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The young princess laughed in delight as she watched the golden butterflies travel towards the ceiling. Here in her decedent palace she was Queen of the domain. However in her innocence she never realized that even in this gilded cage asps could lie in wait.

She summoned a servant and took a goblet of wine off of the tray. She was tired after her little excitement and drank daintily but soon the goblet was gone. She set it back down on the tray and let the servant return to the kitchens. Not realizing she had just let her last defender leave her alone to be prey.

It started slowly...but soon she wobbled on her light feet and her vision blurred. "W-wha?" Her voice was soft as confusion set in. She sank to her knees. A dark figure appeared and started coming towards her. She could feel that whoever this person was would do harm to her. But her voice was too weak to call for help and soon darkness consumed her.