As of today I am 30 week pregnant! Here is a picture of my bump :-

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The little baby has had hiccups on and off for the past 3 days, bless it. It is so cute as I can feel it's little kicks with each hiccup. I also had a blood test for diabetes and that came back fine but said my iron levels were a little low and I should take some iron tablets. After a lot of running around to the doctors and wondering why they weren't there it turns out the doctor decided against giving them me, but just didn't tell me or the midwife! Argh! It was quite a lot of hassle that I could have done without.

I also had my Anti-D injection on Monday. This is because I am 0 negative blood type, and most babies are positive. Because of this, sometimes when a small bit of the babies blood goes in to my system I create an antibody. Then the antibody might pass through the baby through the afterbirth and can cause anemia, disability or death. Thank goodness the injection stops all that!!!

I really need to try and buy a pram soon!!!

Well, that is all for now! heart