The snow was falling heavily as Tobi walked outside with a notepad tucked under his arm. It was incredibly cold and the male's cheeks and nose were bright red. It probably hadn't been a good idea to shower and then go directly outside but he didn't care. He had heard something out here and he wanted to see what it was.

Suddenly Tobi felt hands on his shoulders that shook him violently. "Wake up!" Someone shouted at him,"It's three in the afternoon! WAKE UP!"

What? He was-

Tobi's eyes opened and he shot up from the bed like it was filled with spiders, glancing around to see who had woken him up only to find that it was just Joe. The drummer often woke Tobi up because if nobody woke the songwriter up then he would never wake up. He was perfectly content with sleeping his life away.

"You need to eat something," Joe announced and held out a cup of coffee with a concerned frown,"We're going to be heading out soon so..."

"Shower," Tobi sighed,"I know, I know. Where's everyone else? Do you know?"

"I imagine they're already awake if that's what you mean," Joe replied, smiling slightly when Tobi swallowed the coffee too fast,"Get ready and come down."

This behavior would be considered weird for anyone else with Joe acting like he was Tobi's father but ever since Tobi had first joined the band the other male had accepted him as one of his brothers and all of Joe's brothers had a lot of medical issues so he was a little over protective.

Tobi went off to shower and the drummer went out to see if everyone else had gotten ready. It was going to be a long drive to get to the next city and there wouldn't really be any home cooked meals from here to there. Maybe he should cook something... Joe wasn't a good chef but he could make eggs at least... half the time.

He rubbed his eyes and grabbed a jacket before going on. Joe was always cold. He didn't know why but even in the summer he wore long sleeve shirts and boots like it was the middle of an ice age.