I made a move out of these dark clouds that have been following
Days come and go, but I have long lost my sense of it all in the darkness
The rain never ceased, covering the tears that have been flowing
But one thing made it all disperse, to reveal that secret hidden in abyss
How much time has gone by?

I grow impatient, yelling it out like booming thunder
The storm of the mind calming as I enter the eye
The very center is where I await, waiting for it all to be torn asunder
It is all out now, so now I await the response as time passes by
How long will this go?

What I have done cannot be taken, the storm will subside
I see the clearing, nothing but twilight as the sun stands on the horizon
What will be next, I am uncertain. Future events I will abide
I stare at the sun, resting on the line between clouds and garden
I stare and wonder, will this be the dawn of a new day, or the ending?
Is this time coming Sunrise to a new beginning, or sunset into the night?