Not that I would forget it, but... just in case I do in the future, today is the day that me and Damian officially started dating. Yay, I'm happy! And it's not even like a super ecstatic burst out of my skin happy, kind of like I used to get when I was just a teensy bit younger, but just... an aura of calm and contentment. Like everything is just the way it's supposed to be. It's so strange that Damian can make me feel that way.

I really can be myself around him. I never feel shy or embarrassed almost no matter what I do (unless he tries to make me embarrassed) and he makes me feel so cherished and loved. Not to mention we have so many hobbies and enthusiasms in common it's hard to ever be bored with him. It's wonderful, really... Like the kind of thing I'd always dreamt about but never imagined I'd ever have.

Maybe it's love. Really honestly and truly. I mean, I guess it hasn't been enough time yet, maybe.... but I really wonder. What a different kind of thing it is though. It's not like it's just me and him... it's like... we're just one and same. Two halves of one heart. I feel so completed.

I wonder if Damian was that person who I'd been waiting for all along... I can't be sure, but wouldn't that be nice? Thinking that something like this was destiny...?

Ahhhh but maybe I'm getting just a bit ahead of myself. I'm just so happy. It's like a warm glow from the inside out.

.... Now that aside, I've been keeping especially busy with my new job. Yeah, I'm a telemarketer now. Hours kinda suck, so I should probably hike to bed and get all the rest I can get it lest I regret it tomorrow morning.

Ete ish out. ♥