I don't know about where you are at but around here it has been raining a lot lately. So today let us look at water.

Water is typically associated with women. It is a symbol of fertility and prosperity. Many wells are associated with ancient goddesses and female saints. Lots of these are thought to have healing properties.

If you spill water on your tablecloth you might want to grab an umbrella when you head out the door. That's an omen that a thunderstorm is on the way. If the crescent moon has its horns pointed up it is holding water but if its horns are pointed down it can't hold the water and it will rain. If the moon also has a disk around it it is another sign that it might rain.

If you are about to give birth don't drink water that your mother in law's big toe has been dipped in. It might delay your processes. If a baby gets three drops of water before it is baptized it will answer the first three question asked of it. I don't know what you would ask it though.

Running water is a place where fairies can be found. To cross over such a place is to enter their realm. Lots of times these spirits are troublesome and even deadly. There are many stories of spirits who like to drown their victims in the waters that they haunt.

I'm sure water is a topic I will have to write more about later.