Okay people, i must make a confession at the last moment that i actually can.
It is officially January 5th 11:37pm it is almost midnight which means i am almost a year older.
The truth is i am actually 12 years old.
In 30 minutes i will no longer be 12 and I will be 13.
I know, i am not really supposed to be on gaia. But, i act older than i really am so i think i am aloud to be on here.
I know i told most of you i was 13 but that was just so i didn't get a bunch of crap about how i am too young to be on here.
Thanks for an awesome year!!!
(I am not leaving, duh! I am just being a nice friend and thanking you all!!!)
haha well, thanks again.
Peace Out!!
My AdDiCtIoN<3
(oh, yea. Brand new phone siggy!)