Tobi watched as a truck swerved and headed straight for his best friend. "Look out!" He shouted at the top of his lungs, green eyes wide in horror, before he added his friend's name. The other didn't seem to hear him or see the truck. If he did see the truck he wasn't moving fast enough. Tobi had to do something and fast or that truck was going to hit the person he had just confessed his feelings to.

He didn't think about his next move. He just ran as fast as he possibly could for the truck and his best friend. He managed to shove the other male out of the way but before he could he jumped slightly from the noise of a horn blairing in his ears. The man in the truck had just now seen them and was desperately trying to get both of the boys out of the way.

Tobi turned his head just in time to meet the gaze of the driver for a split second before the truck slammed into Tobi's body. He was shoved backward a few feet rather violently so that he smashed into the car ahead who had stopped when she had heard the sound of horns blairing behind her.

The pain was immense and everywhere. Tobi opened his mouth to scream but nothing came out. He didn't have the air in his lungs to scream. His chest had been crushed. Before he could begin to look around and see if his best friend was okay dark spots began to take over his vision until there was nothing but darkness around him and silence in his ears.

-A year later-

Tobi slowly stirred on the bed he was laying on but didn't open his eyes quite yet. He was suprisingly reluctant to let go of that darkness. The silence was gone now. He could hear the sound of a heart monitor and the breath from someone sitting next to him.

Slowly, his eyes opened for the first time in a year. He blinked rapidly, unused to the light that flooded his face even though the room was very dimly lit. It was still much brighter than he was used to.

He moaned softly and closed his eyes again for a few moments before opening them again. "Where am I?" he asked softly, looking around to find that person he had heard a bit earlier.