I love growing herbs especially those with a nice aroma. One of my favorite scents is that of today's subject, lavender.

Lavender was used in ancient Rome for it's healing and antiseptic qualities. Roman soldiers would take it with them on campaigns to use on war injuries. It was also used in deterring insects and in washing. Women would hang it by their beds to incite passion. During the Renaissance lavender was thought to be good for fighting against infections. It was used to help fight against the plague. In Victorian times bags of it was worn in cleavage to help attract suitors. During WWI when antiseptics were in short supply lavender was used as an alternative. Lavender now a days is used to help with relaxation.

Lavender was said to be brought from the Garden of Eden by Adam and Eve. It's sweet smell was said to have came from when Mary laid baby Jesus' clothes on some bushes to dry. It is suppose to protect against evil. It is also suppose to be a charm against the devil. Fairies are suppose to love lavender. These fairies are said to bring protection and healing.