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A villain I have yet to use.

The Prince of Sadness
A man. A product of his own delusions. Since early childhood Failious Jazstein trained, worked and ambitioned to be a powerful warrior. His hero’s where the living legends who’s tales where told though out his land. When he was old enough, strong enough and brave enough; he became capable to join an adventuring party. Soon he was fighting alongside one of the heroes he idolized.
A new mission lead the group of man to a deep wood on the edge of a mountain pass. A messenger had received word that nobles feared these woods and would pay handsomely to those that could protect the trading rout. The evils that lurked within was much more then it seemed.
The party was being slaughtered by a fearsome threat. The party leader, the legendary hero, was nowhere to be found. As each party member became discouraged of their plight one by one they fled for their lives. Unfortunately their effort to run only hastened their death. Failious stayed fast his blades dripping with spilt blood. Left behind he fought, if only to stick to his ideal. He believed that immortality could only be obtained in the heart of a hero. He fought with fearless determination for he believed that his heroic comrade was surely doing the same. For ever enemy vanquished he was certain his mentor had dispatched three more. Injured beaten and barely alive Failious survived the horrific encounter. He would not rest. He forced himself to keep moving for he had to find his leader before night fell. As Failious searched he imagined his hero still standing among hundreds of bodies. Barely scathed and drenched in the glory of battle he hoped to reunite with Failious and go on to praise the lad for his valor.
Around a bend Failious had caught site of a monster not unlike the many he had fought moments before. Just as Failious had quivered to grab his sword once more, the beast growled deeply and turned to make eye contact with him. The harsh truth was soon discovered. On the ground just behind the beast was the legionary hero cowering at its feet. Failious ground his teeth as he prepared to lunge at the creature. The beast took off before he had a chance to strike. Failious watched the man he idolized. The man shook nervously coddling a small bag of gold for security. The man sold his party out to save his miserable life and to obtain a few worthless coins.
Overcome by anger and frustration Failious slue the man shaking before him. To this day he destroys everything that had once or could possibly make him happy. Crushed by the terrible truth that the valiant and the brave are one bad situation from becoming cowards. To idolize a man is to idolize a lie. Everything he worked for everything he believed in changed. Finding that his old beliefs where in inherently wrong he made sure others would not repeat his mistakes. Failious now seeks out the things he finds honorable as he once did. Instead of implementing these in his own life he destroys them. Making the world a better place by destroying false idols.

“True heroes sacrifice
True heroes don’t give into greed.
Who has sacrificed more than I!
My pain serves a purpose. My pain exists for the betterment of man.”

Explaining his actions of killing his leader.
“He had fallen off the path and it was tearing him up inside. So I did what I had too, I put him out of his misery. I slayed the monster he had become.”

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Ace of Death
Community Member
commentCommented on: Thu May 31, 2012 @ 07:27pm
Ah, a villain acting under his version of justice. Love those kind!

So, does he kill evil things too? Or are they more inherently honest since they make no attempt to portray themselves as something else? "Good" people are often evil or worthless inside but pretend to be good, as PoS points out...

Having your beliefs shattered is very traumatic. It's a nice explanation for his villainy.

"Making the world a better place by destroying false idols" - great line! Does he want to make an example of the "heroes," to show people they are false, or is he only interested in ridding the world of them?

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