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RP Starters
Welcome Home
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When Emily heard the sound of the butler letting in her Master she smiled as she prepared his tea just the way he liked it. Her Master was a very rich and powerful man. She was lucky enough that he hired her and let her stay in his home. But that wasn't enough for her. After cleaning all this luxury all day Emily knew that she wanted to make this home her own. She smiled as she put drops of love potion in the tea. Her Master was also very handsome...now all she had to do was make him drink it...

She came into the study holding the tea tray and smiling sweetly. With an innocent face like hers who would suspect her drugging her Master? She poured him a cup and said sweetly "Welcome home Master."

Edible Delights
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Amy was giggling and laughing as she ran through the garden chasing after her puppy. She was slightly breathless as she came to a rest besides one of the garden tables. She was surprised to find a glass of water and some strawberries waiting for her on a plate. She frowned wondering if one of the servants had left her a snake. She saw that there was a little note that read "Eat Me"

She shrugged her dainty shoulders as she drank the water first and then began to eat the strawberries. They were her favorite after all and she was happy there were so many of them. As she finished them though she began to feel a little dizzy. She put her hand to her head and stumbled over towards the bench. She looked around to see if she could call out to any of her servants. But there was no one to be found.

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Mimi sighed in boredom as she looked around the library. The sun was setting and she hoped that her father would be coming to get her for dinner soon. Her sigh was sad this time as she thought about her papa. He was always so busy working that he never had time for her anymore. There was not much in this house for a girl to do and so she spent most of her time exploring the library.

She had wandered into a section she had never seen before. This was rare for her and so she was a little excited. She found that most of the books were written in languages that she didn't know or understand. She was about to leave and see if she could find a better section when one book caught her eye. It was tied up with a very pretty red ribbon and without realizing it she was already untying the book and opening it up.

Unfortunately for the girl the book was possessed by a demon and the ribbon around it came to life, dazzling her as it began to twine around her body.

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As the rose blossomed under the morning sun the small fairy inside of it slowly stirred to awakening. The little fairy rubbed her eyes as she looked around in the morning light. Today was the first day that the rose had bloomed and so the world was big bright and new to her. The little fairy tested out her wings, drying them off from the dew as she started to flutter around the garden. She smiled happily as she explored around. Unaware that their were all sorts of dangers for little fairies in this world.

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Every young priestess was warned to never go into the forest alone. There were wicked demons that lurked just waiting for careless prey.

Mina smiled as she tended the garden. She was very happy that it was her duty to ensure that the blossoms remained healthy and strong to decorate alters throughout the season. She had just finished watering them when she heard a faint call for help. She set down the water pail and looked around in confusion. On a bright sunny day such as this it was hard to believe that someone could be in peril. However when she heard a second cry she knew it wasn't her imagination. Rushing towards the sound she tried to figure out where it was coming from. Her heart stopped when she looked towards the darkness of the forest and the sound became stronger. There was no doubt that whoever it was was in the forest. She looked back at the temple and wondered if she should bring help when another cry made her disregard the thought and she entered the forest.

"H-Hello? I heard someone calling for help? Is anyone here?"

She heard the cry again and saw a large tree standing proudly in the center of a clearing. "Hello?" She went to see if they were behind the tree, she gently placed her hand on the trunk to steady herself when a small vine circled around her wrist.

The little priestess did not realize it but little vines were very gently entangling her, wrapping her up in them. When she finally realized what was going on it was too late. A large vine hauled her delicate form against the tree and entrapped her.

"H-help!" She cried struggling against the vines but they easily over powered her. They wrapped around her body and began to slide down through her kimono and onto her skin. Their sap starting to cover her. Her struggling became fainter and fainter as her eyes slowly went blank. The sap started infecting her system just as the demon controlling it wanted.

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The young princess laughed in delight as she watched the golden butterflies travel towards the ceiling. Here in her decedent palace she was Queen of the domain. However in her innocence she never realized that even in this gilded cage asps could lie in wait.

She summoned a servant and took a goblet of wine off of the tray. She was tired after her little excitement and drank daintily but soon the goblet was gone. She set it back down on the tray and let the servant return to the kitchens. Not realizing she had just let her last defender leave her alone to be prey.

It started slowly...but soon she wobbled on her light feet and her vision blurred. "W-wha?" Her voice was soft as confusion set in. She sank to her knees. A dark figure appeared and started coming towards her. She could feel that whoever this person was would do harm to her. But her voice was too weak to call for help and soon darkness consumed her.

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She was being...remade. She floated mindlessly as the different chemicals and drugs were pumped into her system. She stared ahead blankly, after being tormented and experimented on she was now a blank sheet for them to write on. They wanted her for one purpose and one purpose only. She was the Fiancee of the Prime Minister. She had been kidnapped weeks ago and finally she had broken. Now she was being put back together. The jagged pieces of who she was being fitted over her new core. She would manipulate her future husband as those controlling her dictated. Through her...and her new abilities, they would control him.

Obediently she dressed herself and returned home. When asked where she had been she said she was blindfolded and had managed to escape when they tried to change locations. No one realized that she was now the enemy.

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False Pretenses
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On a little corner there was a plain little shop that hundreds of people walked by everyday. There was no sign, there was no open door. Many assumed that the shop was closed or vacant. In truth it was open but only to those who already knew what services it provided.

In one of the cages Fatima languished. She sighed as she stared at the desolate creatures around her. Many were mindless just waiting for orders to be obeyed. Others were insane, the captivity finally breaking them. She wondered which fate was worse. However she was not like these pathetic creatures. She was smarter...stronger.

She whimpered softly as if in pain as she tugged on the chains. She knew men well. All succubi did. They wanted sex...and they wanted to feel strong. Some rich owner would come in and 'rescue' her. She would play along until she got home. And then they would realize who was really the master.

Sinful Pleasures
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Breaking into the church was laughably easy. It made Jasmine wonder if human priests even followed their own faiths anymore. There was no Holy Water on the windows, there were only a few candles lit on the cross. The church was empty. She smirked as she floated around, invisible at the moment to human eyes.

She was almost afraid that there would be no one here for her to play with when she spotted a light on behind a closed door. She smiled slowly as she pressed herself through the door. A priest was kneeling before his bed saying his evening prayers. She chuckled and left the room. He would be a fun one to play with.

She appeared in solid form outside of the church. Closing her eyes she wove together an illusion that would have the Priest right where she wanted him.

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Falling weakly to her knees Jasmine called out desperately for help "P-Please...someone...help me!"

Behind this face of innocence Jasmine was joyfully laughing as she waited for the priest to come.

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