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Andromeda's Writings
A world of fantasy and science fiction awaits. Come explore and discover its mysteries.
Donations and Major Goals/Quests
Lovely Donators and Their Donations! whee

This isn't on my profile directly 'cause that's full enough, but all donations will eventually be put up on this list along with the date (at least) received if I remember it.

  • July 12, 2k8 - Justxhalo3 (Rawr its Justin)/ApocolypticDeity - Coco Kitty
  • Unknown Date - comic_gurl247 - kiki umbrella buddy
  • Unknown Date - R_U_ready_4_MCLOVIN - Cloud
  • Unknown Date - xXGroovyGalXx - goldfish scarf
  • Unknown Date - xx The Darkness In Me xx - 412 blue seedkin, 412 green seedkin, 439 pink seedkin
  • March 14, 2k9 - Fudgebars - Cuttlephones!
  • March 19, 2k9 - SuicideVanity - Black Leather Pom-Pom Boots!
  • April 22, 2k9 - Dansterthehusky - 100K
  • June 13, 2k9 - r-u-ready-4-MCLOVIN - 1231 tokens
  • October 9, 2k9 - Kuro Hikarii Shizuka - Pongo the Ferrert
  • December 8, 2k9 - Hounddog311 - Coral Fluff Plushie
  • December 19, 2k9 - Melkitty8 - Aquarium Holiday Tree

Other Donators/Donations
Eliasmarquina - Labu Necklace, Strength Rod Plus, Majestic King (?)
Ansel Thevian - Pixie, Gold Promise Ring
Kuro Hikaru Shizuka - White Bun Bun Plushie, Long-Stem Blue Rose, Red Rose Wristlet Corsage
4G-Dragon - Smashing Cities, Majestic King (?)
Shadow2310 - Long-stem White Rose, Long-stem Black Rose, White Abominable Scarf
Others - Kappa Plush, Lovebird Plush, Piggy Plush, Kaya the Cat, Benny the Puppy, Outaw Wolf Pup, Chucky the Rubber Ducky, Larry the Rubber Ducky, Angelic Mood Bubble, Mothbite, Single Sunflower - Bouquet (Sister), Mimzy (1st gift on Gaia ever), Mimzy Aura, Back Goldfish in a Bag, Fairy Wand (B-Day 2k7), Cat Band, Easter Bunny Ears (B-day 2k7), Egyptian Cobra Headband (B-day 2k7), Jingle Me Hat (Sister), Spirited 2k6 Boots (Fudgebars?), Spirited 2k6 Scarf (Fudgebars?), Poinsettia Pot, Marshmallow Snowman (Fudgebars?), Heart shaped box of sweets, Blue Cat Collar (B-Day 2k7), Gold BF Heart Chain (B-Day 2k7, GroovyGal), Egyptian Gold Skinny Scarab Pin (B-day 2k7), Noir Criss Cross Swim Top (Trevor), G-LOL Dark Dollie Shoes (Gift from having fishing room open frequently), Kiki Umbrella Buddy, Goldfish Scarf (GroovyGal)

December 2k9 Christmas Special!
December 1 2k9 - December 25 2k9 - Dilapidated Insperation

  1. Rough Canvas Jacket
  2. Silver Delux Holiday Leg Warmers
  3. Blue Pawprint Pajama Pants, Blue Pawprint Pajama Shirt
  4. Global Pack
  5. Cuttlephones
  6. Audrey's Black Ankle Strap Heels
  7. White Cobweb Long Gloves
  8. Audrey's Long Black Gloves, Audrey' White Long Gloves
  9. Coral Fluff Plushie
  10. White Glamrock Jeans
  11. Snazzy SLIK Shirt
  12. Gaia 2nd Anniversary Balloon
  13. Suspenders
  14. #FFFFFF Complete Shirt (white)
  15. Angelic Gloves
  16. Starfish
  17. Disapprove Mood Mark Bubble Accessory
  18. Bun Bun Plushie
  19. Autumn Wings
  20. Lila's Starfish Bra
  21. The Comos
  22. Snow Yeti Pillow Plush (chillin')
  23. Celestial Wrap

Hidden Ace Donators
Check out Quarantine Quarantine to check out the result of your lovely donations! Thanks so much! You know that item that you really just had to have? That item that's really more than "Oh I can get eventually", but it's "My Gaian experience isn't complete without it and I won't be selling this. Ever." Yep, one of those items was Hidden Ace. Woo! Thanks so much for helping me out!:

    In the order they were receieved!
  1. ITookYourSpork with 90K (This was originally a payback for a donation [with interest I might add, and I don't even remember donating] but I used it for this so it counts too.)
  2. Papa_Cakes with 50K
  3. -Lonely-Loathing-Despair- with 20K

Major Goals and Achievements! whee

Friday, February 29, 2008: At 8:00PM I (as AR at the time) reached my goal of 100K in pure gold! Many thanks to JChow for buying my spare Angelic Microphone (Not the one you got me, Groovy) for 20K! ^_^

Wednesday, July 09 2008: At 3:56AM I reached my second monetary goal! Many thanks to Ishtoya for purchasing from my shop and helping me to reach 200K in Gold at once! xd

Saturday, July 12, 2008: At 9:59PM I recieved a special gift from Justxhalo3, now known as Rawwr its Justin. Thanks so much Rawwr its Justin and ApocalypticDeity (indirectly) for getting me a Coco Kitty! ^^

Saturday, March 14, 2009: FUDGEBARS RULEZ! I gots cuttlephones! whee

Wednesday, March 18, 2009:
Update 6/12/09:
Quest for 400K complete!

Saturday, March 28, 2009: I'm having difficulty figuring out what to do with my avi. So could you help make me one? You'll get 2K gold if I like it. More information can be found HERE at the bottom.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009: Thanks for the generous donation of 100K Dansterthehusky!! biggrin

Tuesday, May 05, 2009:
Quest for Yama no Tamago: Cancelled
Note: Quest will start when 400K is reached. No, that money will NOT go towards this quest.
Note: 6/12/09; Quest will now start when 300K is reached. No that money will NOT go towards this quest.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009: Broke my never paid over 100K for anything streak picking up Gogh Reed 7th Gen. I've an urge to sell the thing so my streak at least feels like it still exists.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009: 2nd Item over 100K purchased: "Wed to Darkness".

Wednesday, June 03, 2009: 3rd Item over 100K purchased; completed major quest permanently: Chyaku Norisu Scarf; 400K reached!

Friday, June 12, 2009:
User Image
Note: All funds are traded to my mule before amount is updated.
Update June 12 2009: I've reached over 400K thrice since I put this up, the first time I picked up "Gogh Reed 7th Gen"; the second time I picked up "Wed to Darkness"; the 3rd time I picked up "Chyaku Norisu Scarf". The amount will be reset, and I will now work on reaching 300K (just on this account) before starting on the quest below. Why? The 400K Quest was to help me stay on track for my the Chyaku Norisu Scarf. I screwed up it by picking up "Wed to Darkness" and "Gogh Reed 7th Gen." Compared to what I should have right now and what I actually do have, I'm "in debt" approximately 300K. Yep, I shoulda had 550-600K at the time of buying the CN Scarf. One of my mules was selling off extra zOMG rings; that's where the extra gold came from. X_X

Dead Or Nearly Dead Threads! whee

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