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Andromeda's Writings
A world of fantasy and science fiction awaits. Come explore and discover its mysteries.
ANFSCD: Guide Style!

Random Help Facts

Considering the number of friends of mine who have been hacked have shot through the roof, I've a few things to say. Now here's hoping I'm not hacked/scammed, which would completely negate everything I'm saying here.
Simple really. If the url for your login screen doesn't equal www.gaiaonline.com, please don't login to it.
If you start off logged in, and click a link, and it tells you to log in, chances are tis a scam. You should probably check the url.

Your pass should have a few requirements:
It should be at least 7/8 characters long
Switch up the letters and numbers. Don't be afraid to use capitals. No one's going to laugh if you half to keep your pass written on a piece of paper next to your desk.
Don't give your pass out please. Even to friends. Sounds cruel I know, but you never know when a friend may accidentally wind up getting hacked while on your account. That would suck don'tcha think?

I think that's all for now. I'll add more when I think of it. Hey...doesn't the forums already have a sticky for this? Go find it. Lolz

Introducing the OMG WIDGET!
OKEE DOKEE. I've been asked this a lot so here it goes. Want the little player you see on my avi without spending 10K or more to get it? Here's how:

Basically click this link for basic information:

Introducing The OMG Widget!

For a more in depth approach:
Weezie's Guide to the OMG Widget Try out that one.

Gaia Game Guides
Do you know how many hours I've spent just searching for Guides for people to help them out with games? It's crazy. *dies* X_X lolz Yes. These are guides that I have sitting around in my Thread Subscriptions list.

Shockfrost's Gaming Nirvana Guide - A pretty basic guide that focuses on all of the Gaia Games.

Fishing For Profit at Durem - The reason why I'm currently fishing at Durem. Shows you how to make the most profit from fishing; there's charts and everything. whee

Gaiden's Fishing Guide - A Damn Good Guide by an omni mod. This is a pretty damn good guide; people would find if they looked in the Gaia Fishing! Forum. sweatdrop Go read it...nao!

The Fishing Forum Ubersticky - Gaiden's Fishing Thread More. Hell it has its own links for fishing Guides. If you're not satisfied with the other guides on here, try this one.

Transcendent's Filtering Guide - A trophy fishing Guide from someone who's avi's holding a Fishing Trophy. Have no life? Is willing to sit on your butt fishing an upwards of 100 bait a day? Have a truckload of Gaia Gold to buy said bait with? Want to compete in Gaia Fishing and win? This guide is perfect for you. 3nodding

The Fish Exchange - Haven't noticed the other Fish Exchange sections in the other Fishing Guides? Here's a Guide just for you.

What do I do with items from Towns? - A simple yet informative Guide on exchanging items in Gaia. I think it's a little outdated, but it gets the basic job done.

How to win at Gaia Cards - Just one of the many guides on Gaia cards. It doesn't teach you how to play, that's what Shockfrost's Guide is for, but if you're sick of having that b*tch Jinx take all of your tokens, this Guide shows you how to win!

[The official] Word Bump Guide - Running out of words to make in Word Bump? Getting to those high levels and running out of steam? After you take your five minute break, assuming you've not lost your connection to the game, check out this guide.

How to take screencaps - I learned how to do this a week ago. Seriously I forgot I even had this guide. This shows you how to take a screen cap of something on every OS and computer style currently out there. 3nodding

If I find anymore Guides, I'll be sure to add them. No, I'm not adding every guide out there. I'm pretty sure there's a thread for that anyway. These guides just answer the questions I have and are asked the most. Now, if you looked at this section after being directed here, try not to bring questions found in these guides back to me. Take them to the individual thread (assuming it's a question not answered). Enjoy your day. ^^

Random Guides

Guide to Making Tons of Gold on Gaia - Alrighty, if you're sick of being poor on Gaia (even though getting rich isn't the real point of Gaia) here's a guide for you. It even has what I think is the closest way to bot on MP without actually botting, *cough*Working the Market so it makes money for you*cough*

Evolving Items Info
The Evolution Calendar
This is where I get many of my answers concerning EIs from. If you don't get the whole EI bit, try this guide out.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to BCode
Using BBCode Tricks and tips - Yeah, I'm lazy, I'm not moving over to that CCS guide. Too complicated for me. And I'm a BBCode gal. So if you're a BBCode person too, but have trouble spicing up your forum posts or your profile using BBCode, check these two guides.

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