Long time, no post (:
Lots and lots has happened this summer.
But, of course I don't remember... like any of it haha.
But, currently my buddy Cara (carabear555) is over at my house. She spent the night 2 nights in a row because she is cool and can do that.
But yea, the past 2 nights have been crazy. They consisted of her wanting food and asking me to go out and buy he some, and me continually refusing to for hours on end.
Of course, she wanted a klondike bar at 11, and skittles from midnight to 2am.
But KFC seemed to just pop in there randomly every so often when the commercial showed up.
I was able to get her marshmallows and a poptart, but only because we just happened to have them.
Sorry Cara, we don't sell skittles at home.