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-Ezio enters you room staggering towards the wall he is aple and looks tired he says - you left this and will you let me board here tonight signora I will be gone by morning. Please don't open the door to altaiir -he kisses your cheek softly- he is a trap.


27. Pants Avenger

Message: -You are walking along alone just humming your favorite song. Suddenly a loud crashing sound could be heard as a person fell from a roof into a pile of trash! You wonder if they are alright and notice that there is a pair of boxers placed on top of their head with two eye holes for them to see. The person stands up and brushes the trash off. They look at you and smile.-

Greetings fellow Gaian! Tis I the most famous super hero and soon to be made a comic book hero! Yes Batman has nothing on this awesome person that is me!

-She smiles and her teeth give out a &Ding!& sound effect. You just roll your eyes at her.-

Oh me? You want to know my name? -You shake your head trying to get away but she continues and grips your shoulder- My name is......Pants Avenger! I-

-She stops and flicks off a banana peel that was still on her shoulder- Ahem as I was saying I'm going to be a better hero then those DC and Marvel chumps! And to start out by being a great hero I have a gift for you!

-She pulls out a flatten box that was wrapped very poorly. It looked as though she just wrapped a box from the trash that she fell in! You take the box unsure what was going to happen. Praying that a rat wouldn't pop out and eat your nose.-

Now then I shall be off to deliver more goods like Santa Claus! Only I'm around every day of every year! Not like that fat man who only works one day a year! Though that is a sweet deal. Ta ta for now!

-She runs out of the alleyway and towards the street. Looking both ways the crazy new hero runs down the middle of the road shouting a made up theme song. Dogs and cats around the area are now howling and crying in pain from the horrible singing.-

thanks biggrin u made my smile biggrin

28. ??

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To those that accept their fate, happiness, to those that defy it, glory
The more we fight the tragedies assigned to us the more painful they become
Yet happy endings do exist and joy is out there to be found
So what can we do when fate decides to drown us in despair?
Do we simply sink into those depths and let ourselves be lost?
Or do we fight for what we want, though we may just make it worse?
But what true happiness can be had if we simply give in?
What joy is there to be found found in a tragic destiny?
So we must keep fighting, keep holding on, though the risk is high
For though there is much to fear, hope is on our side
And with that light in our hearts, there's nothing we can't do
So take this gift and keep it close, let it's light lead the way
Don't let the darkness consume you, don't sink into the depths of despair
Keep the light of hope burning bright in your heart, keep fighting for what you want
And though the road will be hard, your happy ending will be found

thank youu smile

29. Smokey the Chair
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My love...
Sit on me...
Please, sit on me...
Fill me with your warmth.

It is so lonely...

~Smokey the Chair~

i'll sit on you sad smile

30. ChibiChibi Girl
Message: I went for a picnic
Today at the park
I had lots lots of fun
But before long it was dark
So I had to go home
But I still wanted to play...
So IÃ&&&½&&½ll send you this candy
(I hope itÃ&&&½&&½s ok..)
The anons are about
TheyÃ&&&½&&½re just having a rest
Just give them a few
And theyÃ&&&½&&½ll be back at their best

~ChibiChibi Girl
IÃ&&&½&&½m supposed to be in bed too... but shhh! ^^

thank you biggrin (psst, go to sleep smile )