Oi, if today wasn't interesting. Turns out, I'm allergic to cats!
Well, I guess we sort of assumed that already, but until today it wasn't proven. All I did was pet the cat once and BAM, sneezing for a good hour after. xp Then I had a stuffed and runny nose, and my throat started getting scratchy/itchy. Ughhh...

Also, my sister works at a shitty workplace. I won't say the name of it, but if they aren't awful!
They've hassled her, harassed her, and even refused to pay worker's comp after she hurt her back on the job! Then, when all that looks to be over (although her back hasn't quite healed and it's been more than half a year), she asks to transfer to a new department (one she's needed in, experienced in, and already working in temporarily) and they tell her no because she "doesn't deserve it" and she "needs to bag a lot longer before ranking up". What?! They've let baggers rank up after less than a month on the job, and my sister has bagged for more than five months and they still won't do anything about it. That pisses me off, but less so than it does her, I know.
Ooh, boy - I can't WAIT until those awful people get their comeuppance. Ugh!