In honor of Twin Day during Spirt Week and the fact that I myself am a twin today I'm going to explore twin myth.

Twins are a popular part of myths around the world. Lots of times they show the dualistic nature of the universe. For example in Greek mythology you have Apollo, who was adopted as a sun god, and his twin sister Artemis, who become the goddess of the moon.Lots of times twins will represent good and evil.

Lots of time twins are shone as having special powers and deep bonds. In Greek mythology Pollux gives up half of his immortality so that he can be with his brother Castor after Castor's death. Many Native American stories have twins who go on quest together.

Cultures also have many ways of explaining how twins are created. In Greek mythology it was thought the women had slept with a mortal and a god on the same day. One of the twins would be born with divine powers whereas the other would be normal. In some Native American Cultures the blame is put on twin fruits which are suppose to increase the likelihood. In other cultures it is the sign of the virility of the male.