Had another midwifes appointment today, but I tell you something - it's getting all the more difficult to get up there. Walking up hills is getting difficult and really hurts my back crying Oh well, only another 12 week to go!!

As for the midwifes appointment, it went well. Got to hear the heartbeat again and it's nice and strong, and the midwife checked around my bump and she said the baby is in a very good position smile

On Monday though, I have to go for a glucose test at the hospital just to check for diabetes, since my dad suffers it, and not looking forward to it. I can't eat all morning, and I have to wait around the hospital with nothing to do for 2 hours gonk then the week after I need an injection - Anto D's or something like that because my blood type is the rare 0- and can attack the baby.

So busy few weeks ahead!