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Sigilum Soyga -

Stories title- L'Renor'ujool Valuk

Home is Dagnir 'The Land of Twilight'.
Special note: possible the holder of the Tempest jewel. One of the five powerful artifacts given to the land. If this is so the jewel would be placed with in his body and likely be unknown to him.

Being from the land of twilight Sigilum has a few common traits he shares with the people of those parts. Nights are longer and so this complexion is much fairer then the average person. Photo sensitivity though not completely shared with all that live in Dagnir is something Sigilum suffers from.

Physical features: Wild red hair, green eyes and pale skin. His ears come to a peculiar point. His body rather spindly and awkward.

Wardrobe: He is often drawn to bright colors as they are some what unusual in his part of the world. Because he values such colors he finds he is drawn to womens clothing. To compensate for the feminine garb he attempts to add belts, and spell crafting oddities. Everything from the wizard robe to his hat screams it was designed with a women in mind. This compulsions does draw attention as he looks nothing short of rediculious. He does well to make fun excuses for his fashion. You will also find him wearing a pair of spectacles. These glasses found among people who live in Dagnir and help protect those sensitive to the sun. They have another unique aspect. They bring out the light normally unseen by the human eye. A dark place like his homeland is actually quite brilliant and vibrant once you don a pair. The lenses will flex light upon it's surface appearing as though dancing strands of color are imbued with in. His are fashioned out of silver on the frame the word cipher can be seen.

*random thoughts "Ideal date: Excitement, Surprise, attraction, arousal.
Activities: Games, Conversation, Food, Sex
An ideal women: a good listener, curious, warm, aggressive, intuitive, loves to laugh." *