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Roleplays and Adventures
Here are some of the writing pieces that I've done in the past and some continuing as we speak. Enjoy reading it, for these are important to my heart.
[TB] Chapter 1.26 - The Darkness and the Light
Arietta: *Staring at Melody. The wounds on her made her smile*

Nightshade: *He put the two in a dungeon.* They'll be happy there. I say today went pretty well. *He smirked, looking at Ghirahim*

Ghirahim: You look quite worn out. You did a good job fending off against their strongest allies.

Nightshade: And I must admit, you made Link look like such a fool. *He chuckled*

Vivian: *She walked up behind them* Hello boys~ *She smiled*

Ghirahim: *He glanced at her, licking his lips. He put a hand to his forehead, looking down* Something came in from the outside it seems.

Vivian: *She rested a hand on her hip, looking at him* Now now, I was the one that delivered your little treasure over there. I had to harm a helpless girl doing so.

Nightshade: *He looked at her, curious about her motives.*

Ghirahim: *Looking at the owls* Well, it certainly wasn't them. If you expect me to thank you, I won't do much of the work. Hmhmhm... You’re not exactly an ally of mine either.

Vivian: Oh, even your personality out of battle is stunning! *She grinned.* All that I ask is that you let me tag along for a bit. I mean no harm, just an attempt to take Hyrule for myself~ *She was starting to sound like she was flirting a bit*

Ghirahim: To me you’re just a rat that walked in bearing a piece offering of cheese. Cheese is not my thing, perhaps the sky child's head on a silver platter. Please incript it in fabulous diamonds. And then we'll talk! Have some tea, you know the drill.

Vivian: I did enjoy how you played with that man’s mind. It was simply amazing. *She walked around him.* You have style in everything you do, and that's what evil should be. *She gave a glance to Nightshade before looking back at Ghirahim* I have a plan that might interest you, if you will allow me that is. I promise you, the kill of that man will be yours.

Nightshade: *He groaned, rolling his eyes and walking away with Arietta.*

Ghirahim: At least you have remarkable sense of style.

Vivian: *She smirked.* Allow me to lure them into a trap just for you two. I promise, I will not let you down.

Ghirahim: *He licked his lips, placing a hand in her hair. He gripped it gently, moving her face closer to his.* Look. I don't play nice. You want to get on my good side, you bring me fabulous diamonds. *He let go, walking off.* Oh, the sky child. Him too.

Vivian: As you wish. *She giggled, fading into the shadows*

Nightshade: Using her, huh?

Ghirahim: Testing the sea of doubt more so.


Vivian: *She appeared at the castle, around the corner where the guys were.* Now.. *She snapped her fingers, making tears flow down her cheeks.*

Harrier: *He rubbed his head* We should let Link calm down first before we go anywhere.

Shunsui: *He put his kimono over Alonsa, who was patched up. She was sitting down, a sad expression in her face never seen before from such a cheerful girl*

Vivian: *She stood in the hall, sobbing as she had her eyes covered.* I... I need help! Please.. someone!

Ukitake: What's wrong?!

Alonsa: ...

Vivian: *She sobbed* Two men... they attacked the village and kidnapped my brother... Please! I... I can't fight. *She fell onto her knees, waiting for them to come into the hall.*

Alonsa: *She wanted to tell them but didn't bother. She knew they wouldn't listen to her*

Link: Hey she's the one that saved Melody... let's see what we can do for her. *He ran up to her with the others*

Vivian: *She looked up at them, her eyes were filled with tears and sadness* The man... that you were fighting. He was there, and he was with someone in all black.. They mentioned going back to a lair. I saw that they had your friend, so I tried to stop them. They attacked me and took my brother. Please.. you need to help me!

Ven: *He looked at her oddly, wondering why they would take some random kid*

Alonsa: *Her eyes narrowed, beaming hatred towards her from where she was sitting, alone. She thought that the others were all idiots, but she felt sorry that it was her fault that she got away with Melody. She played along to get close to Vivian, despite her bleeding wound*

Link: Alright, can you lead us there...?

Vivian: *She shook her head* I don't know where it is... they mentioned... Grandilia. I don't know what Grandilia is.

Ukitake: Alright we'll head there. Just wait in this city for us to return with your brother.

Vivian: No! *She said suddenly, reaching out* Please.. I need to go with you. My brother is scared of his own shadow. Only I can get him out of there.

Ukitake: ...But it's dangerous.

Alonsa: Let her come.

Ukitake: What?

Alonsa: *She narrowed her eyes* let her come. And me too.

Vivian: *She glanced at her, almost wanting to smile due to seeing her in pain*

Ukitake: Shall we take Ancaladar and head off then, Link?

Link: Yeah. We were going there anyway. We're getting all the people they took back!

Tiercel: *He nodded.* Ancaladar will be waiting for us outside of town.

Shunsui: Right, let's be on our way.

Link: Alonsa, I'll give you a piggy back ride.

Alonsa: *She smiled* Thanks Linky.

Vivian: *She left with them, going outside and towards where Ancaladar was.*

Ven: ...So you took Melody's butterfly. Are you crazy? *He said suddenly*

Alonsa: *She smirked, going back to her normal cheerful ways* Oh don’t be like that, Stud! Flutterbug and I were having fun together!~

Ven: *He glared at her* She might not have been taken if you didn't take it! That's her weapon!

Alonsa: ...Well I know that now... *She looked away, faintly smiling to hide her pain and guilt*

Melody: *Her butterfly flew over, flying in front of Link*

Ven: ...and she's still without it.

Link: We can't change the past. What's important now is finding her and Zelda.

Alonsa: *Hitting Ven's back playfully while whining* Yeah! You should listen more to Linky!~ Meaner!

Ven: *He moved away* Get away from me. *He walked faster.*

Alonsa: *She put her fingers on her cheeks while widely smiling to look cute* Teehee! Stud's embarrassed.

Shunsui: *he sighed* Who is she again?

Ven: A pain in my a**.. *He glanced back at Shunsui*

Ancaladar: *He waited for them, lowering himself near the ground* I heard all that has happened.

Link: Please, help us Ancaladar. We're really worried.

Ancaladar: I will fly as fast as I can. I could make it there in no time if you will let me.

Link: Yes, thank you. Head towards the Numeria mountains in Grandilia if you can.

*Everyone got onto Ancaladar.*

Ancaladar: Are you ready?

Link: *He nodded* We're ready.

Ancaladar: *He ran forward, suddenly jumping into the air and began flying. He was flying way faster than usual, the ground seeming like it was just streams of colour down below*

Shunsui: *He held his hat, laughing* Hahaha! This is never gets old!

Alonsa: *Clinging onto Ven screaming in her ear*

Ven: *He glanced back* Knock it off! *He yelled angrily*

Ukitake: We must hurry... Melody is wounded as we speak.

Link: Zelda should be okay, because we have the necklace.

Ven: ...Is she getting more hurt? *He looked at Ukitake*

Ukitake: That's the thing. That's why we need to hurry.

Link: Damn it! They better not!

Alonsa: *She looked down in silence* ...

Shunsui: I doubt it.

Ven: *He sighed hard, rubbing his head.*

Ancaladar: *He flew faster.*

Alonsa: Whoa, whoa hey big guy! I'll fall off if you go any faster! There's only so much I can take up here!!

Link: Just hang on to something and bear it! We need to hurry!

Alonsa: Oh, geez! Easy for you to say Mr. Hookshot!

Ancaladar: Melody's safety is more important.. the princess' life is safe in the hands of Shunsui.

Ukitake: Right. We have no more time to waste.

Ancaladar: At this rate, I will make it there very soon.

Shunsui: What's the plan? Full force attack?

Ven: I think we should just sneak them out... We were all weak.

Alonsa: If we did a full force attack on the place, we might hurt Vivian's brother, too. *She said cheekily, as to mock her story*

Vivian: You're wounded as well... I don't think you could handle a full attack. *She glanced back at her*

Alonsa: I can still dish out a few punches here and there. No biggie. *She put her fingers to her cheeks and widely smiled, giggling*


Link: I see Nightshade's castle...*His face turned serious* How should we proceed?

Alonsa: Ohhh, heh, I'm good at this stuff. Leave it to exploration master Alonsa~!

Shunsui: We'll be counting on you then.

Alonsa: You got it alcohol man!

Shunsui: *sweatdropped*

Ven: I Wouldn't trust you if my life depended on it.. *He grumbled*

Ancaladar: *He landed, lowering himself down*

Alonsa: *She flipped through the air, landing beside the dragon. Her wound not even bothering her. She put her hands to her hips and laughed* Hey! Baddies! I've come for revenge!!! Get your butts out here!

Link: THAT'S your plan?! SHUT UP BEFORE WE GET CAUGHT! *Sweatdropped*

Alonsa: Pfft!! You’re louder than I am!

Ven: *He glared at her.* Why did you let her in the castle again?

Link: Ugh... *he facepalmed*

Alonsa: *Glanced a open window at a high altitude. She ran up the wall and smashed herself inside*

Ukitake: What she doing?!

Link: How did she even run up that high? Hurry after her!

Harrier: She's going to get us killed.. *he sighed hard*

Vivian: Why don't you just let her go that way? You obviously don’t like it, so find another path

Link: Like it or not I consider her a friend... She tried to help Melody too. We're not letting her to die alone. *He ran inside through the front doors*

Alonsa: *Running through a mob of Bokoblins and demons, expertly manoeuvring around them. She jumped over two of them with her hands on their heads, smashing them together. She landed in front of a group of knocked out henchman. *Her eyes narrowed, running further ahead*

Nightshade: *He glanced to Ghirahim, smirking* It seems she did her part. Link and the rest are here.

Ghirahim: *Sitting on a chair with legs crossed, fist holding his head up on the arm support, the news cured his bored expression*

Link: *Running through a group of Bokoblins, slashing them as he ran and made a path for the others*

Alonsa: *Kicked a wall in, she appeared in the main room where Link and the others were. She landed on a group of enemies while she was on top of the piece of wall that crushed them* I think she's this way! Follow Alonsa!

Link: R-right...!

Nightshade: *He used his magic and brought Melody over to him* You really did damage to her you know. *He smirked.*

Ven: *He ran forward, drawing his sword as he slashed at more enemies*

Ghirahim: Hmhmhm... I like that new look for her. She needed some color in her complexion.

Ukitake: *Slicing through a group easily, flashstepping over their heads and helping clear the path*

Nightshade: I feel like you should do more, just to make Link squirm again

Harrier: *He ran forward.* This is easy... what kind of castle is this?

Alonsa: It's just easy because we kick a**! *She grabbed a Bokoblin by the arm and began to spin it around to smack nearby enemies. She let go and cleared a row of them*

Ghirahim: Perhaps you’re right. I'll let the sky child have front row seats this time.

Nightshade: *He handed her to him* Enjoy it then. *He smirked*

Vivian: *She followed closely behind, pretending to be useless and helpless* This is scary..

Link: Just stay behind us and you won't get hurt! *They made it to a flight of stairs leading to a big room*

Alonsa: No guarantees! Teehee~!

Link: *He ran up them and began opening the doors*

Ven: *He helped Link open the doors, looking inside*

Ghirahim: *Sitting across the large dining table, at the very end of the hall. He put his glass down, licking his lips clean*

Link: *He narrowed his eyes furious, getting into fighting position*

Alonsa: Heh. Look, we ruined his dinner.

Ghirahim: Actually it's just begun.

Nightshade: *He smirked, crossing his arms* I hope you enjoyed the castle so far.

Vivian: *She stepped back, pretending to be scared but she wanted to disappear*

Alonsa: *She glanced behind her, smirking* Oh Vivian!~ Where are you going at such a crucial moment?

Ven: *He turned* Do you really expect her to fight? She's scared half to death.

Alonsa: *Ignored him, annoyed* Oh okay, Stud. I'll let you see for yourself later.~

Ghirahim: Seems like you know. Hmhmhm... I don't think it matters now though.

Melody: *She opened her eyes slightly, seeing Link across the room.* ...Link..

Link: You know why we're here. We came to take back our friends!

Shunsui: *He flashstepped towards them, but an invisible diamond wall appeared out of nowhere. It was visible after Shunsui made impact* ...Ugh, what?

Ukitake: So that's why they're so calm.

Ven: *He glared, gripping his sword*... Melody.. she looks hurt,,

Alonsa: Well we can at least take care of one baddie. *She ran in front of Vivian, getting into a fighting stance*

Link: Alonsa, what do you think you’re doing?!

Ghirahim: *Watching all amused*

Vivian: *She gasped* What are you doing?

Alonsa: Getting rid of you! Alonsa is a defender of justice!

Shunsui: Hang on now, she's innocent here. You’re the only one sounding like a baddie-

Alonsa: Like you'd all listen to me! I'm trying to protect you all!

Link: You’re the only one suspicious to me. Even yesterday night, when you tried to steal from us! Now you’re attacking someone we're trying to help! *He ran in front of Vivian*

Nightshade: Well now... *He smirked* The team is falling apart.

Alonsa: I thought you said I was your friend! *Her eyes shook* Friends trust friends...!

Link: I'm not moving from this spot... I'll force you to stop if I have to.

Tiercel: I think we have bigger problems guys...

Alonsa: *She held her wound, flinching.* ...

Shunsui: *He slashed at the wall, trying to find the weak spot*

Ghirahim: Colder... colder.... warmer.... oh, your cold again!~

Zelda: *She held the bars of the cell she was in, watching him* Shunsui.. *She said quietly*

Ukitake: Stand back, Shunsui.

Shunsui: *He nodded*

Ukitake: Hado 54: Haien!! *He fired a blast of purple energy from his palm that incinerated the wall into flames, hitting the weak spot at the same time. His eyes were narrowed, concentrating*

Ghirahim: *He frowned, watching the wall crumble into flames* ...

Nightshade: Look what they did to your magic..

Ghirahim: *He stood up, annoyed. He laughed it off moments later* I see you have nice magic of your own... Perhaps you should inquire some diamond shaped patterns and join me in tormenting the world. Not a bad deal is it?

Ukitake: Forget it... *He coughed into his hand, blood spewing out*

Ghirahim: Oh, never mind. I don't want dead weight...

Ven: Ukitake... you pushed yourself.

Melody: *She looked at Ukitake, feeling sorrow for him*

Shunsui: *He extended his blades* Flower wind rage and flower god roar, heavenly wind rage and heavenly demon sneer. Katen Kyokutso!!

Ghirahim: You really need to do something about those anger problems, drunk one.

Shunsui: That dead weight is my best friend. I think I'll enjoy drinking at your funeral.

Ghirahim: *He narrowed his eyes* We'll see...

Alonsa: ...We're going to fight in this room? It's hardly big enough... I'm going to search for Zelda.

Nightshade: Ghirahim, Link is here. Maybe we should give him that show now.

Ven: *He walked over to Ukitake* Are you okay?

Ukitake: I'm fine... *panting* And what do you mean by show?

Ghirahim: *He bluntly slashed Melody’s arm with his sword* That.

Melody: *She let out a yell of pain, closing her eyes as she tried to withstand it.*

Link: !!!

Ukitake: *He closed his eyes, raising a palm*

Shunsui: Ukitake, you should stop..

Ukitake: Kyomon. *A high level force field appeared around Melody, deflecting his next attacks from the outside. He stood up, face serious* I've had more than I can handle.

Ghirahim: *He hit the barrier, only to hurt his own hand, his sword flying across the room as smoke came from his finger tips*

Ven: Ukitake... Please. Don’t push yourself anymore.

Melody: *She closed her eyes in relief, not thinking she could handle any more pain*

Ukitake: In current situation, it was her who would have had more pain than I. I do not want to become a burden to you all. *He unsheathed his swords*

Link: Ukitake...

Shunsui: *He smirked, hand on hat* The man has spoken. Leave him be.

Link: R-right...

Ukitake: Waves, rise now and become my shield! Thunder, strike down and become my blade! Sogyo no Kotawari!!

Ghirahim: *Holding his smoking hand, frowning* You damned...

Nightshade: *He charged at them drawing his sword as he did. His sword began to swarm with its dark aura, slashing a powerful slash at Ukitake*

Ukitake: *Stopped it easily with his sword, coughing a bit but shrugged it off.*

Nightshade: *He continued to throw slashes at him*

Ukitake: Your at the mercy of Sogyo no Kotawari... Your standing on your grave, now sink and lure! *A blue field under them began to glow brightly. Water droplets rose from the ground, lightning running through the water beneathe. The thunder enters the floating droplets, and send lightning to other droplets to connect trap Ukitake and Nightshade in a field. The lightning was charging to strike the two at the center*

Shunsui: *His eyes widened* Ukitake!!

Ven: *He stared as well, hoping he would be okay*

Ukitake: I'll be fine, it's not as dangerous for me as it looks...

Shunsui: Okay but you sure know how to scare a guy...

Ghirahim: *Standing behind Shunsui about to strike* So do I.

Shunsui: *He blocked it* You’re just a clown.

Ven: *He slashed at Ghirahim* Damn you..

Ukitake: *The lightning struck Nightshade, Ukitake capturing the lightning in his blades away from his body to strike at him sending even more lightning through his body*

Nightshade: *He took the hit, growling faintly as he began to disappear*

Liger: *Bites Ukitake's leg*

Arietta: *Riding her Liger, she pointed her stuffed animal towards his back as dark magic began to enter it* How could you... How could you hurt him... How can I forgive you!

Ukitake: Ngh!! what?! *He couldn't move*

Ghirahim: The girl...

Link: *He ran past the table, trying to get to Melody*

Nightshade: ( Nightshade's Torment to Melody ) *He appeared beside Melody, panting in pain.* I've... had enough! *He grabbed her arm, swarming himself and her in darkness*

Melody: *She closed her eyes, feeling sudden amounts of pain enter her. She let out a cry of pain*

Link: Melody!!!!

Alonsa: !!! He's going to kill her!! *She kicked Arietta off the liger and saved Ukitake*

Arietta: Ahhh! *She fell hard, nearly knocked out*

Shunsui: *He flashstepped next to Link, Alonsa and the others running up to him as well*

Melody: *The darkness disappeared, she was laying on the ground, not moving at all*

Nightshade: *He stood there, his sword swarming with a dark aura that seemed to have light swarming around it as well. His eyes were blood red, the eye patch off of his eye. He charged at them*

Link: *His eyes widened, blocking the first strike with his shield and trying to hold him off*

Shunsui: *Helping Link slash at him in combination to his strikes* ..!

Nightshade: *He rose his hand, spreading his fingers apart which sent a strong blast against them, sending them flying*

Ven: *He yelled, smashing into the wall as his sword flung away from him*

Alonsa: *Also hit the wall, screaming as her wound began to open again. She opened one eye, still flinching from pain to see the sword next to her* Stud....

Link: *On the floor with Shunsui, coughing*

Ukitake: *Unconcious*

Harrier: *He sat up, feeling weak* ugh... *He looked to Melody*... she looks like he killed her.

Shunsui: *His hat was on the ground, burning* ...

Link: *He was panting, only one eye was able to open. He stabbed the Master Sword into the floor, trying to get back up* You’re not going to hurt my friends anymore Nightshade... Ghirahim...

Ghirahim: *Staring at all of them on the floor* Hmhmhmhm... Hahahahaha! *Kicking Ven*

Ven: *He took the kick, and as he did he rolled into the wall, coughing up a bit of blood*

Alonsa: *She grabbed his sword, running to Ghirahim with it* Leave him... alone!!

Ghirahim: *b***h slapped her across the room until she hit a wall* Please...

Alonsa: *She threw the sword while she was still flying towards Ven* Stud! Here...!

Link: *The Triforce of Courage began to glow, helping him up and facing towards Nightshade*

Ven: *He reached out and caught the blade, quickly kicking his feet off of the wall and slashing at Ghirahim with the force* b*****d!

Nightshade: *He stood there, staring at Link*

Ghirahim: *Bent his upper body back to dodge, but a piece of his hair was sliced off. His eyes widened*

Ven: *He stood up, spitting on the ground and gripped his sword, sending a vertical slash at him*

Ghirahim: My... hair... *He bursted into diamonds to avoid the slash, appearing elsewhere* ...Well... Nightshade did it, so when don't I go berserk as well? I mean.... MY HAIR!!

Link: *Slashing towards Nightshade, wondering what Ghirahim meant as he heard him*

Nightshade: *He grabbed his sword with his bare hand, throwing it down into the ground and causing the ground to break a bit.*

Link: !!! *He rolled towards it*

Ghirahim: Oh the hell with it all... If we use our full force you all will never come to annoy us again!!! I swear this will be our last and final encounter!! *He raised his arms up, getting engulfed in black diamonds*

Alonsa: *Her face turned pale*

Ven: *He stood in front of Alonsa, standing in position* Get out of here.

Alonsa: W-what?! Stud, you know I can't do that! The guy's transforming...!

Ven: *He glanced back* I am a Hylian knight. I may not like you, but it is my duty to make sure people are safe. You will listen to me. *He said sternly, as if his attitude suddenly matured*

Alonsa: *She blushed, rolling her eyes* Like I'm the type to listen... But I'll cover you from behind, so be lucky I'm doing even a bit what you suggested...! *She backed away*

Ven: *He faced Ghirahim, glaring*

Ghirahim: Hmhmhmhm... How do you find me now, boy? *He bursted out of the stream of black diamonds, landing. As he landed he crushed the floor under him. He snapped his fingers, summoning his buster sword*

Ven: *He backflipped, landing on better floor.* it’s hideous, like you always have been. *He said, glaring*

Melody: *She slowly opened her eyes, feeling insanely weak. She saw her butterfly perched beside her. She then saw Nightshade fighting Link and Ghirahim fighting Ven*

Link: *Slashing him with multiple endless strikes*

Alonsa: *Her eyes widened at the sight of him, it terrified her* W-what kind of guy is this...

Ghirahim: A weapon. *He slammed his sword against Ven's, causing him to push and toss him through walls endlessly*

Nightshade: *He took the hits, showing no pain at all. He reached over, grabbing Link's neck and raising him into the air.*

Melody: *She saw this, slowly trying to sit up, though she felt pain. She struggled, leaning herself against a chair. She formed her bow slowly.*

Ven: *He grunted for every layer of wall he went through, taking the pain* Nothing... can compare... to Ukitake... *He said to himself, slashing at the middle of his chest.*

Ghirahim: *He slid back only to jump into the air to give him a roundhouse kick to the side of the face that sent him flying and landing next to Alonsa* You damned brat!

Alonsa: *Reached out for him slowly* N-no...!

Link: *Unable to breathe, kicking him continuously*

Ven: *He spat to the side, coughing out more blood.* Ugh... This guy.....

Melody: (Love's Determination ) *She closed her eyes tightly, feeling a rush of energy fill her. It was like nothing he had ever felt before. She stood up, aiming an arrow at Nightshade. She felt a couple of tears falling down her cheeks. She closed her eyes, the tears falling off. Her arrow glowed brightly, and as she released it, it flew into Nightshade, causing him to yell in severe pain and dropping Link. She then did the same to Ghirahim.*

Ghirahim: *Eyes widened, holding the wound as the arrow struck him. He slid back, hitting a wall that made him cough up diamonds*

Alonsa: *She stared at Melody, eyes widened at what she had done. She slowly helped Ven up*

Arietta: *Tears rolled down her face* NO!!

Melody: *She moved her hand out, closing her eyes. The light around Nightshade's sword began to go to her, swarming around her as wind flowed around her as well.*

Ven: What the hell...?

Shunsui: *With Ukitake, slowly looking up* Was he using...*He narrowed his eyes* But... that's impossible..

Arietta: *She ran up to Melody, slapping her endless* First you murder mommy! Now I think you mortally wounded Master... stop it!! *She slapped again* Stop ruining... *she slapped once more* My life...!!! *Her vision became blurry of her tears*

Link: Stop... Arietta... *he could hardly get up*

Melody: *She caught her hand after the last one. She looked at her, then went over to Link, kneeling down beside him and helping him sit up*

Arietta: Don't ignore me...! I hate you... I hate you!! I hate you so much! *She raised the stuffed animal and it began to glow* Nobody understands... Nobody but the ones you always hurt...

*The place began to shake*

Link: W-we have to find Zelda, now!

Melody: *She looked up, seeing that the roof was already collapsing*

Zelda: *She looked over* S-Shunsui! *She was in the next room*

Shunsui: *He slashed the bars, Ukitake on his shoulder. He picked her up and placed her on his other* We need to get out before Gloomietta kills us all.

Arietta: *Her eyes glowed purple, her body black. The darkness began to cover the floors and walls*

Melody: *She moved Link's arm on her shoulder, helping him walk*

Harrier: *He got up and went over to help her.*

Tiercel: Ancaladar is waiting. Let's go.

Alonsa: *Picked Ven up with ease, but flinched due to her wounds*

Arietta: Crimson Needles! *Suddenly all the black walls and floors that got covered began to shank bloody needles in random spots, the darkness alongside the spell began to follow them down the flight of steps*

Alonsa: Eeeeekk!! *She dodged a bunch of them* Those needles have blood already on them! So grossss!~

Ven: Don't be a wuss and get out of here... *He grumbled, feeling like he was going to pass out*

Melody: *She too walked around them, helping Link as much as she could. She began to feel the pain returning back to her, struggling*

Vivian: *She appeared behind Arietta, resting her hands on her shoulder*

Arietta: *Doesn't notice her touch, unable to control her powers* Just... die! Just die all of you!!

Link: Melody, watch out for the needles!!

Arietta: *Tears streamed down her face, suddenly the spell came to a stop. She began to bawl, falling to her knees feeling helpless. The doll fell, unable to hold anything next to her. She thought she had lost him, along with her mother. She found him to be a father figure to her and the thought of him gone crushed her* I'm... I don't want to be alone anymore.... I... I miss mommy's hugs... *She began to lose consciousness*

Vivian: *She knelt down beside her, catching her as she fell unconcious.* Poor thing... They aren't dead... they just need a nap. *She snapped her fingers, the castle stopped collapsing but stayed the way she made it*

Melody: *She felt herself becoming more weak* I'm.... trying.. *She said before she began to fall.*

Tiercel: *He ran forward, catching her.*... Oh jeeze.

Link: Wait... what happened to Vivian...?

Alonsa: I told you, she was bad news.

Ven: I'm sure she went outside...

Shunsui: Perhaps.

Fi: Ancaladar is awaiting departure to the east.

Link: That's this right, right? Okay...we're going the right way..

Alonsa: *She opened one eye, smiling* I think you’re a little dizzy. Why not fall asleep, Linky.

Link: Ugh...

Zelda: *She looekd over at Shunsui* I can walk you know.. *She smiled*

Tiercel: So um... Melody is bleeding again... *He looked at her wounds* What.... happened?

Shunsui: *He placed her down* Sorry, madam.

Ukitake: *He began to wake up, groaning* ...What did happen? With Nightshade, I mean... The last thing I remember is him knocking me out...

Shunsui: Well I saw Melody take back something he was using to attack...

Melody: (You Were There ) *She looked at them weakly*... he was stealing my soul..

Link: Soul? Why did your soul give him so much power?

Melody: *She closed her eyes*... He was feeding on my pain. My soul was suffering with too much sorrow... He took it and used it as energy, turning into his full form.. I saw it the night he attacked my people... that was how he killed my father...

Shunsui: That's some power to be reckoned with... We'll talk more about that once we're safe. Ghirahim also surprised me.

Melody: There's... more to the story... *She said before passing out*

Tiercel: Poor thing.. *He sighed.* Are you okay? *He looked to Link*

Link: The wounds I got before we got here didn't heal yet, so I was a little weak earlier to begin with... I think I'll be okay though...*He slowly began to pass out too* I... I'm sorry...

Fi: Master Link...

Alonsa: Link... I'm sorry...too.

*Her butterfly flew over and landed on his shoulder.*

Harrier: Let's get out of here.

Shunsui: Right.


Ancaladar: *He began to fly* At least you all will sleep well tonight. *He chuckled*

Alonsa: *She put her fingers on her cheeks and smiled widely* I always sleep like a log, no matter the time!~

Ukitake: *He smiled weakly, also chuckling*

Zelda: *She hugged Shunsui from behind, resting her head on his shoulder.*

Shunsui: I'm starting to see the good side of having this necklace with me. *He chuckled*

Zelda: *She nodded against him* It's why I trusted you with it.. *She smiled*


Ancaladar: *He flew them to Hyrule, landing right in front of the town* Rest well,

Ven: *He looked to Ukitake* I'm taking care of you this time.

Ukitake: I feel fine actually... but I'll let you do what want if you wish.

Alonsa: *Curious, she put a finger to her lip* Oh! Oh! Let loni help out too Stud.

Ven: *He glanced back* My name is Ven, if you don't mind. And I want to be alone with him. I need to talk to him.

Alonsa: OOooooooOOoooooo! Fine! I can wait.


*They enter the throne room, and they all separate to their rooms. Alonsa put her ear on Ukitake's room to hear the conversation*

Ven: *He was making tea for them*.. I'm glad you're okay,

Ukitake: Sometimes I can fight the illness when I need to. But I'm sure to feel it later. Like I mentioned around the time we were at Velusia, the illness should have already took my life. My spiritual energy is what keeps me here.

Ven: *He shook his head* And now I'm going to be keeping you here too. You're the only friend that accepts me. *He added herbs into his cup*

Ukitake: *He smiled faintly, nodding to him* Your herbs always cheer me up.

Ven: *He smiled faintly, coughing soon after. He wiped his mouth*... I have no idea how you can handle that. *He wiped blood from his lip*

Ukitake: I've been doing that for ages. *He rubbed his head, laughing* Are you alright? You’re not the one who’s supposed to be doing that...

Ven: I'll be fine... he just got some nasty blows on me. *He shook his head.*

Ukitake: I have the feeling he and Nightshade are from from dead, either.

Ven: An arrow to the back wouldn't stop someone who can steal souls.. *He began to pour the water into their cups* I just... don't understand how Melody did that.

Ukitake: Neither do I. Shunsui seems to have many theories he discusses with me about her.

Ven: Like what? *He grabbed both of their cups, giving him one*

Ukitake: *He took it, nodding and sipping the tea* One theory suggests about the Inner Power. If that soul gave him so much power, my own theory thinks it to be the Inner Power. But Shunsui use to also think that the Inner Power was many things. I still think she still keeps things from people, or if not that, isn't aware.

Ven: So... you think the Inner Power is already inside of her. *He sat on the edge of his bed*

Ukitake: Those arrows she fires sometimes are fuelled by her own, respective inner power. Usually fueled by her love for Link, and we've seen proof of that.

Ven: *He rubbed his head* How would we know if she's hiding something from us?

Ukitake: If she hasn't told Link, then I don't think there's much to be concerned of in that regard. *He put his hand to his chin to ponder* Unless she was afraid to tell him, or anyone, the truth in fear of something going wrong.

Ven: ...but that's dangerous. *He looked over* If Nightshade finds out before us..

Alonsa: "The heck is all this Inner Power mumbo jumbo?"

Ukitake: This is why we should prepare for the forbidden forest as soon as possible. I don't see a good reason to stay here and let them come after us on their own all the time. We wounded them quite well. I find that once we heal they too will heal, but I know we can't do anything with how we are now... still, it bothers me.*His face turned serious* If we don't act soon Melody won't be as lucky as today.

Ven: *He sipped his own tea.* It bothers me... How did she get that power? She was laying on the ground with barely any soul in her.

Ukitake: That's why I think there's more to it than meets the eye. To this whole Korillian story of hers.

Alonsa: *She just casually walked in* Yo bro, question. What's the Inner Power?

Ukitake: *Spits his tea at the wall*

Ven: *He looked over* Alonsa! How long were you there for?!

Alonsa: Pfft!! Like I have a watch on me! *She held a finger up, waving it at them as she smirked and closed one eye* But you guys sure like to gossip a lot, huh! C'mon let me in on the fun, I owe Melody for letting her get caught so easily! Alonsa can help!

Ukitake: But this journey is dangerous!

Alonsa: I... I know! But It's not like I have a choice, either! I have nowhere else to go people!

Ven: We'll talk more about that when it comes.. Alonsa, please. I need to talk to him.

Alonsa: *She placed her hands on her waist, annoyed by him* Hey look! I'm trying to learn how to accept you too! If you'd just let me talk to you and listen to you I can become a friend, too! *Her eyes shook, the tone of her voice changing*

Ukitake: *He noticed her feelings* Alonsa...

Ven: *He sighed* I already have to deal with Link hating me. I can't handle this too. *He said, standing up and leaving*

Ukitake: Ven..! *He sighed, staring up at her*

Alonsa: ... Sorry, Ukitake. I guess I ruined your conversation. I couldn't help it...

Ukitake: No, it's fine... He mentioned Link hating him. I wonder if he thinks that truly.

Alonsa: Didn't look like that way to me. I wish he'd just trust me already...

Tiercel: *He walked in*... did I come at a bad time?

Alonsa: No, I was just leaving. What's up?

Tiercel: I healed Melody. My price is that I have to show you the castle. *He said, offering his hand to her.*

Alonsa: *She looked at him, her eyes shook. She felt happy someone finally accepted her around* Huh? M-me? I got no clue what you mean, kid, but that's... pretty damn nice!~ *She smiled widely, taking his hand gently*

Tiercel: *He nodded to Ukitake* Go talk to Ven later. He seemed upset. I saw a tear down his cheek. *He led her out of his room.*

Ukitake: He was crying...? Is he that saddened by the curse? *He sighed* Of course he is, I'm speaking nonsense... *He stood up, putting on slippers* I should try to find him... it should really be Alonsa... It'd be nice if he had another friend. *He rubbed his head*

End of Chapter 1.26
Chapter 1.27

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