NOV. 10TH 7:11 AM

Early, I suppose, maybe a bit too early for a game of dice. But, such is life in this station, and I ran into that fellow whose booth I helped defend at the masquerade. He calls himself J, a vampire hunter of some sort. Has a red panda that crawls around on him. We played dice in a small corner outside the tunnel where I have the ship docked; I thought I could make some small time cash playing dice. First game went well, and J lucked out and won himself 150 gold after betting me a hefty sum of 50 gold. Good game, now on to business.

I was called upon, in this station, to help some of those who were in distress from the werewolf outbreak that occurred a few days ago. It's subsided now, but the folks were in trouble. One of them, this Charles character, apparently an Aekean guardsman, had his mechanical arm hewn about from changing into a wolf one too many times. He was bleeding out, and, being that I was a man for a bargain, wanted to be on good terms with these folks as I really do need a residence or base of operations that isn't as noticeable as a large cursed ship. Do not get me wrong, I mightily enjoy being Captain of this fine vessel, but I want a place with a little more...solidity. But I digress.

The poor fellow was bleeding out, and from what I could gather his girlfriend was also changing, albeit very haphazardly due to ingesting the antidote too late. I had an antidote on me, and I offered it to her, as a bargain to gain access. I was turned down, due only to the fact the people there had no real power in determining my membership. Alas, though, this Ty, of whom I met before, wanted Charles to be saved. So, I did what I thought best and most convenient: I warped the concrete, metal, and flesh in his arm so that he would stop bleeding and end up with a concrete appendage. 'Course it has been awhile since I've used a blood sacrifice, and since there was enough of his, he need my cursed blood to seal the deal. So thats just what I did, and I surprised myself with how quickly I remembered the runes and augmentation sigils to get the deed done. So there I am, scribbling down with my totem, everyone looking at me like I am crazy. Few Latin chants later, which I was surprised was even recalled in my brain (the latin, that is.), Charles stopped bleeding and was right as rain. Few of the folks were all suspicious of me, especially that fellow I came across in the port. Black-haired guy with a penchant for collecting swords. (?) But I digress again.

They gathered themselves up, and they headed to the surface. At the last minute I got the bright idea to use the Sea Crow, and awhile later I found myself flying these strangers to that hospital I recalled when I was flying in. Long story short they are fine now, and I used the spare time to chart out where the hell this 'Aekea' place is. Turns out its the old mineral wastelands once warred over by the dwarves and orc. Turns out, they might still be about underground. Question is, do they still practice the same religion? I ask this, because I have an idea for a mask, and it involved my werewolf skulls, some orc runes, and a few drops o' blood. We'll see how this turns out. We'll see.