17. Dean ( supermegafoxyawesomehot) Winchester
Message: Super megafoxy awesome hot?

... I get all tingly when you talk like that.

~Dean Winchester

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18. Music is my soul
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Your walking along a dirt path humming to yourself when you hear a sad tune start to play. Your curiosity always got the better off you. So you head in that direction. When you get there you spot a man playing his guitar. You stand there watching him till he finishes his sad little tune. He looks up and notices you, tears are rolling down your face. He gets up, walking over to you you. I'm sorry I didn't mean to make you cry here take this, and next time I'll play you a happy tune okay? With that he turns and walks away. You look down at your hand to see a tiny present in it.

~Music is my soul

thank you ><

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20.The Unrequited Lover
Message: (Lays by your side in the grass) So, this is where you were. I had been searching rather fervently for you. However, my heart is not at ease, although I have found you. No... It never is when in your presence. (Laughs) That must be the curse of love, my dear, and even so, it is a curse I can endure. Tamcsi... (Looks at you longingly, sits up, moves partially atop you) My love, rare and beautiful, you are truly a rainbow given life. You've always been the one to bring forth my smile on even the rainiest days. (Leans down, lightly kisses your nose) Ah, huh? Oh my... (Realizes I had begun to cry) I... No, please do not misinterpret my silly watering eyes. T'is nothing! T'is just the pollen! T'is... (Groans) No, I am lying, I must confess. Honestly, my weary mind cannot comprehend how I could even try to do such a foolish thing to you, as each lie I attempt to thread together is threaded into my heart with an iron needle laced with poison. (Moves off of you, looks away) Why am I lying, you ponder? Because I am a fool, an idiot, a man who prefers to trick himself into believing you love him in return. Yes... My dearest... I know of your other lover, your better lover. (Scrunches eyes shut, holds back tears) Darren... He is a lucky man to have won your heart of gold and I... I am no better than the forgotten dirt that he strides upon. He... (Begins to sob aloud) I... I will, no, I MUST leave. (Stands) If I were to stay a moment longer, I would surely attempt to ruin what perfection you have with Darren. Tamcsi... Will you send him a message for me? Tell him I said to stay by your colorful side and embrace you everyday and count his lucky stars, because he has a wonderful woman who loves him... (Walks away, looks over shoulder) F-farewell... (Takes off running) ((You notice a small gift box was left behind with your name on it.))

-The Unrequited Lover

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from now your name is *The Requited Lover*