Wow! Everything is so different since I last wrote. eek My revenge on Whathisface has miled down. I just don't talk to him and it seems to kill him enough. I've been keepign my mind on Left 4 Dead heart and writing stories. Everytime I see you, I don't think of what you've done, I see another person, who I don't know. This person, isn't the person I love, but is an ally instead. I'll walk down my own path now, and if you are gone, I'll be there, in your heart. heart
Anyways, onto my Left 4 Dead obsession, I'm in love with that game. heart I can't stop playing it, like in math class, I couldn't help myself but think about playing Left 4 Dead. This is bad, and I know. At least I'm not a drug addict! 4laugh Left 4 Dead is better then drugs. It somehow makes you high, play it and you know what I mean.