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The Life and Mind of DamnBlackHeart
This is to help me stay actively writing. So expect to see rants, tips on writing, thoughts on subjects, me complaining of boredom, reviews, anime, movies, video games, conventions, tv shows and whatever life throws at me.
Devil May Cry: Nero
I’ve realize something. Not once have I ever put too much thought into where Nero comes from. But there are people who have and they’ve come up with a lot of theories. Nero is a Vergil’s clone. Nero is Vergil reincarnated. Nero is Sparda reincarnated. Nero is the son of Vergil. Nero is the son of Dante. Nero is their cousin. Nero is their half brother. Nero is a result of an experiment.

Some of those theories I can see where people are coming from. But a couple of them I don’t agree with. It’s like people weren’t paying attention or maybe they have poor memories, because in the process of putting forth these theories they tend to screw up some of the information. I’m not going to go through all of them and point out which ones are more likely to be true or false. The only way to know what’s correct is if Capcom pops out a DMC5 that goes more into detail of Nero’s history.

But what I will do is write on how I think Nero is connected to Sparda. In order to do that I need to check out the other theories so that I can form my own. Or add onto the one I think is more plausible. So feel free to skip to the bottom, to the conclusion, if you don’t want to read my thought process.

1. According to the director/dev team, DMC3 happens approximately 10 years prior to DMC1. Dante is 17/18 in DMC3 placing him at 27/28 in DMC1. DMC4 happens approximately a year after DMC1 -- again, according to the director/dev team that would place Dante at 28/29.

Vergil died only a year before as the hell-knight Nelo Angelo.

Going from the time frame this would mean that Nero can't be a reincarnation of Vergil, he would have been too old -- he would have already been born. Reincarnation would only be possible if it happened after Vergil was dead, and before Nero was born.

2. When it comes to him being Vergil, the information backing it up doesn't seem strong enough to support that theory. Such as, Yamato reacting to him because Vergil was it's previous owner. They make the connection of him being Vergil because of that. But, they also forget that Yamato was originally the sword of Sparda. To me, it seems that there are several reasons for the sword to be reacting to him.

The sword could simply be responding to him because the Sparda blood is running through him and it felt that. Not just because he's Vergil or Sparda reborn. Another reason Yamato could have reacted was because it needed a new owner, someone who was powerful and capable of wielding it. We saw Nero's eyes glow red before the Yamato started to react. This shows that his demonic powers were awakening, and the Yamato reacted to them. So it's possible that is the real reason it reacted.

Some say that he must be Vergil because of the voice saying, "Power...Give me more power." To me, that doesn't automatically mean that it was Vergil. He's not the only person/demon in the world of DMC that would want more power. It could have been Nero's darker side/demonic side that wanted it.

3. Is he Vergil's son or Dante's son? Nero was stated being the same age as DMC3 Dante in DMC4. This would mean that Nero was born in the same year the brothers' mother died. So that would mean that Dante and Vergil were 8-10 when Nero was born. It would be very unlikely that either of them would get with a woman at that age. Plus, Vergil hated humans so it's difficult to picture him being with a woman then.

4. Similar appearance, hints about bloodline. It's possible Sparda had other children, but the games have pointed out that Dante and Vergil were it. If not that, then another way to make Nero a descendant of Sparda is that maybe Sparda had a sibling? From them the bloodline could also continue making Nero a younger cousin to the brothers. It may not make Nero a direct descendant but still one. Though some people believe that the bloodline could be artificial.

That the Order somehow manage to get a sample of Sparda (or Vergil) to create someone they could use. Nero is an orphan and it was said somewhere that his mother was a prostitute. It wouldn't be that farfetch if his mother was involve in a experiment to have a child in exchange for money or force to do it. The Order could have easily place him in a orphanage then have the family of Kyrie and Credo, come and accept him when he was old enough.

It would require a lot of work and planning but it does seem like something they would have done. If they couldn't have access to a pure-bred son of Sparda, then they would go after the next best thing. Though some people figured, Nero's purpose of existing was just to get Dante in order for him to be used in the core. He would have had a greater concentration of Sparda's blood in his veins then Nero. But to have a chance in getting Dante into their hands they would need someone that could compete -- Nero.

Then again if Nero was an experiment that they planned, they wouldn't have been so surprise to see his arm changing, etc.

Conclusion: Nero is certainly a part of the bloodline. There's no questioning that, because even the games make it clear about it. However, they make it difficult to tell how he's truly connected. But the most likely theory is that Sparda may have been with another women (demon or human...who knows) before Eva. After all he's a 2000 year old demon and it would be ridiculous to believe that he was with only one woman in his entire life. It would be believable that Nero is a descendant of that child. If that's the case it would make Nero their half-brother.

Though, it's also possible that Sparda could have had a sibling. From them, they would have also carried the same bloodline as him. That would make Nero, Dante and Vergil cousins.

Either way, I find the half-brother or cousin theories more plausible then the others. I hope that one day, Capcom will elaborate on Nero's origin. It would be a shame if that is left untouched because there's so much for them to work with.

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