I've received the amulet that Sesley went out to fetch for me. The demon who had (yes, had) hindered me all those months ago was willing to part with a piece of itself as a means to ensure my longevity. However, Sesley has given my name to the demon, which in turn binds me to its infinite selection of obligations. Bright side; I am permitted to do only one, at least thats what he told me. I will meet with this Haijin soon enough. But onward to business! How happy I am able to do such a thing again!

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It has come to my understanding that the era of the Gambino's has finally fallen. Johnny died in a drive by, it seems, from some vampires. His death aside, I have heard it said that his heirlooms have been secured inside a vault on the little island of vice, Isle de Gambino. Now, I have had blueprints of the location of the vault given to me. The heirlooms are inside a vault three stories down beneath the mansion, and the mansion itself is connected to one of the casinos as a means to transfer physical funds seamlessly. The value of pure up and front hasn't wavered since my little departure from this world, it seems. Good.

The goods trafficked through that highly secured tunnel are many; gold ingots, crowns, jewels, capes, weapons, and the like. All prizes at the casino, and the physical assets of the place are moved about through there. Now, the security is something I am not familiar with: computers. Robots, or at least sentinels. Heavy duty drones troop about the areas with heavy traffic, alongside elite guards from the Gambino Branch patrol armed to the teeth.

The first thing I thought of was to get in there via the air vents, but they are lined w/ motion sensors that'd be too much of a hassle to wiggle through. I could make it through the main corridor if I was able to knock out all the electrical and computerized junk and charge through there with a handful of the crew...but I probably should go it alone. Nah. If anything, I need to see where I can find more of this...adamantium metal my dagger is made out of. There is only one person who I could go to who would probably know the answers to these few things. Either way, those heirlooms will be MINE.