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The Life and Mind of DamnBlackHeart
This is to help me stay actively writing. So expect to see rants, tips on writing, thoughts on subjects, me complaining of boredom, reviews, anime, movies, video games, conventions, tv shows and whatever life throws at me.
Dream: Riddle Me This Shadow
I haven’t written much lately but I’ve been having some interesting dreams again. There’s so many dreams to write down but I’m going to write the one that I enjoyed the most. Recently I’ve been in a Batman kick, inspired from the video games and it’s not surprising to me that my subconscious mind decided to fill my dreams of it.

In the dream I’m an alien from some weird yin-yang planet. Where one side of the planet is always Light and the other side is always Dark. There’s no such thing as good or evil though, because everyone is neutral. We, my alien race can be good if we wanted to be or bad…it mostly depends on our mood and if the situation calls for it.

Anyway, since I’m an alien in the dream I looked completely different. I look like a shadow being with red glowing eyes because I come from the Dark side of the planet. If I came from the Light side of the planet I would have been a bright being with blue glowing eyes. I might draw this later to help people visualize it.

So I came to Earth for no real reason. I just wanted to see what it was like there. I travel around Earth, enjoying how colorful the planet and people are, because in my planet there isn’t anything like that. There’s some colors but they are rare and only found on certain sides of the planet.

So after a while, I found myself in Gotham City. I hear a lot about Batman and the criminals the city is pledge with. I get curious and decided to stay in the city for a long while, never really revealing myself to the humans or taking part. I don’t know why but I guess it’s because I like to know and observe everything before I decided to join in.

At that time Batman was bringing Joker to the Arkham Asylum. But it was just a day or two before, that I took my time in visiting each criminal without them knowing. Though I had some fun messing with a couple them, making them think they’ve gone a little more crazier…seeing and hearing things that aren’t there. When Batman came with Joker I follow along in the darkness, never really helping him because he didn’t need help. When he was busy stopping the criminals I kept watch of the doctors and guards, making sure they were safe. At times I found it bored and just open portals to see what’s going on with Batman and the more interesting bad guys.

Next thing I know it’s over and now I’m in Arkham City staring at the back of Riddler’s head. I can see goosebumps appear, and his shoulders tense in paranoia. He’s eyes shifting constantly trying to see if someone is in the room with him. I probe his mind a bit, sensing he think it’s Batman but he knows it can’t be because Batman in on his monitor fighting Joker’s gang. I decided there and then to start making my presence known and the first person would be him. I could have picked anyone else but he’s interesting and amusing to mess with.

I come out from the shadows, taking on my true form which is more solid. I stand right behind him, leaning over to whisper in his ear. I not sure what I was whispering but it was something about he was right that it couldn’t be Batman watching him or something. His face was priceless, making me laugh. In his point of view I appear to be demonic, laughing creepily. He tried to protect himself with his cane and call for help but I “froze” him so that I would have his attention.

I introduce myself to him…that I go but the name Res. I feed his ego a bit so that he wouldn’t feel uncomfortable or scared. I never really told him I’m an alien but he’ll figure it out sooner then other people. My dream skips forward to a couple of months later, just as Bruce Wayne is reported to be arrested and thrown into the Arkham City. But that time Riddler got use to me hanging around him a lot, so much that I like to spook him once in a while. Sometimes I like to mess with him in other ways, like squishing him to my bust because technically I’m “naked”.

I also got to know some of the other criminals like Poison Ivy and Catwoman in a…I guess it could be friendly way. We’re not buddy-buddies but decent enough that we don’t mind each other companies and talk about stuff. Sometimes I might do something nice like bring in a few treats for Catwoman’s and Ivy’s pets. And they might do something nice for me like…well, actually they don’t because unlike them I don’t need anything. I don’t really need food and I don’t need medical supplies because I instantly heal and stuff. Basically, we keep our friendship simple by keeping out of each other business. I also got to know of Two-face but he has never seen me, I always stayed in the shadows and just talk to him from there. Not that I am scared to let him see me but I like to appear mysterious, to keep secrets…because I have a lot of them and it’s fun for me to do things like that.

But my dream mostly focuses on Riddler. In this dream I prevented him from using human hostage and instead use dummies while keeping the real people somewhere together, safe. That the real riddle could be hidden behind the fake ones and the goal is to figure out where all the hostage are. To get to them in time…when actually they are just fine and safe but Batman does know that. I know I can’t break Riddler’s ways but I try to appeal to him…basically manipulate him without him knowing. It isn’t that difficult for me to do because his narcissist and ego makes it easy.

At that point Batman is aware of my existence and knows that I’m not evil. I haven’t done anything bad or let evil stuff happen when I’m around. Though he made sure to tell me that if I do, he’ll be there to stop me. But otherwise I might be a good influence for Riddler if I can keep him from involving innocent lives. Then the dream skips to a year later where I have a human form.

Before I came to Gotham City, I explored the planet and took on a human form. I establish a identity and got a career then created a business that made me a millionaire. After the events in Arkham City, a year passed and I’m in my human form looking over documents and forms to sign in my office. The Riddler is grumpy sitting on the sofa and constantly staring at me. I can tell he’s not use to my human form since it’s rare that I even use it around him. The dream skips again and apparently I got Riddler into creating his own business, one that’s dedicated to books, video games, tv shows or whatnot that deals with mystery plots and solving riddles. Doing such a thing made him happy and fed his ego/narcissism.

The dream skips again and this times it’s been years, people love his work. I’m married with him and we have a kid on the way. I decide it’s time for him to come to my planet. He’s uncomfortable in doing that but I tell him he’ll be the first human there ever and he’ll have that honor over anyone else.

I don’t remember how that went but in the end another friend of mine from the planet wanted to come to Earth. She came, at some point met Poison Ivy and they got together. A year later they were expecting. At that point Riddler was confused because they are both females. I told him that as aliens we are mostly a female race but do have males. That unlike what he’s thinking we can’t not change genders. I explain that Ivy isn’t capable of having children because she’s poisonous and her body would attack the developing baby before it could even grow. But since my friend is an alien like me, we aren’t affect by poison. That some poison that would kill humans would just make us feel dizzy, we wouldn’t get sick or die. But mostly we are immune to any and all poisons. I can only assume that my friend got the sperm by creative means and made it so that it would contain her immunity. That would allow Ivy to have a child.

My dream ended there. It wasn’t this long though. It showed the scenes and it didn’t explain like I did when writing this. In the dream I already knew the information. I knew I was an alien in the dream, how my home planet look like, what’s on it, etc. That’s how some of my dreams are like, some I have no clue but others I do, like information got downloaded into my mind.

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