We've been on the road for almost a month now and we go home in three days. We've been to Santa Fey, Denver, Dallas, Sacramento, Monte Rey, and so many other places that I can't even remember. My grandparents have been super frustrating the whole way and after I get home I don't think that I'll be going anywhere With them for a while. I've gotten plenty of souvenirs for myself and for my boyfriend along the way.

I've really been missing home and of course my boyfriend. I feel like I've eaten so much that I've gained atleast 20 pounds. Going on a diet or atleast exercising when I get back. The only real thing I can remember from this vacation was what happened at the Grand Canyon. We were walking around and I saw this guy who was walking a little along behind us and he was going super close to the edge. I made a joke that he was going to fall if he wasn't careful. We started talking after a while and I got his number and I texted him telling him about this restaurant that we ate lunch at. After that he said I was cute and asked he if I wanted to hang out later and get away from my grandparents. I said that I wish I could have but the train we had taken up to the canyon was going to be leaving soon. Then he goes, "Oh that sucks, wanna suck dick?"

... So my first reaction was WTF! Then I basically told him no and to go get a girlfriend. He told me he wasn't looking for a relationship, just a friendly f*ck. Then he continue to tell me about how he'd hooked up with another girl on the trip and that's what he had planned to do for the rest of the vacation was hook up with as many girls as possible. After that I deleted his number and stopped texting him. At the same time as feeling disgusted I also felt somewhat flattered because I never thought I was cute enough for random guys to want to bang. XD. Definitely a confidence boost in the weirdest way, and he was pretty cute too.

This will definitely be one vacation that I remember for a while.