D1: I was at a live theater and there was a girl who was going to perform. The audience cheered as she performed. I was sitting on the edge of the stage. To my left were some girls who were excited and screamed as the girl on the stage did the splits. She lay forward and I noticed her head was slightly larger than normal compared to her body.

She began to turn herself so she was facing the audience as she was still doing the splits. All of a sudden she bent her right leg, which was in the front, out of place in way similar to that of how a bird's leg is bent. She began to do what a ballerina would do by standing on her toes, except it was her knees she was using and she moved mechanically.

The girls to my left went wild about this. Then the girl got up and walked over to my right and reached down in the audience to pick up a backpack. She put it on and went to my left where she went up these steps. Once she was at the top, she jumped forward, but once she landed, she fumbled and broke her leg.

The girl began to cry, but looking at her face, she really wasn't crying. The audience at first was surprised, but then they began to applaud. A girl who looked like Honey Boo Boo said she knew the girl on the stage fumbled a bit and she knew this because she turned off the song that was playing when it happened and that she had seen the act before.

At this time there was a gap. I was still sitting on the edge of the stage. A woman I knew from church was there sitting next to me. I smelled like body odor and was sweating profusely. I heard her and some others talking about something I took part in, but I can't recall what.

Then another girl was going to go on stage. A scene played of when the girl was nine and wanted to be a gymnast. She talked about how she finally got to wear a leotard with red on it. The others had been pink. It showed a close up of a few leotards that were pink and the last one had some red on it. The audience laughed about this.

Then the audience cheered as the girl came out. I was now standing next to the door she walked out of, and as she was walking out, she said, "Sorry", but then I said, "Sorry" because I was in her way. Then I went to my seat, but the seats were backwards, facing away from the stage.

I didn't sit in my seat, but sat on the ground toward the stage. I saw my uncle to my left and two strangers to my right.

D2: I entered a restaurant, one I had been in before in one of my dreams. I went up to where you would be taken to your table, except I met an old, black lady and asked for a certain type of seafood dish. She reached to her right and got a paper plate with these long, black pea pods that fall from trees.

The food was steaming. I thought I had enough money, but I was told it would cost $15. I panicked, saying, "Oh, no! I don't have that much!" She seemed insincere in her sympathy. I apologized and reached into my pocket to show her how much I had. I thought maybe I could give her what I had and pay her back the next visit.

As I pull out my money, a $20 bill drops out. I say, "Oh, s**t!" I was happy as I brought out two $5 bills, a $10, and had my $20. I gave her $25, but I realized I gave her a bit much. She gave me my change and plate.

As I sat down, I ate one and it was crispy. I didn't like it. It took a while to chew. My brother appeared and I told him I was thinking about throwing away my food. I also told him not to order anything.

I wanted to throw away my plate and planned on using another plate to put it over my food so it looked like I was just throwing away trash, but I was afraid of offending the old, black lady. I began to feel ill as I tried to swallow my food. A gag reflex, perhaps. So I took my plate and tried to get near the entrance and then I went back.

As I was heading back, I turned on a water facet, but when I tried to make it hot, I heard the old, black lady say, "It's too high". So I turned off the water. Then I heard her getting angry at someone, telling him that she hated the place and people didn't treat her right.