D1: I was walking on a railroad and horses were running along and beside it. A school bus drove behind me, honking as it continued. I turn around and almost get hit by it. I move to my left and the horses are gone, but there are buses. Someone I know is behind me, rapping with a few of his friends.

I tell him his rapping is good. He is happy about that. Then I try rapping. At some point I jumped really high and as I came back down, the person who rapped before me brings out his knee and I land on it, hitting my butt. I am asked if I am hurt, but I tell him I am not. The sensation was similar to hitting your funny bone.

I see an old bus driver who used to drive students home back in high school. I end up sitting at the back of the bus next to someone named Garrett. I don't talk to him, but instead to someone behind me. A girl tried calling for someone, so I joked, "This is the Omega Sector".

The person behind me began to laugh. I say it again because someone next to him repeats what I said, trying to act like he made up the joke. I tell the person behind me I said, "Omega Sector" because we are sitting in the back.