11. Rachel Berry
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If you keep praticing, one day you'll be a star - like me!

Just be careful eating all of those pies,

Rachel Berry

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12. The Bunny Prince

Message: This was as close a food
i could find
to match your colorful exterior.
I hope you enjoy it,
as I enjoy pleasing you.
~The Bunny Prince

thank you ^-^

13.Dean (AWESOME) Winchester
You're JUST cute. You don't have to call me awesome, Dean's enough though.

Here... you give me pie and you can have this. From the Dean AWESOME Winchester

~Dean Winchester

User Image you are my fave anon >< thank you dean biggrin

14. xPie Smasher
Message: This pie we share...
I'll feed you bare.

Stuff your mouth...
and head on south.

Into the night...
your body out of site.

Blood in the air...
the question is where.

No one will know...
about our little show.

Let me feast...
It's the least you could do for this beast.

xPie Smasher

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15.Egyptian Anon
I'm the Egyptian Anon. Find an Egyptian Gaian and perhaps you've found the one!

Here's a cat for that headache. It'll scratch all that pain off!
WARNING: Side effects may occur.

THANK YOU biggrin