Thomas was not a very happy person that morning. Breakfast was not made and the coffee was cold and there was barely any of it left. Apparently his boyfriend had not been doing his job lately and it made him very crabby. He shook his head and marched off to smoke before confronting his boyfriend. It wasn't going to be pretty, he knew. There would be shouting and yelling... maybe a few blows thrown in there to get his boyfriend back in line.

He slammed the front door shut before pulling a cigarette out with shaky hands, glaring at anyone who passed by with his dark black eyes. "What's your problem?!" he spat at one who refused to leave him alone.

"I just wanted to borrow some sugar," the girl replied softly,"Is that okay?"

"Fiiine," Thomas sighed,"Follow me and don't touch anything." She nodded, her hands trembling in fear as she went to follow him like she had been told to. Nobody liked Thomas in the apartment complex and a lot of people were even afraid of him. However, they couldn't do anything about it because, as far as they knew, Thomas hadn't broken a single rule except the golden one.

"Get your sugar and get out," Thomas snapped when the girl didn't move fast enough,"I have a life too, you know."

The girl grabbed the sugar and literally ran out the front door before Thomas could yell at her anymore.

Chess, or Chester as his parents called him, was sitting on his front porch with his guitar in hand. He had been playing for an hour now in between coffee breaks and getting ready for work.

He worked as a nurse and it was rare for him to have days off but he was pretty certain today was one of them. Maybe he would go and see his best friend and that jerk of a boyfriend his friend had. Chess had been trying for a long time to get his friend to leave Thomas but the other male never did and he couldn't understand why. What was there to love in that guy?!

His blue eyes flickered up as a car drove up his driveway. It was his sister's car.

Chess stood up and walked over to greet his sister warmly. "Hey," he greeted her, smiling faintly with his cup of coffee in hand.

"Happy birthday, Chess!" She exclaimed as she got out of the car.