we managed to take the legs off many of the dolls though more and more kept coming back one of them suddenly grabbed my leg 
ed:rin !
he yelled out i looked back in the air seeing a doll flying towards me suddenly fire appeared out of nowhere and knocked all the dolls back
roy:it’s always so unruly wherever i find you shall i lend you a hand, fullmetal? looks like you’ve made some new friends
colonel roy mustang stood in front of us
roy:this place brings back memories, lieutenant it reminds me of your crying face I’d like to see honest tears like that from you again someday
scar:save the chatting for later! take them down!
roy:don’t you order me around!
hawkeye:roger! we need to defeat these pale things right?
she readied her weapons
ed:it’s useless lieutenant! bullets aren’t enough to bring them down!
hawkeye:that again?! why does this always happen?
roy:homunculi? no, their wounds aren’t recovering but they don’t die. must be the power of a philosopher’s stone
i continued fighting the dolls, though after hearing one click of the colonel’s finger flames danced about the room incinerating all the dolls and completely turning them into dust
the ceiling exploded above us and we saw two people fall down
ryo:is that you may !
rin:envy !
i yelled when i saw the homunculus who started the rebellion envy saw us, may ran over to ryo
ryo:why didn’t you return to your country?!
he yelled at may she looked shocked and tears appeared in her eyes
may:but… b-because…!
ryo:it fine don't cry
envy:human traits like this make my skin crawl but wow, looks like you guys showed them who’s boss the fullmetal alchemist and the flame alchemist in addition scar the shitty chimeras i owe a favor to from up north are with you too now… i wonder who i should take care of first
roy:so you’re envy? you’re the homunculus that can change form, right? 
envy surprised h, you know about me? Nice to meet you colonel Mustang huh wait! is this okay scar? he’s a state alchemist who turned Ishbal into hell
scar:you’re right
he knew that but didn’t care any more
envy:i don’t have time to entertain your vulgar hobbies
roy:vulgar? well then, let me ask. don’t you humans also love watching people’s unhappiness and watching fools dance? isn’t that why you’re always fighting wars? true, it is indeed entertaining to watch fools dance like madmen
it’s especially entertaining to watch fools like you homunculi dance well i answered your question now it’s time for you to answer mine who killed maes hughes? answer me homunculus 
i was shocked at his question 
envy:maria ross the one you burnt to a crisp
roy:wrong it wasn’t her
envy:so you basically burned an innocent woman alive?! nice one! you’re terrible how did you explain it to her family? did you cry and beg for mercy? or did you perhaps refrain from saying anything because you were afraid of how furious they’d be?
roy:were you never taught to shut your mouth, moron?! i’m starting to get tired of asking you homunculi the same question simple state the truth, you moron! who killed hughes?
envy began to laugh manically
envy:congratulations, colonel mustang! you finally found the real culprit
he began laughing to himself
roy:i can’t imagine hughes getting killed by a moron like you
envy:morons are what you’d call… idiots like hughes! who fall for dumb crap like this 
he changed into gracia as our faces were full of shock
roy:scar, fullmetal,rin,ryo leave this place he’s my prey 
roy snapped his fingers envy screamed in pain as smoke bellow out of his mouth i walked over to ed and put my hand on his head
rin:come on hurry let's go
ed:hey !
rin:roy will be fine finishing off a homunculus should be a piece of cake for him
i stopped and looked back after hearing a slight explosion ed looked back at me we heard another explosion as i quickly looked back

note:sorry if it really long but my thanksgiving break is over sadly so I'm going to try update more and I hope you guys had a great thanksgiving I know I did 
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