So yesterday we left from Indy to Arkansas and stayed the night in Blythesville, AK.
(FU Firefox, that is totally a place)

Anyway, we stayed at a hotel there and it was pretty nice. For dinner and breakfast the next day we went to the Perkin's that was attached to the hotel. I got country friend steak for dinner and french toast with LOTS of butter for breakfast. So yummy~
After that we drive for a while, and what happens is my grandfather and I take turns. We had lunch later at Hooks in Texarcana. The restaurant was called, "Tastee Food" I think. I had a BLT there, but also had to eat most of my grandmother's chile because she hardly eats anything anymore.

I drove from there to Dallas with my grandfather yelling the whole way. I got SO pissy. Warning for anyone thinking of going on vacation; don't go to Dallas because they do NOT know how to drive there. I managed to get us to my aunt's house okay and that's where I'm writing this from. Listening to some old Rock/Blues music in the living room on the most comfortable couch ever.

Tomorrow we're going shopping in the morning and I need to get a belt, shoes, and a new bracelet.

Ta ta y'all!~