Musings "One": Progress in My Novel!
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Okay, so, first of all...Isn't Stephen just lovely? heart He really came out great in that photo. (This counts towards the subject since he's, like, a pretty major character in my book. xD)

Secondly, I've completed the first chapter for my book! biggrin Yay! I spent a good while on that chapter, and although it's rather slow, I'm very proud of myself for getting so far! Granted, a chapter isn't much, but I'm a major procrastinator and this is actually a pretty good start. (Although, maybe I shouldn't start celebrating until I get a little further in...)
However, I did get stuck on what I'm supposed to do for chapter two. I have a death to introduce very early on, and I do need the action, it too soon to incorporate it in only the second chapter? Should it be a cliffhanger at the end? Or should I wait one more chapter before any deaths begin to occur? I...really don't know. OTL.

Musings "Two": Christmas Present Trouble!
It's the best time of the year, until you realize you and your family can't actually afford to do the same things you do every year. My biggest trouble is affording Christmas presents for everyone - I'm actually digging into my birthday money to get them gifts. (Which, makes me feel bad, since I'm supposed to spend it on myself.) I have plans for everything, but whether or not I can afford it...well, that's the bigger problem.
-LoTR "gift basket" for my mother (containing "One Ring", Magazine, and one Hershey's Bar with Almonds)=21.59 (estimate)
-Yellow Submarine "Tin Tote" filled with various candies for my sister=[brings us to] 35.18
-Breakthrough 'Boys for my father (split cost with sister)=[brings us to] 43.18.
Overall, leaves me with:
16.82 (Not even enough for that precious wig that I have been saving up for, let alone the spare computer parts I actually needed. OTL.)

I'm getting seriously desperate. I need to find ways to earn money...y'know, before anyone finds out I dug into my birthday stash. (They always guilt me about it when they find out, but...OTL. It's really different this year.)

I want to work at Kroger or something, but I'm not allowed to get a job until my sister gets a car (don't ask how that works, it's a long story). I have also considered writing a children's book (I have many ideas for writing some) and trying to get it published, but that could take far too long! (Both in writing, and trying to get a publisher interested/publishing it. OTL.)
I'll admit it, I sort of want to cry right now. Our family is in a really tough spot due to the man my dad worked for not only firing my father, but refusing to pay him what's owed. Now my dad is unemployed and has no money (and, apparently, suing is out of the question because my dad bargained away his rights to, somewhere in the contract), and I really just want to be able to cheer them up this Christmas.
Actually, if anyone has any good "money-making" ideas they can share with me, I'd really appreciate it. I really want my family in good spirits on Christmas.