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Andromeda's Writings
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Buttload of Things to Do...
...that doesn't include people and even if it did, the list wouldn't be that long anyway. I'm talking about actual things I need to do.

For Christmas last year, I got a new flash drive. Which is awesome. Third one I have. Now I can have one just for school work, another for media, and the last for all my stories. But I have to separate all the files and the such. Should be cool. I'm hoping sooner or later that I one day have one of those usb ports that allow for more usb sticks. You know, like those surge breakers, 'cept it's not a surge breaker. Like that. I swear having a laptop with only two USB plugs just isn't working when I've one taken up by default by the mouse.

Speaking of my mouse, my mouse is double clicking again. I'm pretty sure it's facebook killing my mouse. Well, not facebook by itself, but the games on facebook. They say the average mouse last about a million clicks? I want to say five million, but that sounds a little high. Anyway, my mouse is double clicking, and i'm trying to deal with it, but it's super stuper annoying. Especially when you're playing a game like Cafe World, and suddenly you're cooking a dish you didn't mean to cook. I could always extend the time between a the first and second click to count as a double click, or something, but I don't think that would work. I think I should try another brand of mouse. The logitech M305 only seems to last a few months for me with use. Other reviews say the thing last for years for them, or at least close to that. A mouse lasts about as long as my headphones do. *giggle*

Getting back on topic, I told myself I was gonna work on finishing up a few stories. Like This Ben10/DigimonTamers crossover, Daddy Dearest, My Naruto/Shaman King Crossover and Just a Survivor. In addition to that, now that I have my new USB flash drive, I can now get serious about typing up all the stories I gotta type up. I swear, it looks like I don't write on the outside, but I do consider myself a writer. Anyone who can put out an 800+ page handwritten work, whether it's done or not, IS a writer in my book. Not to toot my own horn.

Tooting my own horn, I wish I had a better quality camera than the one I do now. My sister meant well, but the camera I have now from her just isn't worth taking pictures with. Especially since I planned on using it to take pictures of my crochet work. I've taken a few pics, but most of them wind up looking really bad quality. Like Antennae fuzzy tv bad quality. Thumbs up to you if you even know what TV Antennae are. I'm talking bunny ears Antennae and the like. razz

My goal for this month is to finish at least part one of my Ben10/Digimon Tamers crossover. I'm sure I can do it. It's all about putting myself in the place to do it. It shouldn't be hard either, since the only class I have for this year is um, that gym class. It's probably going to kill me. If I could afford to see a doctor, I would, and I'd get a full physical exam, and I swear the doctor would tell me to be careful about how much I ran around and the such. Why the heck did I choose Raquetball. Hm, it could be fun. I'm not worried too much. Whatever happens, happens. I'm powerless to stop it.

Just a little tidbit to get myself motivated before I start writing. My new favorite band is SPYAIR. They are so awesome sauce. Yes, they have more songs I don't like than songs I do, but the songs I do like, I REALLY like. I've yet to take any of their songs off my MP3 player, if that says anything. Yea, I said MP3 Player, who needs an IPOD, seriously unnecessary for me.

I hope I can write with these gloves on. I'm handwriting the Ben10/DigimonTamers crossover story. Simply because that's how I started it. If I start a story on the computer, I have to finish it on the computer, and if I start it handwriting I have to finish it that way. That's why I would like to have a laptop I can take with me, or a phone like a blackberry, where I can use it like a computer and transfer my stories to um, a computer and the such. Man, oh man, I need a job.

I feel like I'm writing a 750 words entry. I'll have to talk about that one day on here. I forgot how useful Gaia journals could be. If I ever quit gaia, remind me to do some serious copypasta/delete of these entries. I think I have some completely original stories written up here. XD

Song of the Day: Dear Jane - "Gwaan" from the album "Gamma"

P.S: Create another crochet pattern. Making new ones are so fun. I think I'm gonna try my hand at um, that circle backed shrug with the squarish top. If I could find a way to combine the circle back I already know how to make, with the square top of the crochet overlay top I created and am itching to wear, I'd have it made. I'll have to look further into that.

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