i held the stone securely in my hand, and then created a huge dust cloud to cover up my movements and be able to create surprise attacks taking kimblee from behind i smacked him a couple of meters away from myself who created an explosion from the ground but i made a wall blocking the attack suddenly pride attacked next slicing the wall in half and chopped my arm off but i managed to create another as he thrown my old foot towards me creating a sword out of it i started to deflect his attacks with my new sword i got close enough to bend my sword around one of his shadows but pride was quick enough to dodge it and jumped back kimblee created another explosion below my feet i managed to create a stone dragon head to pull me up into the sky and send me crashing down upon kimblee after that i tried to trap selim in a mini dome but failed as he was quick to react not falling for the same trick twice his shadow sliced through my arm and my helmet i thrown a fake flash bomb in the air but he didn’t know that as another shadow split it in two 
al:that one was a decoy!
i yelled as another appeared at my feet and exploded at that point i managed to capture pride in a spiral mound 
touching the floor kimblee made another explosion our battle continued as i hid in the cloud once more kimblee let pride free from his cage as he thrown stones in the air making them explode giving away my position i jumped to the side and created another dust cloud and tried to get behind pride
Meeting a friend half way
And passing them by
pride grabbed me and held me in the air
pride:i told you i can sense where you are by smell checkmate
al:i wouldn’t be so sure this is where the tenacity of humans comes in!
i smirked pride glared at me throwing me on the floor 
pride:even if you have a philosopher’s stone, there’s no way you can beat us on your own-
al:I’m not on my own! 
i interrupted him pride froze when he saw my hand was empty
kimblee:where did he hide the stone?!
a moment later heinekel jumped out and bitten into kimblee’s throat and dragged him to the ground 
kimblee:doctor marcoh!
he called as he fell to the ground
-rin pov-
the fight had continued for a while, it was getting old now, 
darius:can’t underestimate the power of a philosopher’s stone i guess 
 scar attacked some of the dolls legs
scar:their legs! aim for their legs !
the fight continued i saw them lying on the floor
i created a spear to be able to keep my distance while i attacked them, chopping their legs off

i continued my fight with much determination

Determined to get Alphonse’s body back…

Determined to get ryo legs ...

Determined to save our country…
-al pov-
pride went to attack Heinekel but he held Kimblee in the way pride stopped the attack
put why would he do that? why would someone like him stop? 
pride:i see now just as you said, humans are tenacious however, you all won’t be able to beat us as long as… our father is seated right over there well, before that, you all need to find a way to get out of this situation
he went to attack marcoh suddenly a car came out of nowhere deflecting the attack saving marcoh and then running pride and myself over
yoki:i did it ! 
al:yoki !?
i was shocked, as heinekel dragged me across the floor
heinekel:nice one, mustache man ! here did you get this car ?
yoki:it’s the one kimblee rode here in
marcoh:I’m having the drivers take a little break
heinekel:not bad doctor marcoh
he smiled, then suddenly thrown kimblee’s body at pride as he got up, 
heinekel:step on it!
He thrown me in the car and yoki stepped on the accelerator 
yoki started screaming as the roof was taken off
heinekel:shut up and drive! drive as fast as you can! i don’t plan on fighting that monster head-on again! drive to central! we need to meet up with ed and the others and defeat father before that thing catches up with us!

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