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Roleplays and Adventures
Here are some of the writing pieces that I've done in the past and some continuing as we speak. Enjoy reading it, for these are important to my heart.
[TB] Chapter 1.28 - Inevitable Truths
Arietta: *She slowly began to open her eyes. She didn't understand why she too was alive. She thought she had been killed by the group, left to be alone and forgotten. She let out a sigh as she narrowed her eyes, her Liger licking her face*

Vivian: ( Vivian's Theme ) *She glanced over, smirking* I'm glad you're awake. Are you alright?

Arietta: ....*She reached up into the air, hoping to see who was speaking to her*

Vivian: *She walked over and knelt down beside her.* You had quite a fit.

Arietta: *She lowered her hand, turning her head. She did not want to speak with someone unfamiliar to her. She simply nodded, narrowing her sorrowful eyes*

Vivian: *She glanced at her, seeing she was unwelcomed by her.* Now now. I made sure your evil companions are safe. They're just unconscious.

Arietta: They're...not...dead?

Vivian: *She laughed* If they were dead, they wouldn’t be breathing.

Arietta: *She stood up, picking her stuffed animal off the battered floor as she cleaned her little dress clean from debris*

Vivian: They're fine, sweetie. *She winked at her before walking over to Ghirahim* Poor thing... they shouldn't have done that to you. They will pay.

Arietta: *She narrowed her eyes as she looked down upon Ghirahim, who's fingers began to move. Heavy breathing could be heard from him, he was mortally wounded when the arrow hit the center of his chest*

Ghirahim: ...*Coughing*

Vivian: *She helped him sit up* Are you alright?

Ghirahim: ....Hah...hah... *He tried to catch his breath, debris falling off him as she helped him up.*

Arietta: *She felt sorry for him, the first time seeing someone so confident so damaged*

Vivian: *She helped wipe the debris off of him* That damn wench is going to pay... look at what she did to you.

Arietta: *She looked around to find Nightshade* Where's....

Nightshade: *He was laying on the ground under light debris, still unconscious*

Arietta: *She walked up to him, eyes shaking* Master Nightshade...

Ghirahim: *He turned to him, flinching. He was frustrated that the arrows power was that strong*

Vivian: *She frowned, looking up at Ghirahim. Even so, she admired him closely.*

Arietta: *She glowed purple, letting go of her stuffed animal. The stuffed animal stayed suspended in the air, crossing her hands together and moving her arms in circular motions to have it glow* I'll try to heal him...

Vivian: *She looked over* But Arietta, sweetie. He's just unconscious...

Arietta: He was struck by his one weak element; he won't wake up without being fed.

Ghirahim: ...Hah... fed?

Arietta: Through sorrow. It will wake him up.

Vivian: *She looked at Ghirahim, hoping he would know what she meant.*

Arietta: My... my sorrow doesn't seem to be enough for him... *The stuffed animal began to rip apart at the stitching, as Nightshade began to absorb her sorrow*

Vivian: *She poked at his arm, looking at him* I think you should help her. You are an alliance after all~ *She said a little flirty.*

Ghirahim: Hah....hah...I swear to you... all... you’re just nuisances... *He began to walk on his own towards Arietta, holding his chest as diamonds fell to the ground, leaving a trail of them on the floor*

Vivian: *She watched, folding her arms into eachother.* Everything you do is simply wonderful. *She giggled slightly.* I love it.

Ghirahim: Hah... hah... *He stood over Arietta from behind, moving his free hand to one of her wrists. A stream of orange and black diamonds began to enter her, her skin diamond-patterned as the dark magic entered her sorrow*

Arietta: *A tear streamed down her face as Nightshade took in large amounts of sorrow from the both of them. It was working*

Nightshade: *His eyes suddenly opened, staring up at the roof. He felt weak, a feeling he had never felt before in such a long time.*

Arietta: *The diamonds left her body, she nearly fell to the floor. She smiled at him* ...Master Nightshade!

Ghirahim: *Fell to one knee, exhausted*

Vivian: *She knelt down, looking at him* You didn't have to push yourself..

Nightshade: *He sat up, groaning in pain.*

Ghirahim: Hah...*He coughed up more diamonds, clearly unstable*

Arietta: *Turned to him, a little concerned* ...

Vivian: *She took his hands into hers, closing her eyes.* Now now, I will make you feel all better~ *She then sent a rush of power into him*

Ghirahim: *He closed his eyes, receiving them. His form began to change back to his original, first form*

Vivian: *She released it, looking at him* I can't let you looking like you're down. You're too ecstatic for that~

Ghirahim: *He opened his eyes, looking at the back and fronts of his hands, closing them as he smiled*

Vivian: *She winked at him.* Think of it as thanks for making my day.

Ghirahim: *He stood up, staring at her. He nearly nodded, thanking her in silence*

Nightshade: ( Nightshade's Theme ) *He stood up, in his normal form. He looked angry.* I've had it with her... she could be a little grateful that I had even revived her. What a pathetic waste of magic... if it's a fight she wants, it's a fight she's going to get... I am going to make her new life a living hell. *He said before storming out of their room. He was hiding his weakness.*

Arietta: *Her eyes shook, hugging her stuffed animal. The button for an eye springing out towards Ghirahim*

Ghirahim: *He caught it with two fingers, placing it in his fist. When he opened them, a stream of diamonds evaporated out of his hand. He smirked* Oh... things are getting interesting now!

Nightshade: *In the throne room, the room darkened with the glow of magic. He was performing a spell in his hands.* That damned wench.... You do not make a fool out of me...

*The others arrived there, wondering what he was up to*

Vivian: *She looked over* Is he always like this when he's grumpy?

Arietta: *She stared at him concerned* ...

Ghirahim: *He smirked* This is the first time he was 'ever' grumpy.

Vivian: Huh... he's pretty cool with things then. This seems quite fun~ *She giggled.*

Nightshade: *Dark magic swarmed inside of his hands, evil being rushed into it along with his pure hate for her.* This is going to activate when she sleeps... she will no longer be able to wake up... she is going to relive her life in Korillia... but anything that I do in it, she will feel in reality...

Ghirahim: *He flipped his hair, walking dead center to the middle of the room unafraid of the magic running through it*

Nightshade: *He closed his eyes, holding the spell in a ball of energy amongst his palm* I will return in the morning. Take care of Arietta. *He said, disappearing into the shadows without notice.*

Vivian: *She watched.* Wow... Someone snapped.

Ghirahim: *He laughed* I always knew the dark hated the light. They always have such a short fuse... Like a ticking time bomb. Tick....tick....tick...*He swayed his finger to the sound of his ticking, diamonds beginning to vibrate the room*

Arietta: *Her eyes widened* S-so you’re upset as well...!

Vivian: *She crossed her arms* Wouldn't you be if you were suddenly spammed with arrows of pureness? They made fools out of them. I hope that she suffers. *She walked to Ghirahim.*

Ghirahim: *He lowered his hand, frowning* Though I am angry, I will enjoy the sufferings of torment that he will deliver upon her... The screams of agony of the sky child is no longer enough to fill my blood thirst any longer...! She will join him, and if he fails to do so I will do it for him. I will let her step on needles of diamonds her all life sleeping on a bed of nails!!

Arietta: *She smiled, wanting that to happen to her*

Vivian: *She smiled to Ghirahim, taking one of his hands. She petted it softly, looking down at the diamond patterns on him* I always admired your imagination. It is quite stunning. Now... I believe that you need a new evil lair. And I have just the idea. *She winked at him*

Ghirahim: Tell me. I will transport it myself.

Vivian: Well~ *She giggled* You speak of that man as 'sky child'. But I've yet to see him enter the sky. I assume there's a deeper meaning behind it, but why not make your lair in the sky? It's hidden and you two teleport, so there's no problem getting back! It would be much harder for them to perform rescues as well.

Ghirahim: *He smirked, looking around* Not only that, this place needs some renovations from me. I'm sure Shadey won't mind.

Vivian: Oh, don't worry about him. I'm sure he's focusing on causing chaos~ What is your name, oh stylish one?

Ghirahim: *He bursted into diamonds, reappearing on the top of a pillar striking a pose. He was on one knee, one arm up to his face and the other lowered, facing upward as he pointed a finger* I am Ghirahim...Hmhmhmhm...! *He shot a stream of diamonds from that finger to a wall, fixing up the entire castle into a diamond pattern* The Demon Lord!

Arietta: *watching as the place began to change drastically* ..!

Vivian: *She watched in awe, fascinated by his feness.* Ghirahim... I think we're going to get along just fine. *She gave a playful curtsey to him.* Oh demon lord~

Arietta: *She felt as the castle began to raise into the sky and tore apart the Numeria Mountains in half, causing cracks to run through part of Grandilia. She ran to a window, panicking as they were all being lifted by a stream of diamonds from below the planet's crust*

Ghirahim: THIS, My fellow audience, marks the new age of a new beginning!!

*The castle began to rocket through the clouds*


Arietta: Ahhh!! *She slid across the throne room*

Vivian: *She fell over, also sliding with her.* Oh Himmy~ This is fun!~

Ghirahim: *He sat in Nightshade's throne, putting his feet up on the armchair as he continued to redecorate, and fix up the damages. He also began to fix the structure to more elegant features* Oh, Vivi darling, the fun has just started.... I assure you of this. *He licked his lips, the castle now unable to be seen from the earth below*


*Meanwhile with Melody, she felt this. People were also feeling minor earthquakes*

Melody: *She held her head, leaning against the wall of the castle hallway, feeling the disturbance*

Link: Hey do you feel that earthquake?!

Melody: *She closed her eyes*... It's... in Grandilia.... It's happening there...

Link: What's going on over there...? Is that because we made them angry...?! We better start training for this winter... We were heading to the library though, right?

Melody: *She nodded slowly, feeling the disturbance stopping*

Link: I hope the people around the cause of the earthquake are okay..

Melody: *She looked down as she continued to walk with him, staring down at the ground again.* I'm... curious about something. *She seemed more sorrowful than usual*

Link: *He nodded, follow* We can have Fi help us out if she has any data about it.

Melody: *She nodded to him, going to the library with him. As she walked in, she looked around in slight awe, stunned to see so many books.*

Link: I hear this is where Tiercel and Harrier usually are.

Melody: *She looked around briefly*... I don't see them her—

Tiercel: Gah! *He screamed, a crash of books soon following after.*

Link: *He looked to the distance, confused. He recognized the voice* Tiercel? You here?

Tiercel: I'm.... okay... *He rubbed his head.* Link-? What are you doing here?

Link: Beats me. Melody wanted to find some books or something. I bet if she told us the name, Fi could analyze the entire room and check its location.

Melody: *She looked down* I don't know any titles... I'm looking for Grandilian history... I doubt I'll find anything here, but it's worth a try...

Tiercel: *He looked over*... I have one here.

Link: Wow, really? Could we have a look at that?

Tiercel: Yeah, go ahead. I've always had an interest in history. *He smiled.*

Link: Thanks! *He grabbed the book, opening it and showing Melody*

Melody: *She shyly took it from him, looking through the pages. She seemed to be looking for something*

Link: *He crossed his arms, leaning over to peek pretending he knew what he was looking for*

Melody: (Returning to Melody's Memories ) *She saw Korillia as she flipped through the pages, quickly stopping and turning back. She saw the title was Korillian Legend. She looked around, finding a spot for them to sit together. She walked over to it and sat down.*

Link: I never pegged Melody as a history buff. *He tilted his head, smiling*

Melody: *She stared down at the pages, seeing old paintings that resembled different parts that she had remembered. She slowly moved her fingers across the page, feeling the memories enter her.*

Link: Find anything?

Melody: *Hearing him ask her this snapped her out of her slight daze. She skim read the text, not finding what she was looking for. She closed the book and sighed*... no.

Link: What are you trying to find, anyway? *He raised an eyebrow, slight confused of her sudden actions*

Melody: *She looked away.*... the temple... I've never... heard of it before.

Fi: *A blue sphere of light came out and formed Fi once again, turning towards them and nodding in acknowledgement* From the information gathered from the spirit companion, it is said that the way to the temple can be found by the chosen one and only then shall the door open.

Melody: *She looked up at Fi*... so... I won't be able to find anything else on it... *She looked away sorrowfully*... that's what I was afraid of.

Tiercel: *He walked over* You seem more down than usual.

Link: Aw, cheer up, Melody! *He smiled widely, placing his hands on his hips and leaning in towards her, giggling* We're heading there in the winter, with Fi and your parents guiding us, and you being the chosen one we'll run into that place in no time flat!

Melody: *She looked up at him* ...but what if they decide they want to go to Korillia before us?

Link: Well, wouldn't they have done that before? Obviously they still think they need you first.

Melody: *She closed her eyes as she faced away* I'm sorry.. . I'm only making things worse for everyone..

Tiercel: *He rubbed his head, unsure what to say.*

Link: I think you already heard last night that our destinies have entwined. If you’re making something go wrong, than that also means I'm doing something wrong too. *He nodded*

Melody: *She stood up, looking at him.*..thanks.

Tiercel: *He nodded to them* I'll see you two at dinner. I need to make sure Harrier hasn't killed himself with his training.

Link: Alright, take care!

Tiercel: *He waved and left the library*

Fi: When one prophecy faces another the probability of the difficulty level increases. *She went back into the Master Sword*

Link: I think I understand what she means... Nightshade was originally your enemy, and Ghirahim was mine. Now they're both in on multiple things at once after we met.

Melody: *She nodded to him, shyly taking his hand and holding it* I'm sorry..

Link: You don't need to apologize for it... *He sweatdropped* Destiny is destiny. Changing it will just result in a different road. *He held his hand up, fist pumping the air* We just do it one step at a time, whatever destiny may face us!

Melody: *She blushed, watching Link. She always enjoyed his energy. She went over and hugged him shyly*

Link: *He smiled, hugging her back*

Melody: *She looked up at him*... What did you want to do then?

Link: Eat. *He nodded*

Fi: Your meals are not yet ready. You must do something else 50% of the time left.

Link: Aw, crud.


Ven: *He was outside in the training grounds, practicing sword techniques*

Ukitake: *Swinging towards Ven with both swords, not in their shikai forms*

Ven: *He stepped back, twirling his blade in his hand* I enjoy this.

Ukitake: Are you holding back because I'm frail?

Ven: *He looked at him* No... why would I do that? I wouldn't button down for the enemy.

Ukitake: *He smiled* Good. Put your honor into your blade and focus.

Ven: *He gripped it, standing in position*

Ukitake: Now come at me.

Ven: *He was about to, but stopped* Wait.. This is a trick.

Ukitake: *He rubbed his head* Did you know I was going to pretend a cough or something...?

Ven: *He chuckled.* No... I was told to never strike first. I have to see what I'm up against.

Ukitake: ...Oh. Ahem. Forget what I was saying before.

Alonsa: Hey! Guys! Look at me! I'm hanging from this tree branch with just my legs! Whooooo! *She swayed back and forth, the branch beginning to crack*

Ven: *He looked over, rolling his eyes but saw that the branch was cracking.*... Alonsa! Get down!

Alonsa: H-huh? *The branch broke* Uh-oooohhh!

Ukitake: She's falling!

Ven: *He threw his sword down onto the ground, running forward and jumping, catching her before she hit the ground*

Alonsa: *She placed her hand on the top of his head, not letting her catch her at all. She pushed herself into the air, flipping and landing next to Ukitake in her fighting stance, hopping on one foot at a time with her fists up* He completely lost his guard!

Ukitake: Looks like we'll have to teach him a lesson. *Crossed swords together*

Ven: *He groaned, laying on the ground*... now that.... was heartless. You know my heart is set for saving damsels...

Alonsa: D-Damsel?! Don't make me laugh! *She blushed, still hopping on one foot at a time* You’re in for it now! Ukitake! Leave him to me, this damsel just took off her gloves!

Ukitake: ...*Slowly backing away from her afraid*

Ven: *He laid on the ground, looking completely helpless*

Alonsa: C'mon, Stud! Up off the ground, that's not like a Knight!

Ven: *He closed his eyes* Why should I? You're a damsel.

Alonsa: Now you’re just pissing me off! *She spit on the ground, raising her fists higher. Her face was of a warrior's*

Ven: *He glanced to Ukitake, giving a small wink. He stayed there.* Let it out on me.

Ukitake: *He smiled, obviously amused by the whole thing*

Alonsa: *She charged at him*

Ven: *He rolled away as she was getting close, flipping up and swinging a punch from behind*

Alonsa: *She reached behind her and placed her hand on his fist before it made contact, blushing a bright red. She flipped behind him, still holding his fist and using it to keep him in a hold, her boobs pressed up against his back*

Ven: *His eyes widened, twisting his body and getting out of her grip, flipping away* Okay. I'm done.

Alonsa: *Still blushing, all embarrassed* M-me too...!

Ukitake: *Just staring all confused* ...?

Ven: *He walked away, sighing before going back to his sword*

Ukitake: *He walked up to her, chuckling* What was that about?

Alonsa: Do my boobs make my boobs look fat, Ukitake?

Ukitake: ...Is this a trick question?

Alonsa: Perhaps.

Ven: *He yelled back* Come on Ukitake!

Ukitake: A-alright, coming! See you at dinner, Alonsa.

Alonsa: *She pointed to her cheeks, smiling widely* No problem! I'm always down for some free food!


Shunsui: *He was sleeping on the floor in his room near an open window, flower petals blowing into the room and falling over him*

Zelda: *She opened his door quietly, looking over and smiling. She walked over to him after closing his door and knelt down beside him.*

Shunsui: *He moved his hat away from his eyes with his index finger, smirking with his eyes still closed* For a ninja, you’re not as quiet as secretive as you say you are.

Zelda: *She smiled down at him, reaching over and grabbing a hand full of petals. She held it over his face and released it onto him* Who said I was trying to be secretative?

Shunsui: *It went down his throat, he jerked up and started coughing, ruining the moment*

Zelda: *She gasped, helping him sit up* Shunsui!

Shunsui: *He swallowed it, laughing soon after* Hahahaha! It tasted like cherries!

Zelda: *She closed her eyes, putting a hand to her heart as she sighed* Don't scare me like that...

Shunsui: *He sat up facing her, smirking* The others are all training, huh? I don't really see a point to it. I'd rather have fun and enjoy myself as long as I can.

Zelda: *She moved over to him and hugged him* As long as you don't choke anymore, I'm fine with that.

Shunsui: *He smirked, tilting the hat over his eyes. He reached to her ear, pulling something away in his fist. He opened it to show her the same petal*

Zelda: *She looked at it, glaring at him for a moment* You're horrible.. *She smiled, playfully tackling him.*

Shunsui: *Falling back with her, laughing. His hat rolled off until it hit the wall. They exchanged glances with one another* ...You’re so beautiful.

Zelda: *She smiled at him.* You aren't trying to make it up to me, are you?

Shunsui: Guilty as charged.

Zelda: *She leaned down, kissing his cheek* Well it's not working. You're still mean for doing that. *She giggled*

Shunsui: *He leaned in to kiss her*

Zelda: *She shyly kissed him, closing her eyes as she did.*

Shunsui: *After the kiss, he chuckled to himself* My back's starting to hurt.

Zelda: Why were you laying on the floor anyways? *She asked, getting off of him and helping him up*

Shunsui: Well, *Went to get his hat, putting it on him and smiling* I prefer it better than an actual bed. I like it all for Ukitake

Zelda: *She smiled warmly* You're so sweet.. you know that?

Shunsui: *He looked down, narrowing his eyes sorrowfully*

Shunsui: *His eyes were the same, yet he smiled casually as he placed a hand on his hat* Ukitake... doesn't have much time left.

Zelda: *She stared at him, suddenly feeling her happiness slip away.*... Shunsui... *She looked away, her ears lowering slightly*

Shunsui: *He tilted the hat to cover his eyes, his smile weakening* I noticed... after I had to change the sheets last night. He told me not to tell the guys. Yet, he smiled and told me not to worry.

Zelda: *She moved a hand to her heart, closing her eyes as she faced away. She felt tears forming.*

Shunsui: ...The illness is not an ordinary illness that humans are supposed to live this long with. It's terminal, with no cure. We come from a tribe of special warriors in which the code we bear with us, are to wear these clothing you see on us. The results of special training are what have kept him alive. The spiritual energy we are able to build up is a reflection of our spirits. *He looked up to her, his eyes shaking as he frowned* But his spiritual energy weakens each time he coughs up his blood.

Zelda: ( The Waking of Zelda ) *Her few tears began to make their way down her cheeks as she faced away from him. She didn't know what to say.*

Shunsui: *She smiled weakly, placing his arms in his sleeves as he crossed them together, chuckling to himself* Ukitake laughs and drinks it off with me, always telling me he's okay, and he doesn't want to pull anyone down with him. It's why he loves children so much. He remembers when he was younger too, still sick. When he sees’s healthy children it's not his fault for admiring them and envying them because he lost his childhood.

Zelda: *She looked to him, her eyes full of her own sorrow* He can't... not after what he did for us all yesterday.. Especially Melody...

Shunsui: *Shunsui looked outside, smiling as the hat covered his eyes. The petals gently landing in the light that came down from the window* We all go someday... It's part of the cycle of life. You can't outrun it, because you end up running through the same places in your heart each time...

Zelda: *She closed her eyes*... you will.. I won't..

Shunsui: *He looked down at the necklace, his eyes narrowed* ...

Zelda: I... can't imagine living... without any of you..

Shunsui: My heart belongs to you now. *He smiled at her warmly, trying to hide his own pain he felt inside of him*

Zelda: *She looked up at him, showing no happiness amongst her face*

Shunsui: *He looked outside, the hat covering his face.* Ukitake... you better pull through for us... *He felt tears forming in his eyes as well, something that was very rare*

Zelda: *She watched him, soon seeing that he was crying himself. She moved close to him, hugging him shyly as she rested her head against his chest.*


*At the table, everyone gathered*

Link: This sure looks good, huh Melody?

Melody: *She nodded slightly, sitting down. She wasn't interested in eating.*

Alonsa: Oh! HEY! Stud's hogging all the meat! *She reached over the table* Hey give me some you hogger!

Ukitake: *He chuckled, raising his hands sweatdropping* Hey now, we have more than enough. Let's share properly, alright?

Harrier: *He was already eating his own meal*

Melody: *She looked over to Ukitake, wanting to ask him something, though she couldn't find the courage to do so*

Shunsui: Ukitake's right everyone, unless you want me to take all your portions! *He laughed* Might as well pass on the drinks over too!

Ukitake: I suppose a few wouldn't hurt. *He chuckled, reaching for a bottle*

Melody: *She closed her eyes suddenly, feeling another disturbance.*..

Tiercel: *He shrugged* Why not?

Alonsa: *She took a big bite out of her meat, drooling all over the table* So good~

Melody: *She stood up, opening her eyes and walking out, picking up speed as she walked, soon going into a run*

Link: Is she okay...?

Shunsui: *He sensed disturbing spiritual energy, drinking his wine. When he did, he stopped half way. He narrowed his eyes in his glass*

Ukitake: *He was laughing at Alonsa and Ven's quarreling, soon turning serious as he looked into the distance*

Ven: What is it? *He looked at the two*

Melody: (Melody's Escape ) *She ran faster, heading to the front of the castle where she exited it. She stopped, looking up at the sky. She felt something was going wrong in Grandilia*

Zelda: *She looked up at him*...Shunsui?

Shunsui: There's something we're sensing... hide yourself in the castle.

Zelda: *She looked at him worriedly, not understanding*

Melody: *She held her head as she fell to her knees, trying to figure out where it was occurring*

Ukitake: *He stood up* Shunsui... Melody's out there alone.

Link: *He ran off in her direction, drinking the rest of his drink on the way*

Alonsa: *She felt nervous, thinking it was Ghirahim or Nightshade. She still felt the pain from Ghirahim's attacks on her body*

Ven: *He looked to them* I'll stay here with them.

Ukitake: Alright. *He left with Shunsui*

Ven: *He moved a hand on her shoulder for comfort as he watched them leave*

Alonsa: They...they'll be okay, right?

Ven: *He nodded* I know they will be.


Link: *He went through the front doors, finding her on the floor* Melody! What's going on?!

Melody: *She closed her eyes tighter*... Grandilia... they're doing something to it....

Link: What do you mean doing something to it?!

Melody: I... I don't know.. *She said hesitantly*... something is changing... they're trying to lure me there..

Link: We need to wait for the winter...! If we charge in now, they'll have the upper hand! *Shunsui and Ukitake arrive*

Ukitake: *Looking into the distance, serious expression* It feels overwhelming... A massive power is shaping the land.

Melody: *She winced in sudden pain.*... it's Korillia....

Shunsui: Trying to make the ball harder to hit, eh?

Melody: I... felt this earlier... but it wasn't this... bad... *Her butterfly flew onto Link's shoulder.*

Link: *Looked at the butterfly* Do the two of you want to say something to Fi?

Melody: *It stared at him, seeming to want to*

Fi: *A blue sphere of light came out and formed her, she nodded in acknowledgement*

Melody: "The royal family's soul is directly connected to Grandilia. After experiencing peace for 100 years, she wouldn’t know this feeling. This is new to her. The evil you have battled is trying to indeed lure her."

Fi: *She nodded* The feeling Melody expresses about the situation is tied to a family link within the country itself. It has sustained piece until now, the feeling is now new to her.

Melody: *Her butterfly flew onto her shoulder, trying to comfort her.* I need to see it... I know we need to wait... but this is.... killing me...

Fi: I have concluded a level of high magic involved resulting in a high risk factor as of right now. It would be unwise.

Link: Split up?

Melody: *She looked up faintly*... Numeria Mountains...

Shunsui: We were going there to venture around the forbidden forest. We would have prepared for attacks from them in the time before winter. What do you want to do Link? Should we go through their traps or wait?

Link: *He looked down, unsure*

Melody: "It is not wise to do it. Your mother and I both don't want you to do this. You’re the only hope for stopping them "

Fi: The spirit companion suggests that you wait. I, too, would recommend this Master Link.

Link: ...I'm sorry, Melody, but for the safety of you and everyone here, I think we should do as they say.

Melody: *She closed her eyes, falling quiet* ... don't let me be alone tonight.

Link: ...Right.

*They turned around to see Alonsa, Ven, Harrier and Tiercel. They simply nodded to the four of them in agreement*

Link: We'll prepare for the winter.

Harrier: ...Can we go back and eat now? *He grumbled*

Tiercel: Harrier.. *He sighed hard*

Ven: *He stared down at her, feeling sympathy for her.*

Alonsa: *She placed her hands on her hips, giggling* I'll stick with whatever you decide Link.

Link: *He smiled* Thanks.

Ven: *He rubbed the back of his head*

Melody: *She slowly stood up, feeling weak and sick to her stomach.*

Link: Melody? You alright...?

Melody: *She looked over at him, deep sorrow in her eyes. She turned and began to walk back inside, heading for her room.*

Link: *He stared at her in silence, saddened by it as well*

Tiercel: ...I think she should be alone for a bit.

Link: ...Yeah. *His ears lowered in response to his narrowed eyes*

Ukitake: I'm sure some of you are still hungry, go on and finish up your dinner.

Ven: *He looked over*... what about you?

Ukitake: *He sweatdropped* The sudden excitement has left me wanting to head to my room for now.

Ven: *He nodded.* I'll come by and make you tea after.

Harrier: You should make sure she isn't going to commit suicide on us. *He crossed his arms* She listens to you

Tiercel: Harrier! *He snapped*

Alonsa: *She crossed her arms, annoyed with him* And what exactly do you understand about Melody's pain and suffering? Was your whole childhood and family striped out of your life like hers was?

Harrier: Would you like me to answer that honestly?

Alonsa: Humour me!

Harrier: It's thanks to Tiercel that I'm even in this mess. *He groaned, turning around and walking away.*

Tiercel: *He stared, clearly hurt by what he had said*

Link: Why are we fighting about stupid things? Leave him be he's not worth it right now.

Alonsa: Someone should really smack that kid back into reality. Was almost died the other day and he thinks it's a joke.

Tiercel: ...But he saved my life multiple times. He risked his life to save Ancaladar for me.. *He frowned*

Alonsa: It doesn't mean he's allowed to treat his best friend like crap. *She walked, not wanting to talk about it anymore*

Tiercel: *He sighed, looking to Ukitake*... Could you check on Melody while we finish up..?

Ukitake: *Holding his head* Link, I think it be best... *He couldn't finish his sentence for some reason*

Link: *Stared at him, his ears perking up as he caught him before he fainted* Ukitake!

Sheik: *She watched from the shadows as Sheik, seeing this.*

Shunsui: *Hand on hat, frowning* I guess he was tired today.

Link: I-is that all? You should bring him to his bed before he gets sick...

Sheik: *The bushes rustled as she ran out of them, running away from the castle. She headed towards the town.*

Shunsui: *He glared to the side, his hat tilting over one eye* ...

Tiercel: *He looked over*... what was that?

Shunsui: Probably a cat or something. *He lied, protecting her privacy*

Ven: *He took Ukitake from Link's arms and walked inside with him close to him.*

Shunsui: Tiercel, what do you plan to do?

Tiercel: Get something in my stomach and go to the library..

Shunsui: *He chuckled* Have fun then.

Tiercel: I'll check up on Ukitake as well. *He nodded.*

Shunsui: Thank you kindly.

Tiercel: *He went inside with Link, rubbing his head*

Shunsui: *Waving at them and waiting for them to be out of sight* Now, *He tilted his hat over the side of his face* What's she doing? *He flashstepped after her*

Sheik: *She was running, slamming into him as he went after him. She fell on the ground hard.*

Shunsui: *Staring down, tilting the hat up not know what just happened. He stared confused*

Sheik: *She sat up, looking at him* Shunsui... what are you doing here?

Shunsui: Lookin' for you. *He frowned, holding his hand to her*

Sheik: *She stared at him, taking his hand and getting up.* I can't see him suffering anymore... I'm getting the sages help..

Shunsui: The who now?

Sheik: *She sighed, looking around to make sure no one was around.* I am the leader of the seven sages... the sages guard the Sacred Realm, the key to the Triforce and protector of the goddesses... there's more to it, but that's a longer story. I'm asking them to watch over Ukitake until we can find a cure... *She took his hand, pulling him to the temple of time's direction*

Shunsui: *He held on to his hat while they ran, frowning* Can they really do that...?

Sheik: *She nodded.* They can... they've stopped Ganon, the king of evil, the man I was hiding from for seven years... *She looked away.* It's all I can do.

(River of Time ) *They approached the large temple, as everywhere around it was quiet and at peace*

Shunsui: *He stared at it, squinting his eyes.* Looks like a church.

Sheik: Some people take it as one... but it's not... it's the resting place for the Master Sword. *She approached the large doors*

Shunsui: Good, I ain’t religious.

Sheik: *She looked at him oddly, not understanding what he meant*

Shunsui: *He chuckled* Well let's head in, shall we?

Sheik: *She nodded, pushing the big doors but struggled*... nng...

Shunsui: ... *He stood there not impressed, puckering his lips* If you want me to help out~

Sheik: *She looked at him, slowly pulling her mouth cover down and leaning in, kissing him*

Shunsui: Shunsui’s got the power~ *He kicked in the doors so hard they hit the inner walls and came closing shut on his face. He fell down the stairs*

Sheik: *She gasped.* Shunsui! *She ran down after him*

Shunsui: *Holding his bloody nose* ...Don't tell Ukitake, okay?

Sheik: *She ripped part of her sleeve off, moving his hand away and held it there for him*

Shunsui: *He smiled, standing. The door was slightly open but loose enough to push gently now. He stuffed the piece of cloth in his nose*

Sheik: *She giggled, holding his hand tightly* Oh Shunsui... *She fixed her mouth piece over her face again*

Shunsui: I bet you have pictures of me behind that mouth piece with your lips all over them. *He chuckled, heading on in ahead*

Sheik: *She blushed majorly, looking at him* And I bet you picture other things as well. *She walked in after him. The altar had the three stones on it, turning as the temple provided an enchanting gaze on it. The door ahead was closed*

Shunsui: *He looked in awe, his gaze being attracted to the stones right away*

Sheik: *She watched him, smiling softly* Those are what Link had to get to open that door. He was a child, but as brave as ever. They each represent the goddesses and the races of Hyrule

Shunsui: Link's been everywhere, hasn't he? *He chuckled, walking on the warp platform*

Sheik: Pretty much.. *She held his hand tightly, walking with him*

Shunsui: Will the sages make fun of me for having this up my nose?

Sheik: *She nodded softly. She then pulled out a red potion* Here... try this.

Shunsui: Where do you even keep those things? Especially the harp it looks like you pull that out of your- *She shoved the potion in his mouth*

Sheik: Shunsui... *She sighed, making him drink it*

Shunsui: *He removed the cloth, his nose no longer bleeding* ...Hyrule's got some funky items. So, how do we open this door?

Sheik: ( Ballad of the Goddess ) *She pulled out her harp, moving her mask off of her head and fixing her hair to make it normal*... watch. *She closed her eyes, beginning to play her harp. She began to sing in Hylian.*

Shunsui: *He smiled, closing his eyes as he held on to his hat. The music soothed him, impressed by her talent*

Sheik: *She opened her eyes as she finished playing, the ground beginning to shake as the doors of time began to open*

Shunsui: *He looked up with narrowed eyes* Impressive!

Sheik: *She looked over at him, smiling gently.* Let's go... we're half finished.

Shunsui: How exciting. *He followed, arms crossed inside his sleeves*

Sheik: *She walked towards the empty pedestal. She closed her eyes, holding his hand with her one hand while she held the other hand up. Her Triforce began to glow*

Shunsui: *He looked down, thinking about Ukitake. He didn't wish to make Zelda feel bad if they couldn't do anything*

Sheik: *Wind began to swarm in the room. She held onto him tightly as the portal into the Sacred Realm began to open*

Shunsui: *He stood there with a serious expression as the level of spiritual power weighed down on him. He fell to one knee.*

Sheik: ( The Sacred Realm ) *They were suddenly taken into the Sacred Realm. She stood there on the Triforce with Shunsui, looking at him. Each sage began to appear on their rightful pedistal.*

Rauru: A newcomer? Princess, is everything alright?

Sheik: *She nodded to him.* We are experiencing new evil, but things seem to be falling right in the hands of destiny. That is not why I am here though.

Impa: *She crossed her arms, staring at Shunsui intentively.* I see you told him about the secret.

Sheik: *She smiled warmly* Shunsui is trustworthy, Impa.

Shunsui: *He looked up at them, smiling. He tilted his hat to them in respect* Hi there. Shunsui Kyoraku.

Saria: *She looked up at him* A friend of Link's is a friend of mine.

Darunia: *He stepped off of his pedestal and to Shunsui. He patted him on the back.* Keeping the princess protected, huh? *He laughed.* Give me a big Goron hug!

Shunsui: *He laughed too* I like this guy! Can I have a drink with him?! *He tried to stand under the pressure of the realm's energy, putting an arm around Darunia*

Darunia: *He stepped back on his pedestal.*

Sheik: *She noticed Shunsui feeling a little weak to the energy*...are you alright?

Shunsui: The Sacred Realm's spirit energy is beyond me. I can barely stand.

Sheik: *She hugged him, helping him stand up* I'm sorry.. *She frowned*

Nabooru: I sense great power in you. *She winked.* You deserve to wear the princess' necklace.

Ruto: *She watched him and Zelda*... does this mean Link and I can get married now?

Shunsui: I could probably stand if I countered the realm's energy with my own..

Sheik: *She shook her head* We won't be long.. *She looked around.* I need your help. Our friend is ... seeing his end soon due to an illness that seems to have no cure in the human world. I want to make sure he lives to help my friends. That way, I can find a cure in this time.

Impa: *She nodded.* We all know what to do.

Saria: *She closed her eyes, beginning to pray with the others, all going in order and synchronized. They began to transform into their magical spirits.*

Shunsui: *He stared at them, wondering if it would work*

Sheik: ( Song of Healing ) *She closed her own eyes, pulling her own harp out as she let go of Shunsui. She began to play a song.*

Shunsui: *He narrowed his eyes, smiling. He had never heard such a song before. His swords seemed to glow for a second; Shunsui looked down at one of them. He chuckled*

Sheik: *She stopped playing, lowering her harp. She watched as all of the sages twirled around before flying into the Triforce that they stood on. They were then warped back to the entrance of the temple.*

Shunsui: *He was able to stand again, stretching as he did. He put his hand to his chest* That song... What was that?

Sheik: *She smiled at him* It was called the song of healing... it purifies souls and relaxes them.

Shunsui: What now? Is it as simple as playing it in front of him...?

Sheik: *She shook her head* We... used the song differently. Ukitake isn't mad or unsure of who he is.... He is just sick... with the help of the sages' magic, I played the song and they are now healing his wounds until we can find a cure... it won't be permanent, but it will help him for winter.

Shunsui: Zelda... Thank you. Really.

Sheik: *She smiled to him.* You mean a lot to me... and I know Ukitake means a lot to you, as well as he does to all of us.

Shunsui: Still... We'll never find a cure... Even if you prolonged his life, I searched everywhere.

Sheik: *She shook her head as she looked at him, moving a finger onto his lips.* That shouldn't be saying that there is none. There are miracles in this world as well as any other. I'm sure there's something. If I have to... I'll use my Triforce magic to cure him. *She nodded.* Or attempt to...

Shunsui: Triforce...

Sheik: *She giggled.* Let me tell you all about that on our way back.

Shunsui: *He smirked, laughing* Might as well tell me the whole tale of your life.

Sheik: Fine. Once upon a time, there was a man named Shunsui. He stole my heart. The end. *She giggled, beginning to run ahead as she fixed her mask*

Shunsui: You found mine first. Honest! *He flashtepped and raced her back*

Sheik: *On her way there, she tripped, falling and slamming into the ground after a few rolls.*

Shunsui: *Still flashstepping, he grabbed her collar as soon as he was by her side, contiuing with her in his arms.* Ninja my ass.

Sheik: *She held onto him, blushing* It's been two years, okay? *She rested her head on his shoulder* I've been other in disguises too.

Shunsui: *He jumped from rooftop to rooftop to get their faster* Did you hurt yourself?

Sheik: I'll be okay.. *She looked to her arm, knowing that she did something to it* Really.

Shunsui: *Looked down at her* As long as your face wasn't damaged...

Sheik: *She looked up at him* Well, you can find out for yourself, or did you forget what I apparently 'dream of'?

Shunsui: Me butt naked.

Sheik: *She blushed majorly.* S-Shunsui!

Shunsui: *He chuckled, hugging her* I love you for what you did today. Let's get you back before your Father wants my head.

Sheik: *She cuddled into him.* If he finds out, you mean.

Shunsui: Does he look like a walrus?

Sheik: ...What? *She looked up at him*

Shunsui: ...What? *He ignored the question, flashstepping faster. He slipped off a roof with her and they fall into an alley on top of some laundry*

End of Chapter 1.28
Chapter 1.29

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