Where do I begin?

The party in Durem went down with some wolves. That is, wolves of the possessed nature. Then there were a buncha orphans who said they were under threat of having the theatre bought by some Bart guy. Then there was the caretaker/owner of the place. Real codger that one. Either way, most of what went on was missed due to the fact I decided to talk to ghosts in the bathroom. I eventually left, only to return after changing my outfit and getting sleep in a place that wasn't available to the public domain. Came back, mask and all, and found myself, irregardless of the sleep I did get, sleeping in a bathroom stall.

I awoke to some horrid bullsh*t noise. I went to stab the sh*t out of the source, but it turned out it was just some chick hopped up on too much cocoa dressed as a bee and waving her pos rapier around. I was about to wreck the woman but ended up getting blade-blocked by some sap who decided to pull and Eastwood while everyone else was loosing their minds. I promptly left after that, taking a toilet seat as my trophy.

--Month or so Later--

I attended the Valentine Fair in Aekea. It was alright, save for the fact I nearly kicked the bucket, and there isn't much of a bucket to kick when it has a bunch of dents in it like mine has. Apparently, some more bullsh*t happened with some fox demon thing. But that wasn't the cause of my current status. Nope. The french-fried demon from the station I've referenced earlier had also come to the party. So, while everyone was again loosing their minds, I was unable to help (but I couldn't do much since all I brought was the dagger) due to the fact my body was hemorrhaging thanks to Doc Frankfurter. Once the show died down, I bailed out as quick as I could. In truth, it wasn't because of the injuries; it was because the Aekean Guard and Police Department were showing up, and there was already some hot-headed guard with scars there. Nice ass tho. But, irregardless of that, I ended up stumbling all over the place for six blocks until I reached the sewer and eventually made my way back here, to my Den. I fell down the sewer opening, thus breaking a bunch of bones, and even though I was still bleeding out, I managed to get back here. Yeah.

Currently Sesley is out and about trying to find something that'd stop me from hemorrhaging every time I encounter a demon. All my injuries are healed, thanks to Dongo, but I still get massive coughing attacks and end up hocking up blood, coupled with stigmata every three days. I am staying in here for now, and the crew prowls the tunnels ever since some guard made her way down here. Dongo blew the buffoon skyward into the wastes. Until then, all I can do is illustrate to make ends meet. Even though I don't have any. Which is great. pirate