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Every young priestess was warned to never go into the forest alone. There were wicked demons that lurked just waiting for careless prey.

Mina smiled as she tended the garden. She was very happy that it was her duty to ensure that the blossoms remained healthy and strong to decorate alters throughout the season. She had just finished watering them when she heard a faint call for help. She set down the water pail and looked around in confusion. On a bright sunny day such as this it was hard to believe that someone could be in peril. However when she heard a second cry she knew it wasn't her imagination. Rushing towards the sound she tried to figure out where it was coming from. Her heart stopped when she looked towards the darkness of the forest and the sound became stronger. There was no doubt that whoever it was was in the forest. She looked back at the temple and wondered if she should bring help when another cry made her disregard the thought and she entered the forest.

"H-Hello? I heard someone calling for help? Is anyone here?"

She heard the cry again and saw a large tree standing proudly in the center of a clearing. "Hello?" She went to see if they were behind the tree, she gently placed her hand on the trunk to steady herself when a small vine circled around her wrist.

The little priestess did not realize it but little vines were very gently entangling her, wrapping her up in them. When she finally realized what was going on it was too late. A large vine hauled her delicate form against the tree and entrapped her.

"H-help!" She cried struggling against the vines but they easily over powered her. They wrapped around her body and began to slide down through her kimono and onto her skin. Their sap starting to cover her. Her struggling became fainter and fainter as her eyes slowly went blank. The sap started infecting her system just as the demon controlling it wanted.