeing the distress on both of their faces. She was about to speak when she felt a tap on her shoulder, turning as she saw an injured guard being carried by another. She let out a gasp, covering her mouth as she quickly took hold of him.* W-What happened..?!

Guard: He was attacked in Kakariko, your highness... A giant rampage broke out in the village.. Rumors going around that it's spreading to Hyrule Market.

Zelda: *She stared in horror and shock, never expecting her kingdom to be full of angry people before.*

Shunsui: A civil war, maybe? This needs to be looked into... *He kept his hand over his hat, going over to look at Alonsa and Melody.* Look, we need to check this out... I'm not going to rule a broken Kingdom.

Ven: *His eyes narrowed as they looked to Alonsa, seeing the distress in her face. He moved his arm around her.* Terresia is more important because it has everything that stabilizes our lives here... We need to give them the most assistance that we can.

Harrier: Oh come on. Why is it always the magic places that need help? Grandilia sort of did cause a time rip people. Who knows if that's going to happen again.

Gareth: But Hyrule is where Amaterasu was last... If rampages are occurring, this could mean Amaterasu is indeed in danger.

Jade: *He moved his glasses up, his crimson eyes narrowing.* I agree with Ven and Alonsa; Terresia must be stabilized. It is where the creators are, and if they die it means the end for all of us.

Link: Grandilia is causing Melody severe pain! If we don't do something she might go into a coma! Melody resurrected Ammy one time before, so we have a backup plan if we save Grandilia first! Ammy has the Universal Lords, too!

Ra: No!! Naborururu might be affected in the people fights!! We need to calm down everyone before the Gerudos are hurt!

Tiercel: *He rubbed a hand through his hair, finding the situation stressful. Terresia is rather big... I don't think Laura and Preston can handle it alone without Amaterasu's assistance. Especially when Katie went with them. I suggest we go there first to make sure things are alright.

Harrier: *He rolled his eyes as he crossed his arms.* Oh come on, Tyr! You just want to go because you have a crush on Raine or something. Forget the history lessons on your travels and remember what happened in the past to US. I don't really want elf boy here to go all sobby again because his wife was swiped away from him.

Aryll: *She looked up at Link, taking hold the end of his tunic as she felt tears form.* Big brother... Hyrule is your home... The stories.. that you told me...

Jade: This is not a matter of home. We must consider the full picture here. Do you intend to let Terresia be destroyed? No one will have time to save anyone if our very code is wiped out of existence.

Ukitake: Shunsui, surely you understand? Melody's life is essential in the fight alongside Amaterasu. Terresia's forces are well built; and Hyrule's civil matters will be solved once the world's balance returns.

Link: *He looked down, his eyes narrowing as he looked to her.* Aryll, Melody is my wife... I'm the Korillian Prince now... I need to go...

Zelda: *She kept hearing them fighting, her ears lowering as she felt the fears of her own kingdom falling engulf her. She stood up straight and turned to them, her eyes glaring with angry tears.* Go if you wish... I will not let my kingdom fall because of all of your selfish arguing.. *She looked to Alonsa and Melody, for once finding nothing but annoyance and hatred towards them.* I will not let it fall because of the likes of you two. Code or not, innocent lives are being lost in my kingdom and I will not have it. *She turned her glance to Link.* .... and if you go, I hope you realize that you're betraying your destiny as the Hero of Time, the Hero of Hyrule.. the Chosen One. *She said with a sharp tone before turning, beginning to run off with the guards.*

Alonsa: *Her eyes glared, watching as Zelda stormed off with her guards. If anyone was being selfish, it was Zelda. She clenched her hands, glaring at Melody.* Excuse me... for being the one thinking the most rational of the two of you for once. Grandilia is ALWAYS in trouble. And then Melody here needs to bluntly scream it into our ears. You know what else I'm going to do at Terresia? Confront Katie and ask her why she put SUCH AN ANNOYING FUNCTION IN HER CREATION! WHY WOULD SHE PUT PAIN LIKE THIS?! TO DRAG EVERYONE WHO PITIES HER INTO HER MISERABLE LIFE! *Link's eyes widened, feeling rage enter them as she smirked.* Oh, what? Did I hit a nerve? You know what? I'm going to save our butts by protecting the creators, and you're sorry asses will come crying back to me once the ROUTINE in Grandilia is over. *She stormed off, pushing Hylian guards out of her way.*

Melody: *She heard the two girls speaking as she tried to fight through the pain, clenching onto Link tighter. Alonsa meant every word that she spoke, and even the look that Zelda had given to her showed that she was clearly jealous of her relationship with Link. Faint tears began to form in her eyes as she tried hard not to freak out with the physical and mental pain she was feeling.* All... I wanted... was to apologize... *She said weakly and quietly, keeping her head against Link. Her voice was now shakey.* Why does it have.. to be so painful... to do what's right..? I don't understand... Link... I.. I try so hard to fix everything... and it's never enough.. *She stared ahead as tears began to fall.* It's.. never enough for those two... they can't.. accept what I try to do... I only want the best for everyone.. never myself.. Why..? Why has it ended this way..?

Jade: *His eyes narrowed, closing them as he went to follow Alonsa in silence.*

Shunsui: Zelda... *He sighed, moving a hand to his hat as the guards nodded to him. He began to head with them to find her.*

Ukitake: *He looked over to Melody sorrowfully, alongside White. White looked angry, Ukitake moving a hand on him to calm down.*

Link: *His eyes shook as he felt angry tears form.* I can't believe this... I can't look at her anymore... *He began to walk off while carrying Melody, Ukitake, White and Harrier following*

Ra: Link is supposed to be the Hero of Time... How can you abandon Naboruru...? I take back what I said. You're not a daddy at all! *The words stung Link, causing him to sob as he ran off with Melody.*

Gareth: Come on, Ra.. *He said as he picked up a sobbing Aryll, looking down at him before walking off after Shunsui and Zelda.*

Tiercel: *He looked down as he saw Harrier glaring back at him, turning to follow Jade, Ven and Alonsa.*


End of Chapter 5.5
Most Recent Chapter Released - To Be Continued

[TB] Chapter 5.4 - Confronting Nightshade
Arietta: *Arietta was outside with her mother when she heard the strange howl that overwhelmed her senses, her eyes widening as they all formed behind her, her pink hair moving wildly as she hugged her stuffed animal and closed her eyes tightly out of fear, the Queen Liger growling.*

Gin: *His haori moved wildly with their entrance, being outside as well as his hair drifted to the side, his pale face, smiling and slitted eyes all present with no signs of fear or shock. His grin only widened when they arrived, his fingers tense behind his long, large white sleeves.*

Angela: *She stood with the others as she kept her hands clasped, hoping they could just talk it out. She kept smiling, though she noticed Nightshade wasn't around.*

Harvest Goddess: *She placed a hand to her forehead, not seeing her beloved anywhere.* Nightshade, O Nightshade, where art thou Nightshade? *She looked around frantically before nearly fainting.*

Arietta: ...A-Ammy? What are you doing here... *She squeezed her stuffed animal, her body shaking as Dark Link formed in front of her, his emotionless gaze staring at them.* What are you going to do with daddy...? I won't let you hurt him!

Amaterasu: Where's Ion, Arietta? We know you have him. *Her fur moved wildly as she stared at the three calmly.*

Arietta: I-Ion...?! *Her fingers dug into the stuffed animal as her eyes shook when she heard the name.*

Angela: Yes, sweet Arietta.. We know your affections for him are strong, but you cannot act in such manner. He has a life too...

Arietta: What... what are you talking about?! ...Ion... Ion isn't here! *She glared, slightly stepping back as her mother placed a paw forward, leaning in to growl at them.*

Zeno: *He moved his palm to face them, his mantle moving wickedly as he showed his sharp teeth to them. He was certainly serious, and wanting to do harm right off the bat. His eyes glistened as he laughed, his hair moving wildly.* Trash like you... Are better off cuddling in the Bin like the maggots you are then to even attempt a lie. *His palm began to charge up a massive light.*

Gin: *His eyes opened slightly, frowning as he sensed the spiritual energy, the ground under him forcing his body down as a crater formed, his fingers tensing as his hair moved violently. He placed a hand on the hilt of his sword, glaring.*

Dark Link: *His eyes narrowed, pulling his sword out as he transformed into his Soul Reaper form, helping Gin balance out the spiritual energy by combing his with Gin's. However it was still not nearly enough to surpass Zeno's raw power, causing the two to feel a massive weight upon them.* Ugh...

Nightshade: *Behind his team, shadows began to form a figure before he appeared, his eyes narrowing as he sensed the all too familiar presences. He formed and stood there in front of them, his eyes narrowing as they glared.* ...We meet again.

Waka: *His usual calm expression turned to a glare, as he held his flute out. Suddenly he began to move his arms wildly until a green blade of pure energy extracted out of an end of his flute, his standing on one foot as his other rested on the thigh of his leg, his hat moving like the wings of a bird as he made a hostile position.*

Nightshade: ( Nightshade and Waka ) *His eyes turned to Waka, his glance turned to a piercing glare. The one who took everything from him stood before him. And here he was now, acting like nothing was wrong in the world*

Harvest Goddess: *She felt her heart drop as he appeared to them, placing a hand on her chest and breathing heavily. Her eyes narrowed and shook as she tried not to cry, but her tears welled up in her eyes. She clenched her hand as she shook slightly, wanting to speak but Waka moved in front of her, her eyes widening as she saw her old friends about to rip each other apart.*

Gin: *He slitted his eyes again, knowing that this was not their battle. He picked up Arietta, flash stepping away with Dark Link as the Queen Liger followed.*

Nightshade: ...Gin, Darky, Arietta... I don't ask for much, but I want you three to leave this to me. *He said as his glance never moved from Waka.*

Waka: I politely ask the same conditions of my own allies. It is a duel of destiny that cannot be avoided. This is fate. *He said, his hat still spread apart as he gripped his flute tightly, glaring into Nightshade's eye.*

Zeno: *He lowered his arm, annoyed that he couldn't do anything. His mantle moved aggressively as he spat.* Why was I even called here then? This is idiotic. I can take him with both arms behind my back if I so choose.

Amaterasu: I'm tired of fights, but if this is a desire... Nightshade, we want answers afterwards. Depending on them will decide your punishment.

Nightshade: *His eyes glanced to Ammy, and they were piercing.* I could say the same to you for coming in on such a bad time.. But so be it. *He said as he rested a hand on the hilt of his aura blade, his eyes looking to Waka*

Waka: En garde! ( Nightshade vs. Waka ) *He twirled his flute between his fingers, his eyes piercing as he flipped through the air, his hat blowing him off the ground in extreme force as he twirled and slammed his beam sword down on the aura blade, staying suspended in the air as he did so.* For decades, boiling my blood is all you've done! I've come to send you to an eternal abyss! My victory was pre-determined the moment we laid eyes!

Nightshade: *He kept glaring at Waka, really not wanting to deal with this.* You surprise me with such words. Do you not remember that it was because of your jealousy that the world is in this position? I know what you did that day... You framed me and made it look like I struck you. *He slowly began to draw his aura blade, the darkness pulsating and casting a heavy pressure in the area with his rage.* I considered you a friend. You're nothing but a coward that hides behind lies that serves the light.

Waka: *He flipped through the air after pushing upwards with force, flipping gracefully as he placed his free hand on the hilt of his katana, pulling it out and moving both blades in circular motion as he air dashed to a branch of a nearby tree, blasting him off it as he pointed both his beam blade and katana.* Excusez-moi? *He slashed him as he passed by, his hat sending him upwards with a large force as he was in the air again, turning to him as he swung the blood off the katana. He gave him a glare that said he knew what Nightshade was saying, smirking arrogantly.* Poor delusional Nightshade. We were never les amis.

Nightshade: *Waka's speed was certainly quick, for he couldn't react as fast as he wanted to counter the attack, getting hit by it in the end. The shadows in the area began to move and pulsate as he felt his anger grow. He showed no pain from Waka, though it was a different impact than when he fights Melody or Link. This was a true battle between gods.* I knew you had this planned from the start... Here before everyone, you lie to their faces. I may control the shadows, but you've corrupted them with your horrible lies. They do not know the full story, and I refuse to let you get away with that, you damned bastard. *He felt the shadows entering his blade slowly, his eyes narrowing as he charged at Waka at his own speed, reaching his hand down to make the shadows reach out from the tree and pull him down. He reached the falling Waka, charging at him and slashing with his own blade.* You took everything from me that day! It's your fault that everything that I did was a hard impact on this world!

Waka: *His blood splattered from his body, flinched before smiling and jumping away, landing on a one leg as he turned his body to begin creating an air current to push himself back into the air, flipping gracefully.* You are a monster, fiend of the darkness! What lunatic accepts darkness into light? You are an abomination, a threat to my family. Threats are to be vanquished. I will protect Cefia from your dark clutches, you abomination of man! *He dived down and slammed his beam sword into the ground, causing glowing green cracks to erupt a massive green energy as the cracks headed towards Nightshade, the green light cutting through his body. It seemed like they were also attacking his darkness itself, causing extreme pain. The Harvest Goddess began to cry in the distance.*

Nightshade: *He felt his energy strike through him, causing him to yell out in pain with how his darkness was getting attacked. He ended up getting sent back from the force of the energy, landing on the ground. He laid there as he began to recover, more shadows coming forth to come and cover his wounds to give him more strength.* You knew... back then that if I was in your way... I would have reached right hand to Amaterasu... You knew she would have looked at me just as she does to you today... *He panted.* Your damned prophesies... showed you the truth... and you couldn't handle it... *He said as he stabbed his sword into the ground, slowly getting up as he used it as support.* So you tried to change it by cutting yourself after talking to me.. the day of my banishment.. You couldn't accept my love for Cefia.. my respect from Angela... my friendship with Zeno... and of course, my trust with Amaterasu. You’re the selfish one here, Waka! *His body pulsated with the shadows as he breathed heavily.* Keep.. your bloody, filthy, backstabbing hands.. away from her...! *He yelled at her before charging at him, even though he was bleeding a lot, he ignored it and its pain with it. He began to travel just as fast as clouds form shadows with the sun on the ground, slashing his blade as hard as he could against Waka's body.*

Waka: *His eyes widened as he felt himself get stabbed, the blood dripping down his mouth and off his chin as his eyes shook, his eyes narrowing as Amaterasu's ears perked up in shock.* ...my prophesies... are never wrong... *He coughed, his shaking hand holding his flute as he pointed his beam sword to Nightshade's back, keeping him from getting away as a puddle of blood formed below them.* ...It showed a great catastrophe to befall the Plains of Life... Darkness enveloping the land.... Unforgivable blood that had to be spilt... for the likes of you... *He stabbed into his back, coughing blood as he smirked, Cefia screaming in agony at the two.* ...Rising the moon on a whim... The very moon my tribe flourished, to think one of the moon tribe... Would fight against the shade of the moon... I cannot allow tarnish... in the name of my family. *Suddenly the beam sword began to glow inside Nightshade, Amaterasu's eyes widening.*

Arietta: *She cried out with the Harvest Goddess as she dropped her stuffed animal to what seemed like slow motion as it hit the hard ground, Arietta reaching out in shock as her tears streamed her face. Gin frowned as he watched, Dark Link closing his eyes as the Ligers all roared. They thought this was the end for Nightshade, but Arietta refused to accept that reality. She stepped forward, shaking.* ...You're wrong... *For the first time she wasn't holding her stuffed animal for mental support, clenching her hands as she glared up to Waka, not afraid of approaching him anymore.* ...Darkness is not abnormal...Because I have accepted it into my light. Sometimes the light hurts my eyes... Sometimes I'm afraid of what people will see in the light, so I hide myself in darkness. You tell us that Nightshade doesn't deserve a family, but he tucks me in at night and he tells me... everyday... that things will be fine... That I shouldn't cry...*She wiped her tears.* ...Please don't take my daddy away from me.... Because even if none of you want him...! I DO!!!! *She began to glow*

Nightshade: *He felt his strength increasing despite how much he was bleeding, his eyes narrowing as he heard the shaky voice of his Arietta. He never felt this way before, but he was going to use it to his advantage. He began to stand, the beam sword still inside of him. He slowly picked up his aura blade that was on the ground, the shadows and darkness swirling around it. His eyes narrowed as he coughed up a bit of blood to the side, wiping his mouth as he looked to Waka.* ...You are a Universe Lord... You should know this better than any of the bystanders behind me... without darkness, light has no purpose.. I was once a good guy like yourself.. until you betrayed me and everything I lived for.. the fall of Korillia, the deaths... it was all because of you, Waka.. I do not feel the guilt.. you should.. *He said as he stabbed his blade into the ground, the darkness and shadows all swarming into it, leaving everyone around shadowless. He then drew the shadow blade that had taken a new form, his eyes glaring to Waka as he stepped forward, the shadows trailing behind. His movements began to pick up as he approached Waka, soon travelling quite fast. He moved his arm back as he took hold of his aura blade with both hands and slashed at Waka with all of his strength, using his love for Cefia and Arietta and his friends behind him as power.*

Waka: ( Brother Nightshade and Sister Amaterasu ) ...No... The prophecy... *He dropped his flute and katana, feeling his conscious begin to leave him as he struggled, stepping back away from him as he leaned over to hold his bleeding wound.* ...So... This is the future... To fall to the... *He closed his eyes after glimpsing Arietta's eyes, smiling faintly.* ...No, perhaps this was my fate from the very beginning... Why didn't I see it until now? *He turned to Amaterasu and the other Universe Lords, coughing as he stared.* ...It is the truth. I've tried to cast away the darkness... All of pity jealousy... Not befitting one who is supposedly a God. If A God is me, I am the God of Deception. For this, I end my future... for the sake of a better one. *He leaned down, picking up his beam sword as he pointed it to himself, closing his eyes as he smiled.* I am, as Issun says, a half-baked prophet.

Amaterasu: Stop, Waka... *She stood up, tears going down her face as Issun's glow was a sorrowful blue. It had already broken her heart to see her children fighting the way they did, even if one was banished she still felt this way. She shook her head, her tears falling as her ears lowered.* This is not the future I want. I don't want it to be of blood and misery... I've done enough harm to Nightshade, I don't want to lose you too... *She looked down, feeling overwhelming sadness.* I wanted Nightshade to be happy... because I didn't know where he was from... His powers would have certainly scared anyone who tried to approach him... Not all can accept the dark. But I don't want to have to lose anymore friends for the sake of losing to a darkness that was never harmful to begin with. It's not what I... What we want.

Nightshade: *He began to turn as he sheathed his sword, feeling himself becoming more and more weak. He was bleeding like crazy, and he felt dizzy. He was heading to Arietta, though he stopped and fell to his knees as he winced in pain. As he felt the pain entering him, his eyes glanced back to the sobbing Harvest Goddess; his beloved.* ...I fought for you.. ever since our first glance... I didn't want to do this.. but I made you.. a promise... I intended... to keep it... I wanted.. to give you that shade.. *He said before he passed out.*

Waka: *He closed his eyes as he went for his own demise, tears streaming down his own face. However his arm was stopped by a hand. He opened his eyes to see Zeno.* ...Why? I deserve nothing else...

Zeno: *His large eyes glistened as the Harvest Goddess ran to Nightshade's aid behind him. His mantle and bow moved calmly as he looked up, tightening his grip on his arm and forcing him to let go of the flute with pain. As the flute hit the ground, he loosened his grip, glaring up at him.* Atone for your sins and respect Amaterasu's wishes. You're just running away if you throw your life away.

Harvest Goddess: *She kneeled down next to Arietta and moved Nightshade's head onto her lap, beginning to heal him. The sight of blood everywhere was enough of a struggle for her the whole time, but she endured it for she knew this moment was approaching.* O’ Nightshade... This child proves to me that your heart beats for adoration... You've been giving her shade... Of course... What is shade if it cannot shelter? Your heart will beat with mine once again... For I will not allow us to be apart any longer. What has past as healed, what is to come will be cherished... My memories with you are real, and our lives together are forever existing... I love you, my delicate flower.

Waka: *He looked in silence, not knowing what else to do. His eyes narrowed sorrowfully, feeling the guilt that Nightshade told him about. Amaterasu went over to him, looking up at him as he looked back with grief. His hat slipped off his head, revealing his very long blonde hair, falling over his body.* ...I will go. Banish me like I tricked you into banishing him.

Goddess Katie: ...Ammy... *She looked at him sorrowfully as she went over.* I don't think... he should be banished.

Waka: *He looked up to her, not understanding why he shouldn't be. His eyes narrowed as he looked down.* Ma cherie, I appreciate your support... But It is time to bid you all adieu.

Amaterasu: ...Why not leave it to Nightshade to decide? I think it's only fair.

Goddess Katie: ...Well he's sort of unconscious right now... *She stared over.*

Waka: *He nodded slowly, feeling if anyone should revoke him of his title it should be Nightshade. He would wait for his decision.* ...Tres bien. I will await judgment.

Arietta: *She looked over to Cefia healing Nightshade, hoping that she wasn't too late. Arietta placed her stuffed animal next to Nightshade, sighing softly.*

Amaterasu: *She looked over, wondering if Nightshade was keeping Ion anywhere, but as she walked over and looked around she didn't see anything. She sat next to him and looked over to Gin, raising a paw towards him as a faint glow formed around his forehead. The red markings on her fur began to glow, beginning to read through his code history for anything she might find regarding Ion, though she couldn't find anything.*

Gin: *He just stood there frowning, wondering what she was doing. When she lowered her paw, he sighed, looking over to Dark Link.* This is really awkward. *He looked back, smirking.* Now that you've beaten up our friend, it's about time you've told us what it is you want.

Amaterasu: *After doing the same to Nightshade, her eyes shook slightly. It seemed they were wrong, and she felt ashamed she had to involve Ai in a false alarm like this.* ...He isn't involved in the kidnapping. We were wrong. Ai, I'm sorry.

Hell Girl: *She looked over to Nightshade as she felt his natural darkness. She stared at him before she turned her back to them.* ...Oh Pitiful shadow lost in the darkness... *She spoke quietly, continuing to look down as she began to walk away.* …I will bring your tormenters straight into the depths of Hell..

Hone: *She crossed her arms as she watched her go off.* Mistress.. *She sighed.* Don't worry about it, Amaterasu. I just hope you find the right one.

Wanyudo: The miss will be waiting for your call. *He said, tilting his hat in respect to Ammy.*

Amaterasu: *She barked cheerfully, wagging her tail to them as Issun bounced in place over the tip of her wet nose. She was a little concerned now that she knew it wasn't even someone she knew like Nightshade. It got her into thinking about the voice they had heard in the temple of time, as well as when Nightshade was possessed. She knew that it was all somehow connected, but not to Nightshade's knowledge. She sighed.*


Nightshade: *Some time passed by, and Ai and her team had gone off to continue their duties. He had been waking up, feeling himself on the ground and surprisingly not in pain. He began to open his eyes.*

Arietta: He's waking up... *Her eyes shook as she reached for her stuffed animal that laid next to his head and placed it as his pillow. She placed her hand behind his bangs, feeling for a fever as well as even fixing his eyepatch for him. Cefia looked to her with a smile, giving her a motherly expression which had Arietta blush and look away nervously.* I...

Harvest Goddess: Oh child... *She hugged her close as she looked over him, smiling warmly as warm gentle tears formed in her eyes. She held her close as she kissed her head, feeling grateful to her.*

Nightshade: *He began to sit up, groaning slightly as he did. He looked over to see his beloved holding his ‘daughter’. He wasn't sure if he was killed by Ammy and sent off to some sort of dream world, but it was a pleasant sight. He stared before looking down at himself to see he had no wounds. He remained quiet.*

Amaterasu: Nightshade, there is something I'll grant before our descent. I believe it is only fair to allow you to make a decision regarding Waka's punishment. *She looked over, her fur blowing gently with the soft winds that moved through it.* Only you can approve of his banishment at this point. What do you think should be done?

Waka: *His eyes narrowed as he stared down to Nightshade, waiting his response. His fallen, long blonde hair moving with his large sleeves as he waited anxiously.*

Nightshade: *His eyes narrowed as he glanced over to him, seeing that Waka was still just as a mess as before. He stared at him before he began to stand up, walking over to Waka.*

Waka: *Deep in Waka's heart, he felt that this was the right moment to die. He wished that Nightshade would just finish him off. He closed his eyes, mentally preparing the thought as he waited.*

Nightshade: *He stared at Waka as his eyes stared right into his, glaring at him.* I'm not the jealous type like you... I also don't really give two damns about you.. Not like I did back in the Celestial Plains. *His eyes narrowed before he turned to walk away.* However…*He said as he started to walk.* Leave him the way he is to suffer in his own guilt..

Waka: *His eyes narrowed as he heard him speak, feeling the wind rush by him as Nightshade left. In a way, this was the crueler punishment. Ammy looked up to him, nodding slightly and respecting Nightshade's decision. Waka just sighed.* ...Very well.

Nightshade: *His eyes glanced to Gin and Darky as he kept walking before stopping* Are you all done here? *He asked, clearly not wanting to deal with them anymore.*

Harvest Goddess: *She stood up, holding her hand over her chest as her eyes narrowed.* Hang on a moment, we finally all meet and we're just going to leave? That cannot do! I won't let you get out of my sight anymore! We found out the truth, Ammy, so... so why do we...

Amaterasu: I'm afraid Nightshade's role is too deep for us to return to his life like the old times. Don't forget we have a purpose as well. Though I am ashamed of my mistake, it doesn't change what is important right now. We still have to find out the unscripted invader. We can leave you with him for a bit longer, but we must get going.

Goddess Katie: ...But Ammy. *She looked at her.* If this really is the case... shouldn't we ally ourselves with them? This isn't a matter of good versus evil anymore..

Zeno: *He frowned, his eyes glaring over to Ammy as his mantle moved in smooth motions. He rolled his eyes before letting out an impatient sigh.* This discussion is time consuming. Contradicting yourself at this point is meaningless. Bring him along, he might know something. Cefia could use the opportunity as well.

Amaterasu: I'm surprised to hear you say something like that. *She looked over and considered his point.* It would be a little shameful to return to Melody's group without answers. I suppose we can explain the situation to Nightshade and hope for some assistance. I'll leave this matter to you and Cefia, then. The rest will wait with the others.

Goddess Katie: *She nodded as she rubbed the back of her head.* Jeeze, who knew this thing would be dramatic?

Zeno: *He nodded as he watched everyone leave, looking over to Cefia with his trademark glare as he began to head into Nightshade's castle as his mantle moved wickedly behind him. Cefia smiled as she helped Arietta up, holding her hand and following Zeno inside with her.*

Nightshade: *He was a bit annoyed yet happy that they were coming, but he wasn't sure what to feel. It felt so strange to him that his old family were here. Why Cefia was being nice to Arietta was odd to him, but she was like that to everyone.* I have to thank you for letting me beat Waka to a pulp. *He said casually.*

Zeno: *He smirked, a bit of his sharp teeth showing as he followed him through a dark hall, the others behind them. He gave a small, short and arrogant chuckle as he looked forward into the darkness ahead of them.* It ended much too nonchalantly, I wanted things to turn out more violently. Guess we can't all get what we want.

Harvest Goddess: Zeno, how can you say such things...? This was a serious issue. *She said, moving a hand to her forehead as she kept her other holding Arietta's* Oh, the pain I felt during such violence...! I was shaking!

Nightshade: *The idea that his beloved was in the same area as him after many years was odd to him, but he tried to endure it. He was glad she was safe.* Why the hell did you guys come here anyways? No offense, but that didn't really make my day any better. I’m a busy man now, no longer with my head in the clouds.

Harvest Goddess: W-well... *She clasped her hands together as they made it to the throne room to get more comfortable. She looked over with narrowed eyes, beginning to explain the story to him. As she explained it, Zeno wandered off to mess around with things in the castle out of boredom. A few things breaking in the background followed by evil laughter.*

Nightshade: ( Nightshade and the Harvest Goddess ) *He looked over at her, hearing the crashing as he let out a sigh.* Well? *He paused, finding it awkward to see her before him. He stared, admiring her beauty again.*

Harvest Goddess: Something out there is threatening the storyline once again...! *She moved her hand to her forehead, making it overly dramatic.* Perhaps even Amaterasu Herself! We must not allow taint upon the script! You were possessed once upon a time, weren't you? And with that voice we had heard... this isn't just our fate! *She moved towards him, placing her hand on his cheek.* This is more than a reunion, too. This is an act to save our world.

Nightshade: *His eyes narrowed when he felt her touch, looking down to her as he stared down at her.* ...You want me to help you, don't you?

Harvest Goddess: I know that the Nightshade that I love is still somewhere deep in the warm darkness that embraces his heart... I want to ask it to assist me. To assist this beautiful, nature-filled world that we both love so much... I not know of the cruelty that has befallen your life ever since you've walked away from my life unwillingly, or of the patch that covers a wound I was not able to heal... *She placed her hand next to his eyepatch, narrowing her eyes as she smiled.* My feelings for you have not withered with time, but blossomed even further. I ask this, from an old heart that still keeps you inside, to one lost. *She spun around, moving her hands up as she struck a dramatic pose.* Let it commence! *An explosion in the background made it more dramatic, but it was just Zeno again.*

Nightshade: *His eyes narrowed as he watched her movements, seeing that she too didn't change with how expressive she was. He sighed as he looked away, crossing his arms as he felt so many emotions. He wanted to be with her, but in logical sense, their love was forbidden now. He didn't want to hurt her again.* I did it all for you, you know... *He spoke under his breath and lowly.*

Harvest Goddess: *She smiled, slowly lowering her arms as she nodded, looking over to Arietta who held her doll.* ...Though I cannot ask to return back to your life as things may stand, for it is selfish. You have found those dear to you... I do not wish to ever interfere. But I do wish to cooperate... I know Amaterasu feels guilty after hearing what was heard today. I know she cannot go to you for this. But the truth is we do need help, and only you can help us... We believe you have the closest role to the mysterious figure. You have a wonderful family now. *She placed a hand to her heart, sighing softly.* ...I am... envious. I am glad you are safe.

Nightshade: Cefia.. *He looked over to her, seeing her slightly sorrowful side. He stared at her for a moment, hoping the others would realize that he wanted to be alone with her. He reached over and took her hands into hers, feeling that they were just as soft as always. He kept a firm grip on them.*

Arietta: *Her eyes shook as she watched, hugging her doll as Gin placed a hand on her shoulder, beginning to walk off with Dark Link as Arietta looked to them leaving. She began to leave herself, watching her step as she did.*

Zeno: *He saw how mushy they were getting, feeling extremely grossed out. He felt his stomach turning, signaling him to leave the scene as he left to go outside. His hair and mantle moved violently as they did, annoyed he even suggested doing this in the first place. He knew he was stuck with his own suggestion which was why he was left with Cefia.*

Nightshade: *He kept his hands with hers, looking down to her as he ignored everyone leaving. He didn't want to admit it, but part of him did regret his own actions. He was just trying to get Cefia back to him.* You really never gave up hope on me..

Harvest Goddess: As long as there is breath in me, I will always defend you to no end. *She moved herself over to him, resting her head on his chest as she closed her eyes and smiled.* I never strayed from the path you promised for my heart... I waited patiently, to continue on our story...

Nightshade: *He felt awkward with how she suddenly pressed herself against him, feeling a rush of nostalgia entering him. He stood there as he blinked before he moved his own arms around her. He knew things couldn't be like what they used to be. He had no intentions of working alongside Amaterasu, despite her guilt for the situation. He didn't get the chance to speak that he pleaded from her the day of his banishment. He didn't want to feel that pain again.* You know it won't be easy, Cefia..

Harvest Goddess: *A tear streamed down her cheek as she just nudged into him, not wanting to speak anymore and just wanting the moment to speak for itself. She had no intention of hurting Amaterasu, but she knew that she had a right to her own story different from the one they were creating. She knew that Ammy respected that. She only smiled wider, not wanting to let go as she simply nodded.*

Nightshade: *He kept her close as he closed his own eyes, taking in the moment. He knew this was important to her, so he let her have her moment of peace. Aside from Arietta, he didn't remember the feeling of having someone loving in his arms until now. He remained silent as he kept her in his arms before letting out a sigh.* ...I'll help you all again.. but only for you, Cefia.

Harvest Goddess: ...I cannot express my thanks enough, but with this... *She looked to him, leaning in to press her lips against his; her tears dropping down her face as they fell. She still wanted him to know that she loved him.*

Nightshade: *He was a bit stunned to find a kiss given to him, but he went with it. He leaned into it, closing his eyes as they embraced the kiss that still unified them as lovers, even after such tragic events. He held their kiss for a while before beginning to pull apart, looking down at her as he moved his hand up to brush her cheek and to wipe her tears.*

Zeno: *He walked into the room impatiently, his eyes glaring at them seeing that they still haven't moved from the same spot as earlier. He moved a fist up that charged itself with blue lightning that stuck skyward and through the ceiling, making a loud noise to scare them as his mantle moved wildly as the debris fell around them.* Oh, sorry... I was misinformed. I thought this was an information exchange, not a makeup session! *His loud outburst spooked Cefia into backing away quickly.*

Harvest Goddess: O-oh!! My heart! I feel faint... *She placed a hand on her forehead, almost fainting, beginning to lean back in hopes of Nightshade catching her.*

Nightshade: *He too was a bit startled by Zeno's sudden outburst, looking over as a smile grew on his face. He respected Zeno, despite him working for his 'enemy'. He went over to Zeno and reached his side, patting his back with a faint chuckle. He didn't even see his beloved fainting to him.* You haven't changed a bit, Zeno. I missed your outbursts and watching the windmills exploding every week.

Harvest Goddess: *She fell with a loud yelp and thud, sweatdropping as she kept her hand on her forehead, small little harvest sprites sticking their heads out of random corners in the room panicked. They always secretly followed her around and were generally concerned for her, but always feared people like Zeno and hid themselves.*

Zeno: *He smirked, his bow, mantle and hair moving wickedly as he felt Nightshade pat his back. He found it amusing how Nightshade had to slightly lower himself to pat his back, but at the same time he found it awkward and just ignored it. He thought most people who towered over him to be complete idiots, but he did respect Nightshade enough to let him even touch him.* Hmph, if the two of you are done violating each other’s personal space, I'd like to report back to the almighty mutt. *He walked off, Arietta a little surprised he addressed her like that. Zeno was the closest to Ammy out of the lords, though he was never one to show that.*

Arietta: *She hugged her stuffed animal, feeling an overwhelming presence walk by her that was Zeno. She never felt such a charged and dark atmosphere from anyone besides Nightshade himself, and wondered just how powerful Ammy's offensive lord really was. As Zeno walked by, his large eyes made contact with Arietta's, causing her exterior to pale and her body to shake. He only smirked as her stuffed animal fell to the ground in shock.*

Nightshade: *He watched as Zeno left, standing back up as he let out a sigh. He knew Zeno was scary, but he didn't fear for Arietta. She would have to get used to him. He looked to Cefia who was on the ground, quickly going to her side and kneeling down.* Cefia.. what are you doing on the ground? *He asked, helping her up.*

Harvest Goddess: N-Nothing, my flower! *She stuttered as she blushed, flustered of the situation and completely clueless of Zeno's presence in her embarrassment. It seemed like the only people who could deal with his outbursts so casually were Angela and Ammy.* A-are you and your family coming with us? W-we're leaving now... Maybe this is too early...? *She cleaned her dress off as she tried to regain composure.*

Nightshade: *He looked to her, letting out a sigh as he kept holding onto her. He looked down before looking to Arietta, staring at her. He doubted they wanted to help, but they were needed.* ...Go follow Zeno. I'll go tell them.

Harvest Goddess: *She clasped her hands, smiling as she nodded.* Remember, you always have the option of leaving her behind... This is going to be dangerous. But I'll let you decide this... Dramatically! *She smiled as she floated up, beginning to float backwards out of the room as she sprinkled light in her exit, causing Gin to sweatdrop as he felt 'sprinkles' over him.*

Nightshade: No.. I need her.. I need all of them.. *He said as he looked to Arietta. He watched as his beloved left, smiling faintly as he turned to look to the others, staring when he saw Gin was now covered in sparkles.*... nice look. Brings out your eyes

Gin: You think so? *He smiled as he connected his large white sleeves together, seeing Arietta step forward towards Nightshade after picking up her doll.*

Arietta: Daddy... I'm not afraid to come with you... Mommy will be with us too. *She said, looking up gently as she moved pink strands of hair behind her ear.*

Nightshade: *He looked over to Arietta, moving his hand onto her shoulder as he nodded.* I need you as well as everyone here.. *He sighed.* I hate to admit it, but they need us. This isn't about the story. This is something much greater than that.

Arietta: *She nodded, hugging her doll tightly.* Y-yes, I know... I'll support you with my magic... and... also... *She blushed, looking down.* I'll be beside you at all times.

Dark Link: *His crimson eyes narrowed as he looked to Nightshade.* Let us be off, then. For now we cast aside our differences with the main cast.


End of Chapter 5.4
Chapter 5.5

[TB] Chapter 5.3 - The Warden of Revenge
Link: Jade, so... Did you tell Anise? *He looked over to him as they walked over, Link walking slightly ahead of the others to approach him.*

Jade: She's much too far away to join us for now, but she said she'll catch up with us eventually. For now, I suggest we continue what it is we need to do.

Zelda: *She nodded to him as she reached into her item pouch, reaching and grabbing her harp.* It might seem a little redundant to do this, but I'd rather not be seen by the townspeople right now.. *She waited for everyone to take hold of her, figuring they got the idea of music warping. She began to play the Prelude of Light, and the group headed for the Temple of Time. As they all appeared on the pedestal, she stepped off of it and stepped forward to the altar.*

Alonsa: *She walked until she tripped over the edge of the pedestal, a blue depressive aura around her as she sweatdropped. She was never used to waking up so early. Ukitake helped her up as she blushed faintly, cleaning her skirt.* W-we're here...

White: *He looked around in awe, his eyes narrowing as the wind he created passed through his hair and clothing. He walked ahead, looking forward.*

Zelda: *She felt the pressure from just how serious the moment was, stopping in front of the three floating gems. Hylians came in here all of the time to pray to the Goddesses, but luckily for them, no one was here. She moved her hands into prayer position as she closed her eyes.*

Ra: *He dragged his staff along the tiles until he stopped behind Zelda, who seemed to be concentrating. Ra banged the staff to the side of the altar, making a loud disturbing echo sound as his staff vibrated.* Uuees come out!!!

Alonsa: Ra, shh!! *She grabbed his wrist, sighing as she held his staff and pouted.*

Zelda: *She kept praying, ignoring the sounds behind her. As she focused, she could feel her Triforce of Wisdom glowing slightly.* Amaterasu.. hear my plea.. *She focused hard on trying to contact Ammy, praying with her whole heart.*

Link: *He looked up with narrowed eyes, waiting for something to happen as the glow of his Triforce of Courage caught his attention, raising his hand to look at the mark.*

White: *His eyes narrowed as a wind picked up, looking up to see that the entire temple began to become brighter, the edges of the windows shining down a light that shaped the glass over the floor, the gems glowing brightly on the altar.*

Zelda: *She stood there in her praying position before opening her eyes and looking up. She felt the pureness beginning to fill the room.*

Amaterasu: *A fiery ball of light formed in front of the Triforce Symbol above the Door of Time, as red light embraced the atmosphere. The light began to lower itself, a garden of flowers growing below the light as it formed her divine figure, her fur blowing elegantly as the divine instrument on her back spun its flame, petals gently moving down as she sat and barked cheerfully.*

Zelda: *She looked to Ammy, and as much as she wanted to smile, the situation she knew was anything but happy.* Ammy..

Amaterasu: *Orbs of light gently lowered themselves into everybody's arms, as she sat quietly and watched everyone.*

Issun: *He jumped in place, going over to the tip of her nose.* Save the explanations! Once anything under the watchful eye of the furball's light is revealed, we already know what's up! It's HIM again! Is he really still holding such a fruitless grudge? We knew the corruptive darkness was something to be concerned about before, but we never thought it would be something to pull the wool over our eyes to hide something like this! Betraying the story is a big taboo in our parts.

Zelda: Ammy.. *she looked down, her ears lowering.* What do we do? If we had known sooner, we could have prevented this.

Amaterasu: *She tilted her head as she hung her tongue out, wagging her tail until it stopped to speak to her.* Matters of the secret world are not supposed to be burdens you and your companions should worry about. All conflicts that are harmful to the storyline are my responsibility... It is I who should be criticizing my lack of knowledge. I had suspicions, but...

Issun: The voice we heard here at the temple was impossible to trace either... But with this new revelation I have reason to think it's Nightshade!

Alonsa: We need your help, Ammy... We have a friend there we need to save, but we don't know where to begin... *She moved her arms, gesturing her point as she looked concerned towards her.* All this... code stuff. It's really hard to understand.

Melody: Not only that... but apparently he has someone else with him.. *She looked down.* Who knows how many more he has in there..

Amaterasu: It is good that you've all accomplished even this amount. I'm proud of you, my children. *She barked cheerfully, wagging her tail.* Of course we'll look into this... I'll accompany you myself. However... Issun will get mad at me if I go alone again. You remember what happened the last time I confronted Nightshade. Something... was wrong with him. I was caught off guard and the next thing I knew the sun was black, and the entire story was endangered.

Issun: You got that right! Over my dead body am I gonna let you go alone! I think you know who we need, don't you furball?

Amaterasu: I like to call her the Warden of Revenge. Catchy, isn't it? *She barked cheerfully.* The Universe Lords can accompany us as well.

Issun: Might as well bring Katie, then! It'll be good if we have her see his true colors.

Link: *He sweatdropped.* Isn't all this power a little too much...? *Issun just gave him a glare, causing Link to turn pale.*


Link: I'M SORRY! *He fake cried on the spot, going behind Melody.*

Melody: Issun is right.. Katie seems to know more about Nightshade than all of us.. Seeing how she was the one who got him here in the first place. We can't risk anything than we already had. *She said, reaching back and holding onto Link to sooth him.*

Jade: This... warden of revenge. *He moved his glasses up, narrowing his eyes.* Whom are we speaking of? Isn't the Universe Lords effective enough?

Amaterasu: Well, sure, but even they have limitations when it comes to criminals that are ranked above the scriptive. Remember, our job is to manage the storyline. It's only logical to have someone to punish those that rebel against everything, if we are distracted away from the story we can't fulfill our jobs to the fullest.

Zelda: *She nodded slightly, sort of fearing that this 'warden of revenge' is a terrifying being.* Do what we must.. I trust your judgments, Ammy.

Amaterasu: To summon her, I'll have to first call out the others... *She howled, causing a bright light to glow around everyone as the red markings on Amaterasu began to flow brightly, her howl piercing the air as pillars of red light formed in the area. One pillar was accompanied by music, forming Waka as he landed in a graceful manner from up above. The Harvest Goddess arrived down as nature grew towards her, cushioning her landing. Angela flew gently down her pillar of light accompanied by angelic feathers and cherry blossoms, landing beautifully upon the ground. There was a slight pause for the last remaining Lord, causing Ammy to howl again until two massive jolts of lightning, one purple and one white, tore through the ground from up above to form a dark smoke, amethyst eyes glowing amongst the debris.* Good, you all made it. Now for Katie. *She raised her paw, forming a blue sphere of light until she pushed it towards an open area until it glowed brightly, calling for her.*


Goddess Katie: *She was laying on some cushions as she was playing a game with Preston and Laura.* Take your damn move already, Preston. Monopoly shouldn't take this long *She said with a yawn. Suddenly she sensed a warm feeling, someone calling her. She paused as she heard Ammy calling her, quickly standing up. The force of her gesture slammed into the table, causing it to flip and send the pieces and cards flying at Laura and Preston.* Sorry guys, Ammy needs me. Duty calls! *She said as she jumped into the air, forming her wings and flying off.*

Preston & Laura:*They just sat there buried in a pile of cards, one was in Preston’s mouth that he spat out of aggression. The both of them sighed as they turned to face each other, not impressed.*


Goddess Katie: *Moments later, she began to form in a light beside Ammy, her figure soon appearing. She wiped her clothes as she looked over.* Yo, sup guy-- oh sh*t, I forgot to leave my cards with them. *She said, pulling out monopoly property cards.* Damn it.. I would of made Preston bankrupt too.. yellow and green superiority. *She put them back in her pockets.* What do you need?

Link: *Link and a few others just sweatdropped with how she arrived, watching as two cards just fell to the ground in her entrance. He scratched the back of his head, smiling faintly.*

Amaterasu: Well, you see... *She barked as she spoke, beginning to explain the situation to her.* ...And so, Nightshade needs to be stopped. Again.

Goddess Katie: ...Damn he's serious. *She rubbed the back of her head.* I didn't think I made his personality one to hold prisoners hostage. I guess he cracked after failing to these guys so much.

Harvest Goddess: Oh goodness, no! *She placed her hand on her cheek, holding her elbow with her other hand as she stood there concerned.* There is no such cracking in the name of love! Please, I know we can all figure out a logical explanation for his past doings! *She placed a hand on her chest.* Oh, Nightshade, my beloved Nightshade-- Where art thou?! Await me...! For I will meet with you again after our tragic departure! *She clasped her hands, blushing faintly.* I will bring you back to the light that is my heart!! I will hold you in these arms once more! Wait, NIGHTSHADE! WAIT MY LOVE! WAI- *She continued on in the background until the others just looked away and ignored her completely.*

Goddess Katie: *She just stared at the Harvest Goddess, shaking her head as she sweatdropped.* ....Girl, you're desperate. Alright, anyways. What do we do? If he has the power to hide stuff from gods, then this looks like it's going to be a god war or something. Where he got these powers is beyond me. I didn't create them.

Waka: *He twirled until he reached her hand, kissing it softly as his hat flowed gracefully in his movements, his flute held in his hand behind his back as he smiled.* Ah, ma cherie, I understand your concerns... Do not worry, for I have made a prophecy of victory! *He stood up, twirling the flute between his fingers before placing it between his lips, doing a short dance with his feet as he played a happy tune.*

Goddess Katie: *She blushed faintly as she stared at Waka.* At least you're confident.. But even if you saw that prophecy, we still gotta figure out what to do. What about the others that's with him? Arietta, Gin and Darky? Can you track them? *She looked over to Ammy.* I mean, they're never gone far from him. For all we know, they don't even know Nightshade did this.

Amaterasu: That's a good suggestion. But first, I believe we're missing a member for this operation. *She turned her head to Zeno, nodding slightly.*

Zeno: *His piercing eyes glared back to Amaterasu, his mantle moving aggressively as a wicked smile bared his razor sharp teeth towards them, his hair moving to the side. He was getting looks from a suspicious White, only to glare into his eyes and feel fear, causing Zeno to laugh under his breath. He began to walk over to an open space, his footsteps making eerie echoes in the silence as a charge of electricity cloaked his fingers, moving them forward slowly.* Finally, something to kill off my boredom! *He laughed, giving shivers down the group's spines.*

Goddess Katie: *She looked over to Ammy after watching Zeno go all crazy.* ...uh.. who are we getting? And why is he acting like he's going to cause a genocide?

Amaterasu: *She sighed, just watching.* Considering he's always in the Celestial Plain, these rare opportunities always put him in good moods like this. Just stay away from his lightning... you'll be fine... We're getting the Warden of Revenge. Sit tight. *A faint silence came over the temple, everyone waiting to see what was happening. Zeno seemed to be excited for what was to come while everyone else was sort of confused.*

Melody: *She looked around as she felt uneasy with the silence, about to question Ammy when she felt a presence behind her. She nervously turned her head to find someone behind her, gasping as she held onto Link tightly.*

Hell Girl: ( Ai Enma's Theme ) *Behind Melody and the rest of the group was a girl who looked nowhere passed her teenager years. She had long, black hair with thick bangs and her eyes were a beautiful, blood red that stared up with sorrow and agony. Her lips were also a gentle red, and she wore an outfit similar to a school uniform that Terresia had. She was holding three straw dolls in her hands, one of which had a scarlet thread around its neck.* ...You've summoned me... *Her voice was gentle, soft and sorrowful. She spoke clearly though*

Amaterasu: Yes, we did. *She wagged her tail, though even Ai gave Ammy strange feelings when in her presence. It was as if they compared Heaven and Hell right before their eyes. Zeno, excitedly, smirked. He always knew how to make Ammy unsettled himself, always placing her in strange situations that he loved.*

Zeno: *His mantle moved wickedly upon looking up to Ai, smirking as he saw her arrive. He knew this was going to be a very entertaining day for him.* Ai Enma. It's been some time. *He laughed, his hair moving violently as he stood there, the ground under him cracking from his excitement.*

Amaterasu: Zeno Bell. Control yourself. *She said sternly, seeing the debris beginning to fall. Her body's red markings glowed a bright red, causing Zeno to just stare at her frustrated. He was too excited. As the debris fell, Ammy moved her tail, the Celestial brush, over the atmosphere as she rejuvenated the damage, glaring at Zeno.*

Issun: We better bring him outside, Ammy... Let's start tracking down Gin, Arietta or Dark Link.

Hell Girl: *She looked over to Amaterasu with her unexpressive face. She stared for a moment before she dropped her dolls, turning as she began to walk to the doors to go outside. The dolls began to form into three humans. One was an older, bald man with a hat and a red scarf and thick brown robes, another was a man with black hair similar to Nightshade's in a hoodie and loose pants, and the last was a woman with her hair up and wearing a japanese-like kimono. They all looked to Ai, sighing.*

Wanyudo: It seems the miss wants this over with.. *He said as he moved a hand to his hat to tilt it, sighing.

Hone: Honestly, she's been dying to get a break and this is how she acts? The poor girl.. *She looked over to the people, sweatdropping.* Oh.. Now it makes sense.

Ren: Well, it can't be helped. *He grinned to them as he rested a hand behind his head.*

Amaterasu: *She began to walk with them, the others following as she nodded to the main cast to come along.* Let's do this.

Alonsa: Man, this must be the most powerful team in the entire story. Like sh*t. *She walked, going over next to Zeno to nudge him out of amusement, feeling like she was one of them.* We gonna blow sh*t up, huh?! Oh yeah we are...

Zeno: *He grabbed her wrist before she was able to predict any movement from him, his eyes glaring as he bared a frown, tightening his grip as she let out a scream.* ...Don't taint my clothing, you slut. *His mantle began to move wickedly as her eyes shook in fear, never feeling this fear before as the area began to shake. He threw her away single-handedly, causing her to go flying through the air.*

Alonsa: *She screamed at the top of her lungs the whole time, going flying as her eyes shook, the place where he grabbed her burned black.* HOLY f*ckING sh*t!!!! AHHHHH!!

Angela: *She just flew forward as she clasped her hands together, smiling gently.* Oh.. isn't this wonderful? We're all becoming great friends!

Harvest Goddess: The poor girl...! *She saw her going flying, going over and appearing behind her to catch her before she fell, giggling.* TA DA~!

Zeno: *He glared back, annoyed she was caught but shrugged it off, continuing to walk forward. He wasn't going to let scum like her ruin his fun today.* Let that be a warning to the rest of you idiots... *He shrugged them off, walking ahead.*

Jade: My, my... What a lively six year old! *He smiled, walking with his hands in his pockets.*

Melody: *She clung to Link, staring at Zeno with fear in her eyes.*

Link: *He held her close, feeling insecure as he too stared. He walked with Melody and the others.*

Goddess Katie: ....Can I go home now? *She was just staring in shock.*

Amaterasu: *Her red markings glowed, sensing the presence of Arietta, her fur moving gracefully.* I sense their whereabouts...

Wanyudo: Care to explain why you called the miss over? With such a gathering, I presume this isn't anything to be called a party

Amaterasu: We must not underestimate Nightshade. Though I stripped him of his title, I was unaware of the power he presented the last time I encountered him. If he has truly strayed Ai will send him to the Bin itself.

Harvest Goddess: *As she overheard, she looked down with sorrow in her eyes as they shook slightly, her hands over her heart as her hair and dress flowed softly.*

Hell Girl: ...There must always be a price... *She spoke lowly as she looked down, her hair blowing in the wind.*

Zeno: *He remained quiet as his eyes shifted to the conversation behind him, still walking with his arms hidden in his mantle. Even though he was excited he was outside, he didn't think Nightshade as a fiend. He always doubted the story that was told to him of his banishment. He even missed the northern lights that always used to form on the night of shade. He sighed, ignoring them. If this was really all true, at least he'd get a good fight, he thought.*

Hell Girl: *As she kept walking with him, she knew that the others were still trailing behind to speak with the heavenly god; Amaterasu. She slowly glanced over to him, slowing her steps down as they approached a bush with red berries on them. She went over to them, taking one in her hands as she looked down.* ...is it okay... to feel like this...? Is what I'm doing... right?

Zeno: *He bared a slight annoyed frown as he heard her speak, watching her pluck the berry from the bush as his mantle moved calmly with his hair and bow.* Nothing anyone ever does can be considered to always be right. I've learned that no matter how many times you think that something is wrong... That things are unfair... *He raised his hand up, looking at his palm as his amethyst eyes glistened in the sunlight.* Are just trials to test endurance to live as what you are in the world. *He clenched his fist, moving it back into his mantle as he looked up to her with his large eyes.* What you are, can't be changed. The sooner you realize that, the better.

Hell Girl: *She looked over at him, her deep red eyes staring with the sorrow and agony behind them. Zeno's words were true like always, and this was why she considered him what the humans called a friend. She looked down, setting the berries down in the ground as she continued to walk.*

Zeno: *He glared back to to the others slugging behind, gritting his sharp teeth as they finally caught up.* What's the matter? Hurry up and bring us to his stupid lair already! *He snapped, wanting to speed things up as he exchanged glares with Amaterasu*

Amaterasu: *She nodded, turning to everyone.* Is everyone ready? I'm going to send us to where I sensed Arietta.

Melody: *She watched with the other group as she felt sorrowful.*... Be careful...

Amaterasu: Yes, leave everything to us. We'll get your friend back as well. *She barked cheerfully before her markings glowed, howling as a red light formed over them, her fur moving wildly as they began to vanish.*

Jade: *His eyes narrowed, watching them leave with his finger at the center of his glasses, the lenses shining.*


End of Chapter 5.3
Chapter 5.4

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