I had such a wonderful day today! The family went out, shopped at a few thrift stores (in a rich city, no less!), ate out, got some Starbucks and made a day of it.
I guess the reason I'm most excited is because of the amount of manga I was able to obtain (one Goodwill had about a pretty nice lot of them, but I only purchased a few since they were kind of expensive as opposed to what I normally pay at the local Goodwill). I was especially excited over a comic that I found at a thrift shop that was only $0.25, so I purchased it without a second thought. The downside to it? It's in Thai.
"Why's that a problem, Grim?" You may ask, but I think the answer is clear.
I can't read Thai (okay, well, I guess that doesn't matter, since it is a comic), and
Because of this, I don't know the title (or plot).

Why am I telling you this? Well, I guess I was hoping you could maybe help me. It's driving me CRAZY trying to figure out what it could possibly be (I'd at least like to know some of the plot before I begin reading it, so it's easier to guess what they're saying), and I was wondering if maybe you recognized the cover...(Or at least, maybe had a few clues as to the plot.) (Heck! Maybe you even read Thai!)
Your help is appreciated!
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(Sorry that I put this here. I'd put it in a forum, but...Ah, I'm not so sure I'd know where to put this. Sorry...OTL. - And sorry the picture is so big, too...^_^; wink