Done with the Hewish. I was really stupid and I just realized how I liked you, even if you didn't believe in me. And Whathisface. There's a whole other story for you. I can't believe you CALLED ME ANNOYING AS HELL. Of course, I'll never let that slide. I made you feel guilty, and you know what, I had no shame. No ******** shame at all. You ******** with my mind. I'm ready to ******** with yours.
You don't seem to see the clues, Whatshisface. You're even lucky I gave you another chance. From what I've heard, I learned I've given a slut another chance. That slut is you. And you just couldn't keep your hands off her, could you?! Really? ******** you. ******** her. ******** everybody.
I'll make sure that you will feel what I feel someday, even if it is 20 years from now. I promise.