we continued to walk down the corridor we walked into a round room with a man kneeling on the floor the other side of the room he stood up when he saw us the man smiled revealing a golden tooth i clapped my hands and created my blade
rin:who are you?
man surprised h, me? mm… the man who made king bradley or something like that i supposed
ed:the furher… so you’re one of them
the man lifted his arm up as several men fell from above
man:you all play nice now
the man smiled as they started to attack us
ed:what are these !doll soldiers !
rin:no… their movements are clearly different these men could each have become king bradley
i thrown one over my shoulder
man:number 16, number 17. number 21, number 23, number 26 come here
the gold-toothed doctor spoke the men ran over too him
rin:what is this !
i snapped then saw the transmutation circle on the ground he put his hand on the floor and started a reaction
rin:what have you done !
man:this is just the first stage do you know how many alchemy research centers there are in central under the direct control of the furher’s government?
ed:there are four currently in use within the city limits… no! research center 5… there are five! It’s a five-pointed transmutation circle!
rin:couldn’t be – that curved underground passage forms a circle connecting all the research centers?!
the ground turned red and the shadowy arms appeared and started to take the 5 men surrounding the doctor away the eye opened up under us ed wrap his arms around me
rin:are we going to be okay ?
ed:don't worry
the arms appeared and started to rip us apart like it did all those years ago, but something was different this time
looking up i saw edward and rin fall from the ceiling ed held her as he kept one arm around her and left to other fall over they were both unconscious rin slowly open her eyes and gaze at me
rin:where ryo ?
hiro:he with ed and al teacher
rin:Izumi !
hiro:we found her at the end of the hallway
rin:ed ! wake up !
his eyes quickly open as he look towards me
ed:hiro where ryo ?
rin:with Izumi
ed:she here !
voice:ed ! rin !
voice:sister ! dad !
voice:brother !
we heard a loud clank behind us as we looked back at al,ryo and Izumi
-rin pov-
i back and saw a humanoid thing with hohenheim
humanoid:it seems we have all of them in one room how lucky am i
the thing spoke, it had eyes on his body like pride’s shadows
Izumi:w-what the hell is this monster?
hohenheim:edward… even alphonse was captured…? whoa, miss Izumi as well rin and ryo sorry i’m in such a pitiful state
rin:what's going on ?
i looked up hearing a few static shocks and a blue light shining above roy appeared from the transmutation circle in the air and fell on the ground

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