1) For Our Gracious Hostess:

It’s Christmas time around the world
And all around her snow was whorled
Giving cheer to all who seek
The spirit of holidays not so bleak
At times for giving she’s at her best
Here to help you on your quest
Kind and beautiful; her hair is curled
From her heart the grace is hurled
Gifts for all this holy week
A warmth she brings that is unique
Although some harbor a holiday zest
None can rival The GiftMistress

By Brent-O-Bean


Snow flakes fall and dance around
yet Thegiftmistress is no-where to be found
Where did she go?
Maybe she's in the snow?
No,she's inside her house
Ironing up her favourite blouse
As she's getting ready for Christmas day
Where her whole family and house will be full of cheer
She's the gifting fairy all year
now she needs to relax and perhaps drink a beer
Christmas will come and go
and everyone will play in the snow
But Thegiftmistress is so kind
and no matter what she will always have kindness in her mind

By Sweet Scented Dream