So I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow morning, I'll be gone for a whole month. I'm really going to miss being home and being in a familiar area, and since I'm going with my grandparents I technically have to be the responsible adult one. Honestly though, I'm not really wanting to go so much any more. The reason is is because my grandmother has dementia so she's difficult to put up with, and my grandfather is very short tempered and demanding. Normally I'm okay with this but pretty much everyone in my family has been pissing me off lately.

My grandfather was telling me to go to bed because I have to do a lot of driving tomorrow but I told him earlier that I was going to meet with Scott after he got off work because I had some things to give him and he wanted to see me off; since he couldn't do it in the morning. Then he got all pissy because I was staying up later and we have driving in the morning; but he doesn't understand that I'm used to working off little amounts of sleep. Then he was blaming Scott for us not being able to go out to lunch to celebrate my graduation. Even though I TOLD him that we could have rescheduled for Monday or Tuesday, and he never got back to me on that. Then he said that the dogs would start barking once Scott got here and wake them. I was super annoyed after this because all I have to do is put the dogs out for a little bit.

I just wish my family wouldn't get all butt hurt when I want to hang with my boyfriend days in a row. I hardly see him during the week, so I love spending as much time as possible with him on the weekends. My mom doesn't understand how much I love him because she's never had a decent relationship and she goes for the whole, "You're only a teenager" thing. Which is such bullshit. Anyway, my grandfather seems to get along with him but he just likes to b***h when he doesn't get his way. Honestly, it's ridiculous.

All I want is for my family to leave me alone. Whether it comes to relationships or in schooling. They're always pushing me to go to college when I don't even know what I would want to study. And they're always bugging me about how I spend so much time with Scott. Sometimes.... I wish they would just disappear for a while.