I stare off into the horizon set sun
Waiting, watching without intent
Looking down, my tears begin to run
My heart sinks, feeling as if bent
Why won't it respond, What does it wait for?

I clench my teeth knowing the answer to this turmoil
I'm not ready, but it must be done to end this weather
I cry out like the roaring winds of a hurricane for an answer, my heart set to boil
It responds, beginning to sway and teeter
Where will it go? Which way, fall or rise?

Waiting for the gloom, expecting the worst
Yet, a miraculous turn of events, the world clears
The sun rises beginning the new day, my heart begins to burst
Turmoil gone, trouble and woes subside, the only rain is that of my tears
Let the new day begin anew, the only remaining question, what will it hold?