Wow, I finally realized something. I thought I was put in this pain by Whatshisface because I had done something wrong or I was being punished. Actually, I was put through this pain to save me. Time shows a person's real self and I finally saw his true self. When I first met him, he was nice and generous. Now that I was with him all the time, that wasn't the case. He was sour, evil and mean.
I'm just glad I didn't have to suffer the pain of being in an actual relationship with me. The only thing I regret is actually liking him in the first place. I almost started to bawl out crying because of that. I wish I could delete the part of the myself that ever liked him and made it not exist at all.
Then again, the side of me that hated him was destroyed by the side of me that hates him. I'll try to stop writing about Whathisface, since he's the past. I need to stop dwelling on the past because I need to live in the present. The future is waiting for me, brightly.