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Dream Journal
Exploring my dreams, one night at a time.
Mar. 7, 2013
D1: I was playing Super Metroid and was in Brinstar. I was heading to Spore Spawn because I had skipped it earlier. I entered the room just before fighting Spore Spawn and I defeated the Space Pirate Kihunters while running and using the Space Jump in the air.

Once I entered the room where Spore Spawn was located, I knew I could leave if I wanted to, since I had super missiles to open the green door in the center. I stood to the left side of the room and waited for Spore Spawn to stop wavering left and right. Once it opened its shell, I fired two super missiles and killed it.

My brother was surprised. I told him it was really simple to defeat Spore Spawn, but other people make it seem hard.

D2: I was standing on sand and I saw tanks. I began running toward the water as tanks were firing shells. Bullets also flew by. I swam in the ocean and saw some submarines partially above the water. I also saw my brother swimming. I got on a white lane rope and told my brother to also stand on it.

Eventually, some small jet or something flew above us. I managed to grab onto it. The jet turned back around because I said my brother was still in the water. So it went back and got him. For some reason I was hanging on the back as though it was a flying motor boat. I told my brother to pull me up.

I then transitioned into another area where everything was calm. I saw a toned black man. I told him that I was glad he came to help and wanted to hug him, but I didn't. So instead I shook his hand.

D3: I was inside Target nearby the entrance/exit. While I was walking, someone behind me told me to hurry up and I got angry at him. I walked back where I had come from and bumped my shoulder against someone else's shoulder, but I apologized.

I ended up outside and I was walking with my brother. We stopped and I was naked. I was squatting and masturbating. I became annoyed and asked why cars were driving by.

Mar. 6, 2013
D1: I don't remember much. I talked to Eisefin about some personal stuff and that's all I remember.

D2: I was outside and stood on a road where my brother-in-law was. I saw an X-Box 360 and my brother-in-law had some a sprinkler turn on next to it. This made the 360 play music, but I thought this was the reason why my brother-in-law's 360 would stop working.

D3: I was outside and there were people. A soccer ball was kicked my way, but I blocked it with my right arm. This caused the ball to bounce away and I guess it happened again. This time after that, it bounced over to some guy who kicked the ball really hard.

The ball flew into a tree and caused the tree to fall over, falling on children below. People were worried and we all went over there. I saw some girl on a branch just laying there. I was going to help move the tree, but it seemed to have already been moved away.

Someone dragged a child away and he said, "I died, but came back to life." I thought that was absurd. Then my mom asked some girl what she was doing inside the tree. Apparently, she had a few things in the trunk of the tree that made it seem like a small house.

Then I saw my sister and she was holding her younger son. She was speaking to someone at the time and my brother-in-law said something to her, but she was still talking to someone else, so he said he would ignore her next time. I thought this was stupid because she was speaking to someone.

D4: For some reason I was with my brother and we went to some amusement park. We were following up, so my brother walked up to someone who worked there, who was actually someone who works at the bank. My brother told the guy that he was interested in working at the amusement park.

The way he presented himself was stupid because he said something, such as, "I want to work here because I'm happy and efficient at working." Then he stood there with a smile on his face. I couldn't believe it. I thought he could have presented himself better.

D5: Someone was working on math homework and he saw a problem that said 0/6. I told him that fraction was fine how it was, but he said it wasn't. So I explained to him that all it was like a cake that was all gone. He still didn't agree and said he needed to make it a mixed fraction. I wasn't sure how he was going to do that.

Mar. 5, 2013
D1: There was an infant, but I don't remember much. I think I was at an older house I used to live in as a child. I was lying down, but the infant wanted to play.

D2: I was walking outside with my brother and the day seemed to be almost over. The Sun was setting. My brother and I stood at the end of a sidewalk and a car was waiting for us to walk across first, but we didn't and told the person to go instead.

My brother then told me that he hated it when cars stopped for us to walk by, even though they didn't need to stop. He seemed to blame red-haired people. The person I saw in the car was a woman who works at a grocery store called Whole Food. Then I began to complain how my left ear wasn't unplugging.

I desperately tried to unplug it, although I could hear sound from it. It was nothing more than me laying on my left side in my bed.

D3: I was outside. It seemed to be almost evening, but I ran to Whole Foods. Once I was inside, I was standing by some produce, but Whole Foods looked more like Costco. I saw an old friend there named Matthew Smith. He asked me if I had seen some kid who he was looking for, but I hadn't.

So he decided he'd search around the grocery store. I did the same. I found a small, black kid who seemed to be who Matthew was looking for. I told the kid this and he seemed eager to search for Matthew. I started calling out, "Matt! Matt!" I kept doing this. Then I heard his voice.

I thought I'd instead say, "Marco!" and expect, "Polo!" So I said that for a bit, but the store seemed so loud when people talking. I had to make sure I was hearing Matthew. I could barely hear him, but I found myself walking in these big aisles, so I had an idea that he was somewhere in the middle of the store.

Just as I was about to walk, I turned to see if the kid was with me, but he was gone. This frustrated me so I looked for him again and found him. I told him not to leave me. When I tried looking for Matthew still, the kid once again disappeared as soon as I found Matthew.

In my frustration I told him that the kid was with me, but he wandered off. So we looked for the kid, but that didn't take very long. Once we did that, Matthew and the kid were all happy and I told them that if it wasn't for me, they wouldn't have met up. Then Matthew told me that this was all an act.

I thought it was stupid. He said they were eventually going to meet up by some red bell peppers. There were a lot of them.

I was back at Whole Foods and I took some Canadian bacon. I opened up the small package and ate a few slices. Then I went to the cashier and there was some Asian man there. He was bagging someone's items, so I took the divider to separate my bacon from the other person's items.

I didn't need it after all, since the cashier got everything already. So when I moved that away, the conveyor belt moved. Then the cashier took my bacon and put it in a bag. Then he realized it was open. I told him I ate some and I guess he needed to know what brand it was before I could buy it.

I told him that it was the "Canadian style" that was back where the meats were. He came out from where he was standing and I pointed down the aisle to show him. He didn't know what I meant, so I told him I'd be back. So I ran at a pretty quick pace. I was moving so fast that as I turned, I swerved.

I got to the back, but it seemed they were putting everything away. I couldn't find what I was looking for and some lights were flashing while others were off. So I returned and told him they were putting things away. So he said he'd go find it. Before he did, though, he had a brown, paper bag and asked me if I could put money in it.

I looked at him like I didn't know what he was talking about. He told me again and I said I heard him the first time, but asked why I should. He told me it would bring me good fortune or something. So I thought, "All right." I put in $14, but he asked if I had more and that putting in more would be better.

So I reached in my pockets and felt some bills and coins. I took out two $20 bills and $1 and threw it in. Some woman who worked there was surprised by the amount of money I had. Then he went to look for the Canadian bacon. I turned around and told the woman I didn't believe in that superstition.

It seemed he was taking a while, so I ran down an aisle, but when I got to the other side of it, I saw the Asian man crawling with his hands. He had been chopped in half. I didn't know what was going on. So I went to my left where the produce was at and as I ran, I swerved again.

For some reason I saw an Asian woman mopping blood off the floor. I asked her what was going on and she was crying. She told me that her boss did this and that she wasn't going to let anyone go home until 6 am because there would be kids coming.

I began to walk out of the store, but the automatic door was closed. There was a window solar screens. I had this large knife in my hand and cut through one. I saw a woman outside and once I stepped outside, I thought about not needing to cut the other screen.

The woman then asked me what was going on. I told her some woman was doing something in there. She then sat down just outside of the automatic door and the other woman who was causing all of this to happen came out. She sat down beside the woman and said something to her.

She took out a pocket knife and slowly moved it toward the woman to try stabbing her, but she missed. She tried again and the knife went slowly into the woman's stomach. I was standing there and I hid behind a pillar. The woman who was causing all of this to happen got up.

I was still behind the pillar and I was about to throw my knife at her head. Suddenly, she burst just as I threw my knife, but I didn't do anything to cause that to happen. Blood splashed everywhere and I remained behind the pillar to avoid getting blood on me, although I got a tiny bit on what I assume was my glasses.

As I was walking away, there were a lot of kids coming. I saw white children shouting, "Prejudice plus power!" and they were chasing after people. I saw a dog walking around, missing its head. Then I heard that twins were trying to kill each other because they believed the other to be nothing but an illusion.

Some voice out of nowhere was narrating what was going on, saying that there would be more investigations to determine just how similar twins are. Then another voice mentioned how people tell kids the inevitable and that's what's causing this. He then said no child deserves that.

Mar. 4, 2013
Questionable content.

D1: It was daytime. I walked up some steps leading up to the top of a building. As I walked up, I saw some other steps to my right, but I was behind them. When I made it to the top, I climbed over a black gate, which alerted the guards that someone was intruding. I quickly got to the opposite side and began to hide behind some green foliage.

I was on a rooftop and across from me on the other side were guards in black uniforms holding assault rifles. I tried to remain hidden. I looked to my left and saw an Asian man who stood out from the guards and wondered why he was standing out in the open and why no one cared about his presence.

A guard approached me, but he didn't notice me. He left and then I came out from the foliage. The guards on the other side saw me and I could tell one of them was thinking it was funny that I thought hiding in this foliage would have prevented me from being caught.

I put my hands up and acted afraid to show them that I was no harm and that I didn't want to be shot at. The guard who didn't see me from earlier returned and then I was sent away with the Asian man. I went with him in a room. It was barely lit, but I could see inside.

The floor seemed to be made of some purple stone and the center had a circular design on it. I told the Asian man that my sister had been taken away by the guards. For some reason, she was Asian, too. The man told me he thought I should first meditate.

So I sat down with my legs folded and he sat to my left. He told me to close my eyes, so I did. I fell into a deep trance or something. The Asian man then asked me what I saw and I said, "Fire." So he asked me what that did and I told him, "Burns."

It was now nighttime and I was outside on the street. For some reason I crossed the road and began to run down a path I take, which is about a block from home. I realized I was running barefoot, but I thought to myself that this is good for my feet.

I went to the left side where I saw two people behind a fence. Then there was a fat kid with some woman and he began to bicker with me about something. I then said that I was going to climb over the fence, but I had to be careful because I didn't want my p***s to get caught, which it almost had. I was naked for some reason, but I didn't care.

D2: I was inside Starbucks and I was standing in line. There was a man there who asked me if he could get me something started as I waited in line. I wasn't sure if I wanted something, but I asked for an iced caffè mocha, venti. I was then told it was $25.

This surprised me, so I told him I don't have that much on me. I asked for grande instead. This seemed to piss him off, but he got me a grande anyway after he rinsed out the venti cup. So I paid and as I was waiting, he began to tell me he didn't like me. I thought, okay, I understand you don't like me because I asked for a grande instead.

That wasn't the reason, however. He began to get out from his side where he worked and approached me. As he was doing this, I was quickly getting my money off a counter and put it in my pocket. He then said to me that he didn't like me because my brother and I would talk s**t about his brother.

I told him that's not what we did and that I didn't have a problem with him or his brother. Then he seemed to be apologetic afterward. I left the place and was what seemed to be some college. I was sitting and was depressed because of what happened.

A chubby woman named Mary approached me and asked me what was wrong. I didn't want to tell her anything, so she eventually left. Then Angel and a few others came by and asked what was wrong. I think I told him, then we began doing something with some fire alarm. He told me to do something with it.

I told him no because I could get in trouble. He then told me it wasn't the alarm he wanted me to activate, but instead do something to some other thing on a wall that I saw. So I went over there and he followed me. I went up to this thing on the wall and it was flashing an orange light. I got close to it and it turned green and stopped flashing.

I moved my foot away and it began flashing orange again. Then I put my foot close to it again and it was green again. I told him that if you stand within a foot close to it, it will stop. He noticed it did the same from where he was standing, too, which was at my right side.

D3: I was waiting on my brother so we could head to the mall, but he was taking too long, so I left him. As I was walking, I thought about maybe going back, but I walked so far and was close that I didn't want to head back. I wanted to go to Spencer's.

D4: I was outside and it was raining. Someone wanted me to move some glass with my friend. I was going to do that, but I saw a comic book on the glass and looked at the front. Then I put it aside and was going to help my friend move the glass. The man who wanted me to move the glass asked if I wanted the comic book.

I told him that I like Iron Man, but it had been so long since I read a comic book. I knew in my mind that this wasn't true. My friend wandered somewhere with some glass, so I was left with moving five layers of glass. I was going to move one at a time on a cart, but I thought I'd just take all five and move them instead.

For some reason, the glass was now five metal bars. They were a bit bent in different angles. As I began moving the cart, I saw a stairway to my right, which was angled in the opposite direction. I thought about how I was going to bring this cart up with me, but then decided I'd take the metal bars individually.

The man from earlier approached me and it appeared I was standing in the backyard at my previous house just outside of my room. The man was now black and he was asking me a question about if I would support him in marrying my sister. I wasn't sure what to say. Then there was an old, black woman. She was shorter than me.

The woman gave me a hug and I hugged her back. To my surprise, she lifted me up and then put me down. She seemed very happy.

Mar. 3, 2013
Questionable content.

D1: I was inside a house, one like from Full House. I saw an Olsen twin and she woke up from a dream about big feet. She then talked to someone on the phone. I could hear her and the person she was talking to. Once she was finished, I told her she had a dream.

The place seemed to transition. A girl named Dayna was playing some game with her twin sister. She asked if I could take over, as it seemed she had to go somewhere. So I did.

For some reason, I saw her sister across the room and she was naked. I looked at her crotch a few times, but then ignored it. So I played the game, which involved pressing a button multiple times. I pressed it as fast as I could. I looked over and saw Dayna's sister, who was now clothed, pressing the button like I was.

I ended up winning and then bragged about my high score, which was in the 9,000+ range.

D2: I attempted a dream exit induced lucid dream. I fell back into a dream where I was Tom Welling, known for playing as Clark Kent. I was hiding from Olive Queen, who was Green Arrow at the time. I saw him in third-person in a lit room like a locker room at a school.

He looked around in this building and for some reason I was inside a cabin. Green Arrow kept looking for Clark and then heard a crash. He investigated the area where the crash was and saw a hole in the shape of a body like one would see in Looney Toons.

So Green Arrow told Clark to come out and show himself. At the time, Clark was invisible. I don't know how I knew this. Then after looking at the hole, he looked up and Clark was floating against the ceiling. He then dropped down. Green Arrow told him that he had Kryptonite-tipped arrows.

Clark asked how Green Arrow knew about his weakness. For some reason the two ended up outside on a snow-covered mountain. It was daytime. Green Arrow was now Leonardo DiCaprio. He kept yelling to Clark, "Should I kill you?!" Should I kill you?!"

I was now Clark and I didn't know what to say. I just didn't want to be shot at with an arrow. I somehow ended up with an arrow in my left hand, but I felt no pain. Then I said something to Green Arrow and laughed and saw everything in third-person again. I saw Clark fall backwards off the mountain.

Then the dream transitioned and I saw my face covered in gauze with my eyes and mouth exposed. I was in a hospital and woke up in a fright. I still saw myself in third-person with my head resting against Oliver Queen's lap. I thought, "It was just a dream."

Oliver comforted me, telling me, "It was just a dream." Then I saw in first-person through Clark's eyes and heard Lex Luthor, who was standing by my left side. He said, "It wasn't a dream." That was not intended for me to hear, but I heard it.

Oliver was now standing at the edge of my bed by my feet. I saw Lex, but I wanted to get a better look, so I tried, but I was paralyzed. Then I thought I might have sleep paralysis. I was now in a fetal position on my right. I began to feel a tingling sensation along my spine and felt vulnerable because my blanket wasn't covering me.

I knew that Lex really wasn't Lex, but some shadowy entity. I thought to myself, "Just relax." So I closed my eyes and began thinking about dreaming, but I could still feel coldness and I shivered. I heard this loud, crackling noise, something like static. I tried to ignore it.

I then thought, "All right, let's dive into a dream." The sound began to subside and I eventually woke up with my blankets over me.

D3: I was in my room and my brother was there. I felt the need to use the bathroom. So I left my room and went into the bathroom. It was very vacant. The toilet was to my left, which was normal. I used it then I got out, but I still felt the need to use the toilet again.

I walked inside again and noticed something different. The toilet was not to the left of the entrance of the bathroom, but it was in front of me off to the right. I saw what seemed to be a shower glass door, which was nearly opaque. I thought to myself, "Wait, this isn't what the bathroom was like."

So I said to myself, "I will do a reality check." I did one using my right index and middle finger to plug my nose, but then I thought, "This isn't what I do." So I tried again with my right index finger and thumb. I tried several times. Each time I kept breathing, so I assumed I was doing it wrong.

I proceeded to use the toilet, which was now behind the shower glass door. I placed toilet paper on the seat and as I was doing that, my sister was about to walk in, but I said, "Hey!" So she closed the door. Then I sat there, waiting to do my business while watching Judge Judy.

For some reason, I found myself watching an episode of Reba, which I presume was the end of the series. Reba told her friend not to say, "I love you" on Valentine's Day, so later on, her friend tells her, "I haven't said that to my boyfriend." This concerns Reba.

Her boyfriend comes into the house a little later with a lot of balloons, enough to make a balloon wall. He kneels down and says something to Reba, but I'm thinking he was going to propose. Reba and a few others watch her from behind. She kneels down, too, but it seems she isn't sure.

Then I was told that this is where the episode ended. My step-dad then said, "They don't get married." I wasn't sure how he figured that. I didn't ask, but he then told me and some others there that the episode ended like this to show kids that life isn't always how they want it to be.

He then said he had seen the last episode. For some reason, "Ayn Rand" was repeated twice.

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